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Murica Vapor – NYC & MIA – Vapinski Reviews

Murica Vapor - Vapinski - SpinfuelMurica Vapor is at it again. As if the lovely Snozz Berry Line up wasn’t enough to tackle, they have decided to try an e-liqueur. OH, you heard me right!! When I received these two bottles in the mail, I was intrigued INSTANTLY. The bottles SCREAM- “Drip me NOW!” The bottles are sleek and all black. The labels are just classy and I am in love with the look of them. The size and a code are stamped on the bottom of the bottle. I spoke with Harold at Murica Vapor briefly istick, istick 20w, istick 30w, istick 40 TC, istick 50, istick 100, eleaf, CoV, Council of Vapor, Aris Pro RDA, electronic cigarettes, ecigarettes, e cigarettes, ecigs, ecig, vaping, vapor, vaporizers, advanced vaporizers, temperature control, joyetech, innokin, kanger, kangertech, aspire, box mods, regulated vaporizers, regulated batteries, cigalike, cig-a-like, guide to vaping, ecigarette reviews, eliquid, e juice, ejuice, e liquid, ejuice reviews, premium eliquid, eliquid brands, NJOY, Blu Cigs, Vape Expos, Vape Conventions, smokenjoey, daily vape tv, liquid nicotine solution, youtube videos, youtube reviews, RBA, Drippers, Drippingabout why they chose to do an e-liqueur. “We were inspired to do “something different” while still satisfying the palate. More or less we created a new category or at the very least let people know that there’s more than fruit, cereal, yogurts and custards out there.” This is great because vapers are always looking for something NEW to go along with their favorites. One other thing I like and commend Murica Vapor for is that they only sell wholesale. They completely support the B&M shops and a strict chain of distribution and would like to see this be an industry standard in the future. Now, let’s see what I thought of these two magical delights…


“NYC-the city that never sleeps, clean crisp tastes, you’ll reminisce of nights, lights, and finer things in life. Inspired by a sweet green apple martini with a hint of lime. Dripped not stirred…..”

NYC Murica Vapor - Vapinski - SpinfuelWith NYC, I feel like I’ve just sat down at a fine establishment and ordered up a smooth, crisp apple martini with a slice of lime. The bottle even makes me feel classy. I’m a sucker for anything dressed up in black. But lucky for NYC, just like the city, the flavor doesn’t stop either. The apple goes from inhale to exhale, but at times it’s a tad stronger than others. The hint of lime pops in from time to time, but never overwhelms and I like that! This vape is very smooth with a mild throat hit and super vapor production. If you like apple, fruit, or drink vapes…this one will be right up your alley. If you are in the market for something crisp and refreshing, check this one out as well. I’m not a big apple or fruit fan, but I’ll definitely enjoy the rest of this and want more for the future. The throat hit was mild and vapor production was excellent. I used the Lotus LE80 mod and a Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build. I liked this best anywhere from 35-45 watts.


“MIA-release the synergy of alluring diverse flavors bursts. Fresh strawberries, crushed mint leaves with a splash of white rum. Inspired by life, crafted just right, vape all day and dripped all night….”

MIA is another really smooth vape that I am really enjoying. This one seems to hit the spot MIA Murica Vapor - Vapinski - Spinfuelaround 45 watts. On the inhale, a creamy fresh strawberry flavor with a hint of rum and a VERY nice touch of mint dancing around in the background is what I taste. The mint is so subtlety introduced that it is a lovely addition to the flavor. It’s not overpowering and the sweetness is spot on as well. The exhale just continues to combine and swirl these flavors while they fade away. I do feel like I should be sitting at a fancy nightclub with this one as well and sipping at another delicious cocktail. The flavors are well blended and the throat hit is mild. The vapor production is great with MIA as well.

These 70vg/30pg blends are two of the best new flavors and a best new concept to hit the eliquid market since The Schwartz launched the yogurt line in my opinion.
The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. They come in a 15ml size and retail at $11.99 or you can get them both for $21.99 at.

Buy MIA & NYC Here

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My ratings are as follows:
NYC: 5/5 stars.
MIA: 5/5 stars.

I really hope they come out with more e-liqueurs….!!