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Vapinski & Steadfast Liquid Co.

I was lucky enough to have met this next vendor at ECC in Niagara back in April through a mutual friend. RD Smith and his wife, both from North Carolina, own Steadfast Liquid Co.

Steadfast mixes eliquids in a certified lab and use high quality ingredients sourced in the USA. They have also teamed up with Lotus Vaping Technologies, the manufacturer and international distributor for Steadfast. Lotus will handle the volume and the expected ‘explosive’ growth that Steadfast has recently seen.

From RD, “We got into mixing liquid because my fiancée (at the time) was 8 months pregnant and I had tried to repeatedly stop smoking. I smoked a pack a day for 16 years. I had tried the gum and patches because, as a disabled Vet, they give you that stuff free from the VA. None of it worked. So, a friend of mine sent me a mod, battery, and an atty. It took a couple weeks, but it worked and I managed to quit before my son was born. It seemed at that moment that I realized that vaping was a very real and powerful tool for helping others to do the same thing. I wanted to be part of an industry that was saving lives.

Steadfast Liquid Co is all about doing all day straightforward vapes that people understand with reliable quality and consistency.

The name Steadfast comes from RD being a tattoo freak and the belief in always staying true to your word. (If only everyone was like this!) No matter what the circumstances are or how the situation changes-stay true!

Steadfast Liquid Co. won’t change with the trends. They released a new label, on store shelves now, when they launched with Lotus. I liked the old labels as well (shown in the photos). RD had his tattoo buddy, Robert Meyer, do the art for the new labels. The hand drawn and hand colored aspect of the labels is an awesome touch. The old labels already had all the necessary components such as a ‘born on’ date, lot/batch number, nicotine level, warning, and ingredients, but the new labels are still an improvement.

Now, it’s time we get to these scrumptious flavors…

Sugar Cookie

“Just like grandma used to make. A little sweet, a little savory and lots of love.”

Steadfast Liquid Co. Sugar CookieSugar Cookie is not the traditional just sugary-sweet sugar cookie vape that I’m used to. There is a bit of a savory draw on this one during the inhale. It’s a full-bodied, rich cookie flavor with notes of spice that remind me of nutmeg. As soon as I notice the nutmeg it’s enveloped by the sugar cookie flavoring and whisked away with the voluptuous clouds as I exhale. This is a very unique flavor and I like it. It goes really nice with a morning cup of coffee, or with coffee throughout the day. Morning coffee has been my get ‘up and go’ routine for a while now, and I am sure many of you can relate to that. I enjoyed this flavor best around 30-40 watts on my Lotus LE80 mod with a Production RDA and a .3-ohm coil build.


“A Georgia peach fresh off the tree, in a mixture of sweet creams sure to leave your mouth watering.”

Steadfast Liquid Co. PeachI love the peach flavor and creaminess of “Peach”! On the inhale the smoothness of the vape is apparent as soon as you take a drag. The mixture is so incredibly well blended that you get notes of fresh peach dancing in between the sweet creams, yet the total blend is what you are tasting while those notes are popping in and out. This is a great blend of flavors mixed well and proper by Steadfast. This reminds me of when we would sugar up some peaches and let them sit so as to produce that wonderful, tasty flavor while we would prep the strawberries for shortcake. I never ate the cake part myself, just the berries and cream. If I would top some of those peaches off with fresh whipped cream and sit with this vape, it would perfect!! I enjoyed this one around 40 watts. The throat hit is mild and vapor production was great!


“Whether you want a boost in the morning or a relaxing evening cup, this creamy blend with a hint of caramel and a shot of espresso is sure to hit the spot!”

Steadfast Liquid Co. ChinoChino is another really smooth vape from Steadfast. The first thing I notice is the delightful ‘creamy blend’. The cappuccino flavor dances in next and blends into the creams and then a touch of sweetness from the caramel pops in prior to the exhale. The exhale combines all of these lovely flavors together and just keeps making me want more. Chino is a comfort vape. It’s smooth, creamy, and has that subtle cappuccino flavor that blends in and out throughout the vape. I enjoyed it best around 30-40 watts. Chino also had a great vapor production and mild throat hit.


“Sweet and addictive with subtle hints of our mixologist secret blend of creams.”

Steadfast Liquid Co. StrawberryStrawberry is yet another smooth and delicious vape! The strawberry flavor is a really good one with the perfect touch of sweetness. It’s what you want to taste on the inhale. As the cream rolls into the strawberry, it just truly blends so divinely that my taste buds are smiling…! I have really become a strawberry and cream vape lover and this can be included amongst my favorites for sure and I swear I’ve tasted a hundred different blends! On the exhale, the flavor combination carries the whole way through to the end, but the cream is definitely what lingers the most. I will definitely need more! I liked this one also around 30-40 watts the best and it had a mild throat hit and great vapor production as well.


Steadfast Liquid Co knows how to mix. Their 70vg/30pg blends produce great vapor and super flavor throughout the vape. They have also released a 5th flavor that I hope to feature in a special article consisting of past vendors I’ve reviewed and some of their new flavors!! This new flavor from Steadfast Liquid Co is called Tradewinds and is a peach and guava blend.

All of the flavors come in your choice of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg of nicotine. They retail at $20 for a 30ml bottle, but the old labels are on sale on their site right now for $14, so grab them while you can!! I suggest you give them a whirl even when the sale is off! Tasty, tasty!

The Steadfast Liquid Co website is located here: Follow them at Steadfast Liquid Co. on Facebook and @steadfastjuiceco on Instagram.

My ratings are as follows:

Sugar Cookie: 4.5/5 stars.
Peach: 5/5 stars.
Chino: 4.5/5 stars.
Strawberry: 5/5 stars.