Nessus and the Art of Cannabinoid Vaporizer Manufacturing
Nessus and the Art of Cannabinoid Vaporizer Manufacturing

Several years back Spinfuel, at the height of “freedom to vape” in the United States and even Australia, Spinfuel decided to partner with a Chinese manufacturer design our own powerful box mod. We worked out the specs we wanted, the overall look and color (an elegant and deep red rubberized paint job with color LED [...]

What Is HLVD HpLVD? - Hop Latent Viroid
Cannabis Virus What Is HLVD or HpLVD? – Hop Latent Viroid

Hop latent viroid (HLVD or HpLVD) is a circular, single-stranded virus that causes "dudding" in cannabis. HpLVD can remain latent in a cannabis plant for long periods before exhibiting signs such as irregular branching, decreased trichome production, chlorosis of the leaves, and stunted development. HpLVD is easily transmissible by shears and diseased plants interacting with [...]

How To Dry and Cure Cannabis in 2023
How To Dry and Cure Cannabis in 2023

How To Dry and Cure Cannabis is more important today than ever before. Proper drying and curing cannabis is one of the most underappreciated parts of cannabis farming. Many dedicated cannabis home growers work hard to find the best cannabis seeds for sale, LED grow lights, and feeding regimen, only to be let down by [...]

How To Perfect The Sea Of Green (SOG) Technique
Cannabis – How To Perfect the Sea Of Green (SOG) Technique

The Sea of Green Explained. When growing cannabis indoors, it's critical to do so as effectively as possible. Indoor plants usually work with limited grow areas, and the additional expense of artificial light compels cultivators to maximize their resources. Growers face this challenge with every plant. But how do you make the best use of [...]

Cannabis Grow Space
How to Build Your Indoor Cannabis Grow Space

If you reside in an area where cannabis is prohibited and want to cultivate your own, having your indoor cannabis grow room is the ideal solution. A grow room lets you manage the temperature and humidity while preventing light leaks and eliminating odors. Despite what everyone thinks, you can create a cheap grow room if [...]

Mainlining And Manifolding
Mainlining And Manifolding Your Cannabis in 2023

Mainline and manifold are methods for growing cannabis plants with eight major colas rather than one. These procedures entail topping the plant numerous times to generate a symmetrical structure. Also, they are arguably the greatest techniques for training cannabis plants. Mainline and manifold training advantages include symmetrical colas, great lateral branching, and an efficient plant [...]

How to Feed Cannabis Plants
How to Feed Cannabis Plants for High Yield and Great Health

Cannabis plants require nutrients to develop and thrive. Plants absorb a major portion of them from the soil via their roots. Cannabis plants perform best when provided with ideal nutritional ratios and concentrations. They can be somehow picky when it comes to feeding, and doing it wrong can be fatal. Furthermore, nutrients, water, light, oxygen, [...]

Apple Tartz Strain Review
Apple Tartz Strain – A Cannabis Review

Apple Tartz strain is a marijuana favorite among many users. Its sweet, dessert-like aroma and soothing effects make it an appealing option for those looking to unwind after a long day. But what more should you know about this cannabis strain? Is the Apple Tartz Indica or Sativa? How does it impact your body and [...]

What Are Phenotypes And Genotypes?
Marijuana – What Are Phenotypes And Genotypes?

Phenotypes and Genotypes -  Several terms are used in the marijuana cultivation world to refer to your plant's basic requirements and are critical to comprehend from the start,. Also, others are optional, but they will eventually become significant. This is the case with "genotype" and "phenotype ."Although not mandatory for the novice grower, learning about [...]

The Art of Pruning Cannabis Plants 2023
The Art of Pruning Cannabis Plants in 2023

Pruning cannabis plants is one of the most effective methods for controlling and directing the development of your weed. Pruning can help control your plant's growth, enhance lateral branching, postpone flowering, and increase yield. Snipping parts of your plant as it develops can seem odd. But, by pruning unwanted growth, you can divert the plant's [...]

The Costs of Vaping Cannabis
The Costs and Pleasures of Vaping Cannabis

  Vaping cannabis is a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking. In this article, we'll explore some of the costs associated with vaping cannabis and provide tips on how to save money without sacrificing on quality or safety. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis user or just getting started, understanding the costs of vaping cannabis can help [...]

Different Ways Of Taking CBD To Help Treat Medical Conditions
Different Ways Of Taking CBD To Help Treat Medical Conditions

Taking CBD is becoming increasingly popular, and you can treat many medical conditions with this amazing substance extracted from the cannabis plant. Research is ongoing, but studies have already shown that there are benefits to taking CBD for multiple medical conditions, including: Anxiety Depression Eczema Blood Pressure Chronic Pain Insomnia There are also multiple ways you [...]

Why Every Retirement Community Should Look into Outdoor Gym Equipment
Why Every Retirement Community Should Look into Outdoor Gym Equipment

Retirement Community and outdoor gym equipment go together better than you might think. It’s crucial to get the appropriate amount of exercise throughout life. Countless studies have confirmed the benefits of working out: you can build muscle, trim fat, improve stamina, and increase strength, among many other things. Whether you’re young or old, the right workout can [...]

5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023)
The 5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023) Extracts & Powders to Fall Asleep Fast

  5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep? You bet! Over the last few years, we’ve learned more and more about the importance of sleep. The classic, “sleep when you’re dead” philosophy has finally fallen out of favor, and in its place a science-backed approach that recognizes the best version of yourself is a well-slept one. However, people [...]