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Vaping with Vapinski – Sir Tasty Vape

When I first began doing reviews, I was inspired by a vendor who offered his eliquids up for review as a contest. I was chosen as a winner to review them. I decided to make a page and do it in my own way. I gave away the eliquid as a contest at the end, and my page “The JUICE.” on Facebook was born. I derived my profile and name Vapinski on all the other networks from that page that coincide with The JUICE and have been reviewing ever since. This week is an omage to Sir Tasty Vape out of Bellevue, Nebraska. Like myself, the owner has a culinary background. This has always given me a little edge over other reviewers I believe. I had a life in food and tasting before. Vendors who have culinary backgrounds always intrigue me because I know they almost always have a solid product. The owner of SirTastyVape provides a high quality product and exceptional customer service. He manufactures E-liquid with the highest quality ingredients on the market made in the USA, as well as practicing safe and sterile operations. His measuring equipment, glass bottles, and LDPE bottles all go through an extensive UV sterilization process.

We will get to more about the bottles later in the article. Let us move on to the eliquid!!

Fruit By The Bottle (labeled FBTB) This e-liquid is for the fruit lovers! FBTB has a great watermelon and strawberry profile reminding the vaper of a natural tasting fruit by the foot.

Fruit By The Bottle is the newest flavor and hasn’t even been released yet!! I am lucky enough to be the first to get the word out about this delightful fruity vape. On the inhale, a delicious blend of fruit that is succulent and has just the right touch of sweetness. The strawberry comes through a little more at first and then the watermelon seems to swirl in at the tip of the exhale to make the blend sublime! The flavor continues the whole way throughout the exhale. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is nice. If you love fruity vapes, I suggest checking this one out!





“A sensation among vapers, this apple pie is carefully crafted to hit every sweet spot you have ever imagined!”

Apple Pie is a balanced vape that takes you on a little journey through a slice of that favorite American treat. On the inhale, I taste cinnamon first and the apple flavor follows soon after. As I exhale, I notice a pie crust note with another subtle apple flavor coming through. The final portion of the exhale is like a complete bite of the delicious apple pie! It has a nice flavor, vapor is good and just a mild throat hit.




“Horchata is one of those juices on the market that other vendors just can’t seem to get right! This liquid is sure to end your horchata search and have you saying, “gimme morechata.” Flavor profile: A creamy, milky, soft cinnamon vape with hints of rum.”

Gimme Morechata is another nicely balanced vape full of flavor. I know there are alot of Horchata fans out there and this one is definitely a must for you to try!! On the inhale, a creamy subtle cinnamon flavor that is not overpowering at all. On the exhale, the rum flavor mixes in and kicks it up a notch. It’s a nice, smooth vape with a super flavor that will make you want to kick back and relax! It’s warm, creamy, and just right!! I know I want to right now….if only that was an option! There is a mild throat hit to this one as well and good vapor production.

“Do you enjoy warm strawberries and a cakey taste on your tongue? This juice is very aromatic and will steal everyones attention in public. I have customers who swear this liquid is the best wingman they have ever had!”



Sir Tasty Vape yumStrawberry Yumcake is a succulent dessert vape. If you like cake notes, this is going to be right up your alley! I love the cake flavor in this. On the inhale, a nice strawberry flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. As I’m exhaling, the cake flavor comes into play. It tastes just like a nice piece of moist cake with a light frosting and strawberries on top. I have to say I’m glad this is just a vape or I would probably be eating the whole cake itself!! Another hit in my book for Sir Tasty Vape!!





Sir Tasty Vape has many options on his website for ordering. You can get the eliquid in 10ml, 18ml, 30ml(plastic or $1 more for a cobalt blue glass bottle), or 50ml sizes. The new labels are flashy and have a touch of pizzazz! The prices range from $6.99 to $28.99 per bottle. The nicotine options are 0,3,6,12, or 18mg. The eliquid is a 60vg/40pg blend which is a great balance between flavor and vapor production. Make sure you follow him on Twitter and Instagram @sirtastyvape and check him out on Facebook as well!

My ratings are as follows:

FBTB:                       4.5/5 stars

Apple Pie:                   4/5 stars

Gimme Morchata:     4.5/5stars

Strawberry Yumcake: 4.5/5 stars