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   Vaping with Vapinski – The Flavor Factory

It’s been a LONG week here in PA, but at least we got some SUN!! It is time to take a look at another talented vendor. ThFLAVOR-FATORY-GROUP Vapinskie Vapor Factory Eliquid is masterfully blended in a world-class lab in the USA. The eliquid is a 50vg/50pg blend designed for tank usage. I like to push the envelope at times and since the only nicotine options available were 0mg, 9mg, 18mg, and 24mg, I received the 9mg. I usually drip a 3mg and sometimes a 6mg, so I will see how a 9mg 50/50 blend fares. With over 50 flavors to try, I’m really happy that I got to taste some of these flavors! Let’s dive into them…

Maximum Tobacco

     “We’ve created a perfect blend of traditional tobacco flavors for the vaper who enjoys the bold end of the spectrum.”

MAX-TOBACCO VapiskiI decided to start off with the Maximum Tobacco. I did put this in a CE5 to try and got a medium throat hit and strong tobacco flavor. I didn’t care for it much this way honestly. I preferred dripping it! On the inhale, the tobacco blend is a decent blend. It almost has a nutty undertone to it that adds a nice note of flavor. The exhale is full of the rich tobacco flavor and still has this underlying nutty tone to it. I thought it was a good flavor-especially dripping at 9mg. The throat hit wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was mild to medium at times, but the vape was really smooth overall. I will be using the unregulated Gator Box Mod with a Doge RDA and a .4-ohm coil build for these reviews.

Berry Pomegranate

     “This e-liquid is jam-packed with berry and pomegranate flavors. One of our best sellers, Berry Pomegranate has a tart, slightly sweet taste that all vapers seem to enjoy. Seriously, we’ve never come across anyone yet who didn’t love this flavor.”Berry Pomegranate Vapinski

If you enjoy fruity flavors, Berry Pomegranate will be right up your alley. There is a nice sweetness and tart bite to this one. It is a little harsh to drip at 9mg, but not so harsh that I can’t get a decent flavor profile out of it. The berries and pomegranate are a nice blend that mixes together throughout the vape. I notice the tartness just on the inhale and the exhale is really smooth.


     “This refreshing watermelon blend is gushing with juicy goodness. A sweet-tasting treat that satisfies with every puff … minus the seeds!”

WATERMELON VapinskiThe Watermelon was just a little too subtle for me in this flavor. I did taste it throughout the vape, but it was that sour, subtle watermelon flavor that was on the borderline of being a floral note. The flavors were a little more intense on the inhale than the exhale. I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth afterwards. It was just a different kind of vape that some of you may enjoy. It just wasn’t for me. The throat hit was pretty mild for a 9mg.

Maximum Menthol

“We’ve captured the classic menthol flavor found in traditional tobaccos and concentrated it into an e-liquid blend that satisfies with each and every drop. Nobody does menthol like The Vapor Factory™!”    MAX-MENTHOL Vapinski

Maximum Menthol is right on the mark for all of you menthol vape lovers out there. On the inhale, I get that nice, smooth, cool hit and a great menthol flavor. On the exhale, I still have the refreshing flavor as the clouds continue to flow out. The flavor is lasting and Maximum Menthol is just simply a menthol blend done well!! Try it out!

Menthol Berry Blast

     “Menthol Berry Blast combines sweet juicy berry flavors with a minty menthol aroma that really excites your senses. This one-of-a-kind blend gives you a huge rush of berry taste with a menthol kick at the end. Always at or near the top of our best seller’s list.”

MENTHOL-BERRY VapinskiI am enjoying Menthol Berry Blast as well. The berry flavor in this has the right touch of sweetness and the menthol isn’t too overpowering. On the inhale, there is a perfect blend of berry, menthol, and sweetness. On the exhale, the flavors continue and it’s just another smooth vape at 9mg by The Vapor Factory. I taste a blueberry as well as a strawberry in this one. There could be a few other berries mixed in, but it’s hard to tell with the menthol added into it. I don’t mind because the flavor is really good!!


Cinnamon Red Hot

     “Cinnamon Red Hot flavor is a powerful punch of red hot cinnamon vapor that lights up your mouth with REDHOT Vapinskia smokin’ cinnamon taste.”

Cinnamon Red Hot is pretty much just that…cinnamon flavor and red hot!! The inhale packs an intense cinnamon flavor much like those tiny red candies most of us have loved by the handfuls at one time or another. If you like it spicy and hot, this is the eliquid for YOU. There are many people who enjoy cinnamon flavors out there, and this flavor is more intense on the inhale as most tend to be. The flavor fades as I exhale, but so do the candies the longer they are in your mouth. Another flavor well done in my opinion.

The Vapor Factory Eliquids come in 15ml glass bottles that are shrink wrapped with childproof glass droppers. They retail for $9.99 which is $.67/ml at This isn’t a bad price, but is a little expensive for a mainline house ejuice in my opinion. I would still try a few of these flavors because they are better than your average house ejuices that sell for less. I am really interested in trying out the PG free blends to drip now however! The Vapor Factory has definitely peaked my curiosity!!

My ratings are as follows:

Maximum Tobacco: 4/5 stars

Berry Pomegranate: 4/5 stars

Watermelon: 3/5 stars

Maximum Menthol: 4.5/5 stars

Berry Menthol Blast: 4.5/5 stars

Cinnamon Red Hot: 4.5/5 stars