Vaping With Vapinski – THRST eJuice

I was lucky enough to get to run up to ECC in Niagara briefly and get to meet up with some very talentedGROUP of THRST eJuice vendors through a super talented vendor friend of mine is one of the booths he took me to and introduced me to Gentry Matthews and Connor Atwood, the co-founders and owners of THRST eJuice. Surely enough, I was captivated by their flavors and knew I had to tell everyone about them!! THRST was founded in late 2014, and and is driven by just that: Thirst. The owners have a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for quality, a thirst for community, and, of course, a thirst for flavor. THRST eJuice is made in a clean environment and they use all USA sourced ingredients.


Gentry lost his job at a local B&M who he had been with for over a year and he knew he wanted to stay in the industry. His co-owner, Connor had been messing with DIY for about 8 months, so they decided to put two heads together to try and present the best damn premium E-Liquid line possible. Gentry had this to say: “The name THRST eJuice came about in a really lame way honestly. I really needed a refill at a restaurant and someone made the comment that “the thirst is real”, so we kind of just ran with it. From there, it’s been so surreal to see it turn into what it has in just 5 short months. My favorite part about it all is hearing the endless stories from different customers about THRST eJuice being their favorite E-Liquid, or how it helped them quit smoking for good. That’s what keeps us passionate and motivated in this industry and I really look forward to what the future holds for not only THRST, but vaping as a whole.” Their passion really shines through in their flavors. The labels are eye catching and the color scheme is one of my favorite with the black/red/silver going on. As always, I would like a born on date as well though.

Let’s get to the JUICE…


“Satisfy your lust for creamy dessert goodness with Lust from THRST eJuice, a magical blend of marshmallow cream, with a unique, light, fruity finish.”

THRST LUSTLust just simply makes me smile!! This is a unique blend and unlike anything I have ever tried before. I have tried blends with marshmallow in them, but THIS marshmallow is spot on! It’s creamy, smooth, and has just the right touch of sweetness. It’s everything you want to get out of a marshmallow fluff vape and so much more. The addition of the fruit on the exhale is amazing. The inhale is just as flavorful as the exhale and just as smooth. I absolutely LUST this ejuice!! The vapor production is really good, throat hit is very mild, and I used a Doge RDA with a .4ohm coil build on an unregulated Gator Box.


“The refreshing, sweet, tropical blend for which you’ve been longing. Desire creates a cocktail of juicy pineapples, sweet peaches, and other mouthwatering tropical goodies.”

Desire is a really smooth, fruity vape that will make your taste buds sing! On the inhale, I can taste DESIREthe pineapple and peach really well and they taste nice and fresh. The other tropical fruits dance in right at the tip of the exhale and the flavor continues as the voluptuous clouds roll out. Desire has a medium throat hit to me at a 3mg. I used my Doge again with a .4ohm coil build on the unregulated Gator Box. This set up is one of my favorites for flavor!!


“Sweet, savor, and just like Mom used to make, you’ll surely crave the Crave after one puff of this deliciously cinnamon-y, fresh-baked apple pie blend.”

CRAVE Crave is a nicely balanced cinnamon apple pie vape. On the inhale, the delicious apple flavor hits me first-which I really like!! The cinnamon swirls in quickly, but it’s not too overpowering. They combine and I can also taste the pastry note as I begin to exhale to give that complete warm apple pie experience. THRST eJuice has a complete line of three super flavors! Crave has a mild throat hit, great vapor, and I also ran this on my Doge RDA with a .4ohm coil build on my unregulated Gator Box Mod.


THRST eJuice has also released Ambition recently which is a flavor I hope to get to try soon as well. Ambition is described as a tart and delicious strawberry yogurt flavor. Gentry and Connor are definitely talented and I suggest just grabbing the whole line and trying them all. They retail for only $16.99 for the 30ml bottles at The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. The blend is a 60vg/40pg ratio.

My ratings are as follows:

Lust: 5/5 stars

Desire: 5/5 stars

Crave: 4.5/5 stars