The Vapinski Awards!

 Best eLiquids for 2015 as reviewed by Vapinski

Note* – Only eliquids reviewed by Vapinski were eligible for a Vapinski Award. Makes sense, right? So if you want to be considered for a “Vaping with Vapsinki” eliquid review, and possibly win a Yearly Award next year, contact Vapsinki to arrange a review.


Last year, 2015, was a wonderful year for the Vaping Industry. Even though we have some battles on the way with crooked governments and money/power hungry Big Tobacco being tied together, I believe we will triumph as a whole. Eliquids and the companies that produce them have soared to new heights in quality, flavor authenticity, and safety, through self-regulation, backed by our willingness and desire to evolve.

While there remains a handful of greedy, profit-over-safety companies producing eliquids I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, the majority, the vast majority, have committed themselves, and their profits, to making sure their loyal customers are buying the best possible eJuice.

What a joy it has been to be a part of this transformation of our community!

Change can be a Good Thing

Most of us that review eliquids, or own vape shops, or are simply in a position to shape the industry for the better, are in it for the right reason…to help others. In order to accomplish this…

There are aspects of the industry that I believe still need to be regulated despite the great job of self-regulation, and I also believe there needs to be serious guidance as to exactly who or what can open a B & M vape shop. As such, my main goal is to successfully pry people away from tobacco products, mainly cigarettes. Additionally, I enjoy catering to the hobbyist vaper… because I am one.

As a hobbyist vaper, I will always need to satisfy that hand-to-mouth routine that was instilled in me through smoking. As a vape shop owner I also enjoy investigating and discovering all the vape gear constantly being released by reputable manufacturers. Because I enjoy vaping as much as my most ardent customers I have the ability to weed through hundreds of products and stock my shelves with devices and eliquids I trust, and use. Unlike some ‘corporate’ vape shops, when you visit a vape shop like mine you’ll come away with real answers to your questions, and you won’t spend unnecessary dollars on gear you don’t need and won’t want.


In my job as a vape shop owner I truly enjoy gathering my community together by holding fun and educational events at the vape shop. We not only have a tremendous amount of fun at these events, friendships are made, contacts are shared, and everyone (including myself) come away knowing more than we did the day before.

Because I put in hundreds of hours into the reviews I write, I am able to assist both my vape shop customers, and the readers of my review column in Spinfuel, in choosing the right vape gear, and, more importantly, I can assist them in finding the right eliquid for their wants and desires.

Finding The Right Eliquid

I’ve come to understand FLAVOR, and what is to be expected from an eliquid, and by asking a few questions of my customers I can guide them to the right eliquid flavor and brand.

It is vital for an eliquid to cater to one’s palate since every vaper has different tastes. I work closely with customers in this aspect. I know every flavor like the back of my hand here. My vape shop is much like a bar without the alcohol. I’ll spend hours with people to find just the right ‘taste’ for them in the beginning.

I never buy eliquid according to online popularity or price point. I go by flavor FIRST. It’s also nice to have a variety of blends and prices too.

As a new vaper you MUST discover the correct nicotine level. That ‘level’ is the lowest amount of nicotine that will satisfy the craving to remain tobacco free. I make sure that my customers don’t give up because the incorrect amount of nicotine in the eliquid, I stay with them until the right strength is found. If a new vaper comes into my shop, buys vape gear and eliquid in order to leave tobacco products behind, the products they leave with are most often exactly what they need. If a customer gives up and returns to cigarettes, that’s MY failure as shop owner and a friend. A vast majority of new vapers still need that 12mg, 18mg, and even 24mg of nicotine. Hell, I started with 24mg nicotine in my first eliquids.

Advancing The Vape

Most vapers do not start out with sub-ohm tanks and high wattage mods, even though the kits are getting more advanced and less expensive as time passes. Some people just need SIMPLE. While I won’t recommend a cig-alike product to new vapers unless they are absolutely sure they want to go that route, there are new “mouth-to-lung” kits coming out in droves that will provide that “smokers” experience a million times better than a cig-alike.

Long time customers of my vape shop will have my undivided attention as they learn, grow, and ultimately come to that decision we all make at some point; Am I working to leave it all behind, or do I want to vape as a hobbyist? It is a decision only they can make, and should they decide to turn vaping into a wonderful hobby I can stay with them to navigate the churning waters of sub-ohm vaping, temperature control vaping, and even coil building and the wonderful world of RDA’s.

The First Annual Vapinski Awards

Enough about me, the vape shop, and my reviews. Now it is time to celebrate some of the best of the best eliquids that I have had the opportunity to review this past year (or so).

Choosing the Winners of the Vapinski Award

The First Annual Vapinski Awards in Spinfuel eMagazineWhile choosing the winners of the ‘Vapinski’ I pondered upon many aspects of an eliquid, not just my rating of the eliquid. Sadly, I don’t often finish the entire bottle of eliquids that I review.

It’s not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy all of them, it’s just that I know there are sometimes other vapers who need them more than I do, and I am a giver by nature. I like to share. However, I’m not completely selfless, there are some eliquids I just could not part with…some that are SO good they are still remain a part of my current rotation.

As you will see, there were a few categories where I simply could not choose a winner for. I have vaped a substantial amount of all the eliquids nominated, yet a few were so close that it was impossible to choose.

The eliquid flavors are on point as to its description and caused my taste buds to dance with joy.

To learn more about the winning eliquids below, I have provided a link to the Vapinski review in Spinfuel. I urge you to take a look to understand why these particular eliquids stood out and garnered the special award.

I now present the…


DESSERT: A TIE – Lust by THRST and Whirling Dervish by Vape Orenda

FRUIT: Commodore Pearry by Charlie Noble

DRINKS: NYC by Murica Vapor

CUSTARD: TIE – Zuro’s Milk by Zuro and Cream Brulee by Earth’s Bounty Ejuice

VANILLA BLENDS: Blonde by Alloy Blends

TOBACCOS: Tripoli by Charlie Noble

HOLIDAY/SEASONAL: Zuro’s Pumpkin by Zuro

CANDY: Swedish Fish by Toke Juice

YOGURT: TIE – Ludicrous Speed by The Schwartz and Mojo Yoyo by Mojo Vapor

BAKERY: Blueberry Gingerbread by Blue Ostrich Vapor

BANANA BLENDS: Pearana by Beantown Vapor

CREAM/CREAMY: Zuro’s Private Stock by Zuro

FRUIT BLENDS: Hiss Tank by Cold Fusion Juice

MENTHOL/COOL/MINT: Lucidity by Kind Juice

 Honorable Mentions to Peach by Steadfast Vapor, Del Mar by Mojo Vapor, Redhead by Beantown Vapor, Mistress by Uptown Vapor, and Maggie by Vapegurt!