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I’m beginning to think the construction may never be over, but as long as I have great eliquid to vape and die hard customers to bear through it all, I think I’ll survive!! I have worked with Beantown Vapor before and thoroughly enjoyed their first set of four eliquids that I reviewed.

This second set of four reviews is a unique set of flavors that I am excited to get into as well. Let me refresh your BEANTOWN VAPOR ELIQUDIS REVIEW BY VAPINSKI FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE AUGUST 29TH 2105memory that Beantown Vapor is an eliquid manufacturer just south of Boston, Massachusetts and they are vaping enthusiasts who love the community, the hardware, the innovation and most of all-the JUICE! Beantown Vapor eliquids are 67/33 vg/pg. They feel this ratio allows their juices to be enjoyed in virtually any device with exceptional flavor and vapor production. They focus on precision by mixing in small batches. Consistency is a KEY in this industry as I have had some bad experiences with vendors who can’t get this part right unfortunately. It was always the most important thing to me as a chef. Now, let’s get to the goooood stuff!!


“The Snozzberry, although not well known, is a kickass fruit. Those who know about Snozzberry know not to talk about Snozzberry…it watches, listens. However, if you’re fortunate enough to steal a taste, you’ll experience a melonesque-blue raspberry with a hint of the bog fruit of Cape Cod. Kidding aside – this flavor kicks ass. You’ve never tasted a juice like it but for some reason it will be familiar – guarantee you’ll dig it….just don’t talk about it.”

     Snozzberry is a very smooth vape that goes from a blue raspberry on the inhale to where the “bog fruit” is BEANTOWN VAPOR ELIQUDIS REVIEW BY VAPINSKI FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE AUGUST 29TH 2105introduced before the exhale. I assume they are speaking of cranberries because this is where a little tartness comes into play. I didn’t have time to run out and get any for the photo, but for me the flavor pops in around the exhale and then fades. It goes back to the blue raspberry just like the juice at the end of the popsicle by the very end of the exhale. I’m not a big fan on the food coloring used, but I have to commend Beantown on a nice, complex, unique blend. There was a mild throat hit and good vapor production. I enjoyed this one all over the place from 35 watts, but best around 60 watts. I’ll be using my Lotus LE80 mod and a Production RDA with a .3 ohm coil build for these reviews. Yes, I do re-wick between each flavor. 🙂


“Root beer vapes have been notoriously sucky so we set out to change that. We sampled hand crafted root beers from all over while researching this one. The winner came from right here in my own backyard – little micro-brewery in Woodstock NH absolutely nailed it. This is our super creamy, distinctively “rooty” homage to that mighty mug. Expect a hand crafted flavor with vanilla and caramel notes and slight hint of menthol to really set the rooty-ness off.”

 BEANTOWN VAPOR ELIQUDIS REVIEW BY VAPINSKI FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE AUGUST 29TH 2105    When I initially tasted Woodstock, I almost thought it was a black licorice or like a creamy anise flavor. Then I dug really deep and realized exactly what this was…it’s the real deal root beer. It reminds me of the time I attended the Black Beard Festival when we were vacationing in Virginia a couple years back and I grabbed an authentic mug of root beer from one of the Vendors. Lucky for you all I found the souvenir mug for the photo!! This vape is truly super creamy from inhale to exhale and will take you to a time or place if you’ve ever gotten to experience an old fashioned, creamy root beer. I enjoy experience vapes, especially ones that taste great!! The way Woodstock rolls off of your tongue is amazing. The notes of vanilla and caramel that shine through really add a great depth to the flavor of the root beer. I believe it’s the slight hint of menthol that gives it that anise like flavor. Whatever it is…order me up another bottle please!! This has award winner written all over it. Period.

Kermit the Fog

“Green freeze pop….that’s it. If you dig frozen green ice, this is your daddy. This mix is made specifically for tank atomizers, preferably glass. It can be dripped but we advise you use a 3mg at higher ohms .5 or above is preferred but again, a tank juice was the goal.”

   BEANTOWN VAPOR ELIQUDIS REVIEW BY VAPINSKI FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE AUGUST 29TH 2105  I tried the Kermit the Fog initially out with my .3 ohm coil build even against the .5 ohm or higher advice…..just to see. I enjoyed the lime flavor that I got at around 35 watts with this build. No worries, I’m going to stick it in a tank with a .5 ohm coil too. On the inhale here, a nice lime flavor that isn’t overpowering. It’s smooth and does remind me of a freeze pop. It mellows as the vape continues through the exhale. The throat hit is mild and the vapor production is good!

In the Atlantis Tank with a .5 ohm coil at around 25-30 watts, the flavor is really smooth and when you vape it in a tank at the lower wattage it especially gives me that “cooler” freeze pop feeling. The green freeze pop taste is really good and sweetness is spot on. The flavor goes from inhale to exhale and is never overpowering.

Flesh and Bone

“Blueberry and Peach flesh with baked pie bones (crust) combined at equal parts for a moderately sweet and savory fruit pastry. Flavor is complex, subtle and made to vape all day. Enjoy!”

BEANTOWN VAPOR ELIQUDIS REVIEW BY VAPINSKI FOR SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE AUGUST 29TH 2105   Flesh and Bone is definitely a complex vape that is going to be an acquired taste. I get more of the savory aspect of the vape than the fruity which is what I believe they were going for because it is just moderately sweet. I think though the description gives it a savory pie crust or “bones” description, many tobacco lovers would be drawn to the flavor of this particular vape and should check it out. While it does have a slight fruity peach and blueberry hint at the height of the exhale, this vape is predominately savory and all about the crust. It’s unique and I like that much. I don’t know that it’s particularly in my wheel house, but it’s peeked my curiosity enough that I would add it to my rotation now and again for a change up. Beantown eliquids are so smooth and well blended that they are all refreshing no matter what the flavor, really! I enjoyed Flesh and Bone best around 35 watts.

     Beantown is a solid, consistent vendor from what I’ve seen across the board and what I’ve reviewed. For those people that crave certain flavors and a definite smoothness, you need to check them out!!


The eliquids come in two sizes: 30ml or 120ml glass bottles. They are priced at $17.99 and $60.00.

The nicotine levels available are 0,3,6,12, or 18mg.

You can order at Check out their other flavors from a previous review I have done as well if you missed it!! Just search Beantown in the tab at the top of the page!! Make sure to follow Beantown Vapor on Facebook as well as Instagram @beantown_vapor.

My ratings are as follows:

Snozzberry: 4.5/5stars

Woodstock: 5/5stars

Kermit the Fog: 4.5/5stars

Flesh and Bone: 4/5stars