Vapinski Reviews Kind Juice

Kind Juice Element Group ShotThis week it is starting to warm up and melt down in Pennsylvania!! I’m not looking forward to the flooding, but one of the flavors in the Kind Juice collection is supposed to remind me of springtime-and I am trying to be patient about it’s arrival!


Kind Juice has developed an Organic E-Gel line exclusively for dripping and sub ohm performance. Element is that line and it is PG free. They claim the line is so advanced that it sets new standards for DYNAMIC sub ohm performance. Of course, Kind Juice always uses 100% American made ingredients and mixes those ingredients in a sterile lab environment. The (SUB) Element Line is something I am more than excited to try

so let’s get to the JOOSE….


“An attractively bright gelato beaming with essences of Honey Dew and Crenshaw melons topped with a cucumber syrup.”

Kind JuiceRadiance is a bright and refreshing vape. I can taste the honeydew as soon as I inhale. I also get a slight note of the cucumber, and perhaps a slight creaminess from the Gelato at the tip of the exhale. As the exhale continues, the flavors swirl-but fade quickly. The vapor production is really nice, as it should be, with an eLiquid made exclusively with VG. There is a slight throat hit with Radiance, and I feel it could use a bit more boost in the flavor, though the flavor is definitely nice and refreshing.


“Lime, mint, and coconut cream keep your senses aware and remind you to ask, Am I Dreaming?”

Kind Juice LucidityLucidity is also a nice, smooth, refreshing vape. With Lucidity I feel it has more flavor coming through than the abovementioned Radiance. On the inhale I get a nice creamy coconut flavor with a very subtle touch of mint. It isn’t overpowering, as some so easily are when mint is added to the mix.

In addition, there is a slight twist of lime flavor, and it hits my palate at various times during the inhale and exhale. There is a nice mix of flavor throughout the exhale and the vapor is dense and voluptuous! I’m really enjoying this one!!


“Roasted espresso beans covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crystallized orange peel.”

Kind JuiceKarma is a very unique blend of flavors. On the inhale, the crystallized orange peel is something I taste ever so briefly right off the bat, but the dark chocolate and rich coffee flavor quickly follows it. It then swirls together during the exhale as the orange comes through once again. Karma is different, and I’m not usually into any eLiquid containing an orange note. I could see myself adding Karma into my rotation.

The blend is nice and even, the flavor is great, clouds are amazing, and the throat hit is very mild!!


“Tucked away in a French Chateau, a Grand Crew vineyard reveals a pink Moscato Champagne rich in fig, white chocolate, and red grapes.”

Kind JuiceVirtuous is a complex vape with many layers of flavor. The predominant flavor that I’m getting, especially on the inhale, is the pink champagne. The red grapes add to the sweetness, a subtle hint of the fig chiming in, and I even taste the white chocolate behind it all at times. Again, the clouds are nice and thick, throat hit is mild, and there is a nice richness to these flavors all blending together nicely. This is one for all of you flavor chasers looking for something unique to add into your rotation!!


“A walk through a botanical labyrinth filled with the delicate aroma of springtime.”

Kind Juice HarmonyHarmony is an organic eliquid for vapers who may enjoy vaping a floral flavored juice. I can’t say I’m one of those people, but I want to try to explain it for those of you who do enjoy them. It does have a good blend of flavors and could be considered quite relaxing. On the inhale, there is a nice bouquet of springtime aromas. The flavor is nice and smooth and continues throughout the exhale. The taste has a just a tad of sweetness to it. I think you need to truly appreciate a floral vape to enjoy it thoroughly. So, if you enjoy floral vapes—definitely check this one out. It could also be used as a nice palate cleanser for those of you that taste regularly.


Summing Up

Kind Juice has done a good job with their Organic Sub Ohm E-Gels. The Element Line is very tasty and full of silky and dense clouds. The bottles are green glass in the 30ml and the labels are colorful and informative. Kind Juice supplies the “born on date”, the “nicotine strength”, the size, an ingredients list, and they include the proper warning as all products containing nicotine should.

The Element Line comes in two sizes: 30ml @ $26.99 (89 cents per mL) or 50ml @ $39.99 (.79 cents per mL). For a 100% organic, made with American sourced ingredients, this ‘higher-end price’ structure is quite competitive.

Ordering Online

You can order any of the Kind Juice eliquids online at You follow them on Facebook as well.

My ratings are as follows:

Radiance: 4/5 stars

Lucidity: 5/5 stars

Karma: 4.5/5 stars

Virtuous: 4.5/5 stars

Harmony: 3.5/5 stars