Voopoo Argus GT 160W Starter Kit Review

We’re calling the all-new Voopoo Argus GT kit “A Tale of Two Mod Kits.” On one hand, you have a slender, potent 160-watt device that just screams to be paired with any of your favorite sub-ohm tanks. On the other is the included pod tank, which………. well, let’s just cover it down below. The Voopoo ARGUS [...]

SMOK Mag P3 Mini
SMOK Mag P3 Mini Starter Kit … Good, But….

 SMOK Mag P3 Mini Kit - No matter how much we argue, people seem to love SMOK’s “gun trigger” aesthetic for the Mag series, so we’re going to put our personal feelings aside and review the all-new SMOK Mag P3 Mini kit with an open mind. Because, you know what? Not only is the streamlined [...]

Augvape VX217 Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel Vape
Augvape VX217 Mod Kit – Better Than Average – A Review

 Much like the engine that inspired previous Augvape mods, the VX217 is meant to be lean, streamlined, and free of nonsense. In that sense, Augvape’s latest delivers. It’s not a forward-thinking vape device, and it has one major flaw in the box. So, if this one caught your eye, definitely keep reading to see if [...]

The Above Average iJOY Captain 2 Mod Kit

 “Oh captain, my captain.” I’ve made a deliberate habit of starting my iJOY Captain series reviews with this overused line for a reason. Because the Captain continues to overuse ideas. The very first Captain mod kit was a reasonable facsimile of the SMOK Alien kit. The endless line of follow-ups introduced more batteries, bigger batteries, [...]

Vaporesso GTX One 40W Starter Kit Review
Vaporesso GTX One 40W Starter Kit Review

It’s been a minute since we reviewed a true beginner’s vape device -- read: “not a pod mod.” Simple, but not dumb. Powerful, but not unwieldy. Compact, without being too limited. The Vaporesso GTX One kit is designed as an entry-level mouth-to-lung (MTL) setup, but to label it this way seems almost unfair. This is [...]

Freemax Maxus 200W Mod Kit Review
Freemax Maxus 200W Mod Kit Review

This is what I’ve been waiting for! Sorry for starting a review with an exclamation, but after months upon months of shutdowns and shipping delays, having an honest-to-goodness high-powered vape mod in my hand just feels right. Even better? It was worth the wait.   The Freemax Maxus 200W mod kit may not have stood out a [...]


Lost Vape’s BTB stands for ‘Back-to-Back’. A 100W Starter Kit that features a 5-100W range with the power of a single high-amp 18650 battery. (We use the Nitecore 3100mAh 35A cell) Additionally, the BTB includes an extensive temperature control suite, though we’re not sure how many Vapers out there still use TC. Construction The Lost Vape BTB 100W [...]

Aspire Nautilus GT 75 W Starter Kit Review

Aspire Nautilus GT 75 W Starter Kit - How revered is the Aspire Nautilus in the annals of vaping history? Not only is the name synonymous with some of the most beloved MTL vape tanks ever made, but even in 2020, the company chose to name its latest kit after the tank, and not [...]

Smoant LADON 225W Box Mod Kit Review
Smoant LADON 225W Box Mod Kit Review

SMOANT Ladon Starter Kit - It seems like the standard, high-wattage box mod kit is becoming a forgotten beast amid the flood of new pod devices. So, Smoant might be forgiven for releasing a vape mod rig like the Smoant Ladon 225W kit that would have been innovative in 2016… just not today. But, when [...]


We tend to not shine a lot of light on “celebrity-endorsed” vape product collaborations, but credit where credit is due. Since partnering with Innokin a few years back, Phil “Pbusardo” Busardo and Dimitris “Vapin’ Greek” Agrafiotis have lent their expertise to some seriously classy, well-made vape gear. Count the Kroma-R 80W Kit among them. Though most [...]

AAAVape Cub 30W Starter Kit Review
AAAVape Cub 30W Starter Kit Review

To most people, “AAA” means “top-tier” and “first-class.” But I’m a baseball fan, so “AAA” also takes on the meaning of “not quite ready for the big leagues.” While I’ve long been a fan of AAAVape products, unfortunately the all-new AAAVape Cub Kit misses the mark in several ways. Oh, and let's not forget how some [...]

KFENG by SnowWolf An 80W STARTER KIT Review

Snowwolf is going all-in with the recent integrated battery mod trend, and after the success that was the Zephyr kit, one would forgive Snowwolf for a mild letdown. But that’s not their style. Even though the 2,500mAh KFENG kit is aimed more to beginners and entry-level vapers, SnowWolf didn’t spare any attention to detail here. It [...]

SnowWolf Zephyr Kit Review – One Fantastic Kit

Our Review of the SnowWolf Zephyr -- I have to say, this recent surge of high wattage vape mods with integrated batteries is intriguing. Even just a year ago, the idea of a high performing vape device effectively using an internal battery wouldn’t have made sense. But when the Innokin MVP5 came out, the game [...]

Vaporesso SWAG II Kit Review
SWAG 2 – An Improved Vaporesso Starter Kit – Review

Vaporesso Swag 2 Review -  I never thought I’d be reviewing another Vaporesso SWAG device. Not because the first one was so terrible. But rather because there were just too many oversights and weird mishaps on the first one to continue the series. Well, I was wrong. More than 3 years after first trying the [...]

SMOK G-PRIV 3 Kit Review
The New SMOK G PRIV 3 230W Full Kit Review

Oh, how we’ve been waiting for this one. We can’t lie - we have seen literally thousands of vape products over the years, and yeah, we keep them all. So, very few mods get truly long-term use. The SMOK G-PRIV 2 is the exception. Which is why we couldn’t wait to get our mitts on [...]