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Lo Co eLiquid –  A Vapinski  eLiquid Review

This week has been a LONG and rough one. Did I forget to say CHILLY?? Besides Lo Co eLiquidmy family, I am SO glad even the long and rough are survivable since vaping is now my career. I decided that I wanted to pull some ejuice from my everyday blogs to write about. The story is interesting, the ejuice is very good, and I absolutely love the bottles and design!! I will be holding a contest on my Facebook page giving away a set of these in 3mg, so I’ll post the link at the end of the article.

Lo Co E-liquid came into the vaping world because the owners were looking for that perfect Jack-N-Coke flavor and couldn’t find it. A good friend of theirs owned an ejuice company already so they started tinkering around in his state of the art lab and developed what they believe is the perfect blend in about eight months. They also developed two other flavors that you will be reading about today as well. The owners are best friends that have owned a vape clothing line for over a year now, Low Number Clothing Co. They wanted to integrate this name into the ejuice somehow, so they took the LO from Low and the CO from…. well that is pretty obvious!! The teal bottles are amazing and label design just pops out at me. I was intrigued as soon as I saw them because they are unique. So, let’s talk flavor now….

   “A lightly spiced honey tobacco unlike the rest….”

Black is a honey tobacco vape that is quite nice. As you all know, I enjoy a variety of flavors-but it takes a very special tobacco vape to capture me and make me want to keep vaping. On the inhale, a nice, sweet honey flavor and a rich tobacco undertone. The tobacco flavor becomes more balanced with the honey as I am exhaling. Overall, a smooth and tasty vape. For you tobacco lovers, this one is a definite must try! The vapor production is nice and the throat hit is mild.

     “Classically poured Jack & Coke…”

Best Friends is a Jack and Coke flavored vape that I am enjoying very much! On the inhale, a spot on Coke flavor that pretty much spot on! I am a Coca-Cola lover so this is right up my alley, the sweet, syrupy taste and all. It is toned down a little by the whiskey flavor on the exhale as they swirl together and remind me of a night out on the town. It is a super way to make you forget you are at work if you can vape there and need a way to escape sometimes…lol. I do not have that issue these days; this vape is pure enjoyment for me!! The vapor production is nice and the throat hit is mild.

     “Your favorite cinnamon toast crunch cereal with strawberry milk…”

LO Co SpoonfulsSpoonfuls is a breakfast cereal vape with a twist!! On the inhale, a creamy cinnamon sweetness that is nicely balanced. At the tip of the exhale, the strawberry flavor comes through just a tiny bit. It’s enough to swirl in and make this one a truly tasty and unique vape. I almost get a different combination every time I vape too! The strawberry is more pronounced on the inhale at times. I love the vapes that change every time!! This one could keep me going all day and the vapor production is nice as well. The throat hit is mild.

Lo Co E-Liquid has a solid line of three delightful flavors sure to please a variety of vapers. The 30ml bottles are unique and are sold at for $22. The nicotine levels available are: 0,3,6, or 12mg. The ejuice is a 60vg/40pg blend. Check them out on Facebook at Low Number Clothing!! My ratings are as follows:

Black:  4.5/5 stars

Best Friends: 4.75/5 stars

Spoonfuls:  4.75/5 stars

For the contest to enter to win go to:

Lo-Co E-Liquids is giving away a full line of their wonderful flavors! I’m hosting the contest on my Facebook blog and the rules to enter will be posted there. Check it out!