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Vapinski Goes To Boston for some Beantown Vapor Love!

Beantown Vapor is a small boutique eliquid manufacturer just south of Boston, Massachusetts. They are vaping enthusiasts who love the community, the hardware, the innovation and most of all-the JUICE! They have been around since 2010 as an online retailer and just began focusing exclusively on juice for the past two years. Beantown Vapor eliquids are 67/33 vg/pg. They feel this ratio allows their juices to be enjoyed in virtually any device with exceptional flavor and vapor production. I have been hearing about their amazing flavors for quite some time, so I’m very excited to finally be doing these reviews!!

They mix their liquids in small batches in a sterile lab environment- 3000 ml at a time to ensure consistency and extreme focus on precision. I like consistency. It was always the most important thing to me as a chef. That is a MUST in this industry as well. Let’s get to the goooood stuff!!

     “Butt smackin’ creamy, ripe strawberries with additional complexity that will surely keep you guessing. Some say it tastes like Strawberry Quick, others liken it to a strawberry cream or pop tart. In either case, you’ll blow that cloud and show us your Oh-Face….oh….oh…^%$^$….ahhhh…”

Oh Face definitely could become an all day vape for me. I do not say that lightly. I like strawberry and cream vapes, but this one takes it to another level. On the inhale, I easily taste the cream and sweet, juicy strawberry flavor. On the exhale, there is a slight pastry note mixing in with the creamy strawberries. It does remind me of biting into a warm strawberry frosted pop tart in a way. It makes me want to go buy a box now…but I think I will just be content vaping this and blowing clouds in those who are around me saying “OH FACE” all day!!


Beantown Vapor   “Pearana is the brainchild of vape star Ken Rivera from Vape Trading and Group Buys Facebook fame. He came to us and asked for a juice that could give the crisp brightness of fresh Bartlett pears and the smoothness of a ripe banana melded with our own silky cream base. Ken didn’t want overly sweet, nor did he want any one of the feature flavors to overpower one another. Mission accomplished.”

Pearana is another hit for sure! I tried it the other day and have not been able to put it down this week. It drips like a charm. The flavor is amazing! Pear and banana is a beautiful marriage that Beantown managed to nail in the right way! On the inhale, a delicate and delicious pear flavor and a creamy banana taste that is spot on! When I exhale, the scrumptious flavor just continues as the clouds roll out of my mouth. I just want more. It is creamy, smooth, and packed full of a truly tasty blend. The vapor production is good and has a mild throat hit. You need to try this if you like pear and/or banana. I have to be honest with you-I don’t eat pears, but I would vape this all day and actually have-the bottle is almost dry!!


Beantown Vapor   “Lose yourself in the glazed lemon sugar cookies your mom used to make for you. Yeah. It’s like that. Exactly like that – very accurate, true-to-life dessert in e-liquid form. 100% spot-on glazed lemon sugar cookie/poundcake. You’ll swear you’re biting into one with every toot.”

Lemonem is a lemon vape lover’s delight! Oh the inhale, the lemon flavor hits me right away. It’s followed quickly by a nice pastry flavor, so when it mixes together at the tip of the exhale it mellows some. The flavor becomes that of a biting into a nice, warm lemon sugar cookie-just as Beantown described. It is actually pretty tasty!! The sweetness and tang of the lemon go hand in hand and dance well together on my tastebuds! Lemonem has a good vapor production and medium throat hit.



Beantown Vapor“This is a complex flavor profile featuring caramelized bananas. The banana flavor isn’t of the candied banana variety. It is more of a full bodied ripe banana flavor with creamy notes and a Dulce De Leche and caramel finish. This is a well balanced and flavorful juice. As soon as you crack the seal, you’ll know you’re in for a well mixed, refined and smooth vape. Vapor production on this one is exceptional – a drippers blend.”

Banana de Leche is a complex banana vape with a nice caramel undertone. I get a nice, creamy banana flavor on the inhale. As I am exhaling, the creamy banana flavor gets more intense as the caramel comes into play. It is not overly sweet and is nice and smooth. The caramel flavor really adds a nice touch. I am enjoying the combination, mild throat hit, and great vapor production once again!! Beantown Vapor is definitely one you all need to check out!!


The eliquids come in two sizes: 30ml or 120ml glass bottles. They are priced at $17.99 and $60.00.

The nicotine levels available are 0,3,6,12, or 18mg.

You can order at Check out their other flavors as I’m sure with the blends that I tasted, the others will be just as good!! Make sure to follow Beantown Vapor on Facebook as well as Instagram @beantown_vapor.

My ratings are as follows:

Oh Face:               5/5stars

Pearana:               5/5stars

Lemonem:             4.75/5stars

Banana de Leche: 4.5/5stars