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      Vapegurt. This one word had me intrigued the moment they arrived as I am tend to lean toward Vapegurt e-liquid review by Vapinskicustard vapes. Yogurt vapes seem to be just as smooth and right up my alley. This eliquid arrived in a box that was character crafted to go with the yogurt and cow theme. The box was filled with straw to present the cow named flavors and cute white 15ml child proof glass bottles with the blue labels that definitely stand out. Everything is neatly on there as I always say, except what I feel will be necessary at some point and that is a batch code and/or born on date. Vapegurt set out to make a mark in this yogurt flavored world and I believe they can do it. They’ve introduced me to a couple new flavor blends I haven’t tried yet and I feel their yogurt flavors are pretty spot on…just read on and find out…


     “Sweet coconut flakes on top of a Greek yogurt cream…”    

     Carla has a true Greek yogurt flavor that kind of amazes me. The coconut flavoring on the inhale is spot on when it mixes in with the Greek yogurt. I can taste the tang of the Greek yogurt, but the touch of sweetness from the coconut flavoring rounds it out. The exhale is nice and smooth as well with the flavors blending even more. If you like yogurt, coconut flavoring, or smooth vapes in general…this is one for you to try out! It kind of rolls right off of my palate. The throat hit is mild and vapor production excellent! I am using my HexOhm V2 and a Popeye RDA with a .3 ohm coil build for these reviews. I’ll be re-wicking between each flavor. I enjoyed Carla at around 40 watts the best.


     “Juicy peaches on top of a creamy yogurt…”

     Patsy is a peach flavored yogurt vape. On the inhale, I taste a really lovely sweet peach flavor followed Vapegurt e-liquid review by Vapinskiby a nice, smooth cream. At the end of the exhale is where I get the essence of the yogurt. That is where it all comes together for me, but the flavor is really tasty throughout the entire vape. I just seem to notice more of the sweet peach flavor than the creamy yogurt in this one. I started at 40 watts and when I cranked it up to 50 watts, the sweetness died down a bit and I noticed the yogurt flavor more on the inhale as well. So far, I’m really enjoying the flavorings used in the Vapegurt line. The vapor production is great again as well as the throat hit being mild.


     “A sweet Greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries…”

     My taste buds are loving how much Bella reminds me of Greek yogurt and fresh blueberries!! On the Vapegurt e-liquid review by Vapinskiinhale, I again taste the tang of the Greek yogurt only this is a tad sweeter than Carla. The blueberry flavoring is on point. The blueberries are fresh and yummy and add a delicious note of fruit before the exhale. The exhale blends these flavors so magically that I can vape this whole bottle without blinking. Bella is smooth, has a mild throat hit, and has excellent vapor production. I think blueberry vape lovers will be all over this one. I enjoyed this one at 50 watts.


     “ A mind blowing blend of Mango and Apricot, in a yogurt cream…”

      Once again, the fruit flavors in this yogurt blend are AMAZING! The apricot and mango combination Vapegurt e-liquid review by Vapinskitaste delightful together and are blended well with the yogurt cream in the inhale. The exhale starts off with that magical, flavorful blend and slowly fades away. This is a flavor that I haven’t seen out in a yogurt yet, so a big score for this one!! Maggie has a mild throat hit, great vapor production, and I enjoyed it best around 50 watts. I suggest getting this one to add something different in your everyday rotation. It’s pure bliss!!


     “Juicy strawberries on top of a creamy yogurt…”

     Sally is another smooth and creamy yogurt and fruit flavored vape by Vapegurt! The strawberry flavoring used blended well in with the cream after the initial inhale to make it almost seem like a “fruit atVapegurt e-liquid review by Vapinski the bottom” type of vape. I liked that I tasted the yogurt first and then the fruit in this one. The exhale is a nice blend and almost reminds me of more of a strawberry gogurt type yogurt. There is a mild throat hit and great vapor production with Sally as well. I enjoyed this one around 40 watts best. I felt more of the strawberry came out here.

     Make sure you try a couple flavors out for $18.99/30ml or $58.99/100ml at Vapegurt  That’s a pretty good price at $.63/ml for a “premium” higher VG blend. The ratio is 70vg/30pg and the line is available in the following nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. You should follow Vapegurt on Facebook and on Instagram @vapegurt. I feel this line is worth a shot if you are into custards, fruity vapes, or just like a really silky, smooth vape in general.

My ratings are as follows:

Carla: 4.5/5 stars.

Patsy: 4.25/5 stars.

Bella: 5/5 stars.

Maggie: 5/5 stars.

Sally: 4.25/5 stars.