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Vaping With Vapinski – An eLiquid Review

Vaping with VapinskiThis week I’m excited to tell you all about Nightmare on Vape Street. Nightmare on Vape Street is a Premium Ejuice line that is full of flavor! It all started out being mixed in a small clean room, as many vendors do. They have just moved into a 3,000 square foot facility. The owners are very passionate about everything to do within vaping community and also own a large B & M store in Kingsport, Tennessee as well. The new facility, known as the “Nightmare Studio”, includes a mixing room, bottling room, steeping and storage room, an office, and will be available to view via a virtual tour soon on their web site!! I love to see vendors who reach this type of success where they are able to expand and grow. This says a ton about their flavors as well. They are available in 3 countries including MANY locations in the USA. Vaping with Vapinski

The Nightmare on Vape Street collection is a 60-65vg/40-35pg blend. All ingredients are kosher, usp grade, and made in the United States. The flavors are all along the lines of fruit or dessert vapes. The artwork on the bottles are deep, dark, and intriguing. The owner is also a talented tattoo artist and mixing ejuices became another BIG passion for him. The names of the ejuice also seem to add to the intrigue. You can order them in 0,6,12, 18mg nicotine or a 2mg/Max vg option. They come in 30ml glass bottles and retail at $22.00 per bottle.

     “Sweet and delicious, the inhale is warm sugar cookies but we added some secret ingredients that will entice your taste Vaping with Vapinskibuds.”

Vaping with VapinskiLet me start with Envy. When I open the bottle, I smell a citrus flavor along with a sweet cookie note. On the inhale, I taste do get the sugar cookie flavor laced with a lemon lime twist which is very unique and flavorful. The exhale adds a note of richness and the cookie flavor really finishes it out. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is nice. It’s a different take on a traditional sugar cookie and I like it! My taste buds were definitely enticed!! It’s mildly sweet and refreshing…it will make your friends envious that you have a bottle and they do NOT!!

     “A delicious complex blend of 12 premium ingredients, ripened bananas mixed with the right amount of sweet caramel, peanut butter, a scoop of ice cream, and a nice custard undertone!”

Next, I will dive into the complex blend of Massacre Milk. This is made up of a twelve premium ingredients and truly takes your taste buds to a different place with each vape. I’ll describe one of my experiences. On the inhale, I’m tasting tiny notes of the banana, peanut butter, and a nice creaminess from the custard. On the exhale, the smoothness continues, flavors combine, and a touch of sweetness is evident from the caramel perhaps. This is just truly a complex blend that is blended so well all of the flavors mix and taste well together. The throat hit very mild on this one and vapor production is just as nice as Envy!4

     “Sweet yet bold with an inhale of lime zest and other complimentary fruits and an exhale of creamy goodness! Topped off with cheesecake!”

Finally, I’m going to take a look at Scarlett. She must have been one doozie of a flavor lover!! Maybe she crept in the dark of the night looking for the perfect ingredients to mix with a delectable cheesecake flavor… She found something unique! On the inhale, a nice lime flavor with a graham crust taste that makes me SMILE. On the exhale, those flavors blend into a subtle cheesecake flavor that is spot on. It’s not overpowering. I’ve found some cheesecake blends to be a little bitter with the “cream cheese” type flavor…NOT this one. The sweetness is right and so are all of the elements as the exhale completes. The throat hit is nice and smooth, and again, a nice vapor production.Vaping with Vapinski

There are three more flavors in the Nightmare on Vape Street collection. First is Lust, described as an apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and whipped cream. Next is Sinful, a take on sweet strawberries and cream. Finally, there is Maiden which Nightmare on Vape Street says is a creamy custard with sweet cream and a burnt sugar note. You can order these products at as well as many locations throughout the US. Also, make sure you follow them on FB as you never know what they have going on or what they will announce! They are also on Instagram at @nightmareonvapestreet!!


     My ratings for the three ejuices are as follows:

Envy  –   4/5 stars

Massacre Milk  – 4/5 stars

Scarlett  –  4.5/5 stars


DISCLAIMER: Vaping with Vapinski eliquid reviews by Dori Odosso. The opinions and impressions set forth in this review may not necessarily be those of the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team or Spinfuel eMagazine.