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Vapinski Enjoys Some Toke Juice!

After really enjoying the first round of Toke Juice, I was excited to get to the second batch of 6 sent from the owners, Paul Hinchliffe and Joe McCauley. The love for Toke Juice and the different flavors are growing and they are now in 30 shops across the US. That is exciting! Just to refresh your memory-Toke Juice is mixed in a sterile lab environment and only the best ingredients like 100% Kosher vegetable glycerin(VG) are used.

The only PG that is used in Toke Juice comes from the flavoring so the blends are 85%+VG. However, these blends seem a little thinner than most MaxVG ejuices that I vape.

Let’s get to the JUICE!!

Pina Colada

Pina Colada is a nice blend of pineapple and coconut. On the inhale, I taste a really delicious Pina Coladapineapple first with just the right touch of sweetness. The coconut swirls in quickly though and makes this a truly tasty Pina Colada mix, but I get most of the flavor in the inhale. The exhale is pretty subtle, but still has a touch of flavor. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is decent. I will be using my Mad Modder OKL with a Popeye RDA and a .3 ohm coil build for all of these reviews. I liked this best between 30 and 50 watts, but used 50 watts most.

Caramel Cappuccino

CARAMELCAPPUCaramel Cappuccino is another smooth vape by Toke Juice. On the inhale, I can taste the caramel really well and it’s a good caramel flavoring. I just don’t care for the cappuccino flavor that was used when it mixes in prior to the exhale. The exhale isn’t bad as a total blend. This is rich, has a mild throat hit, and decent vapor production. I liked this one best around 50 watts as well.

Rum and Coke

Rum and Coke is that perfect after dinner vape! On the inhale, I get that lovely cola flavor rightRum and Coke before the rum swirls into the mix. In fact, the only thing missing from the inhale is the ice! On the exhale, the flavor just fades slowly along with the fizzy feeling. I believe this is an experience vape as well and if you like your drinks a little stiff, this is the perfect vape for you…! It’s a double shot of rum to the coke! Get your drink on with Toke Juice!! I went back and forth between 30-50 watts with Rum and Coke.

Chocolate Strawberries

CHOCOLATE-STRAWBERRYChocolate Strawberries is a delightful change up if you’re looking for a yummy dessert vape. I haven’t had this combination before and I am glad Toke Juice gave this one a whirl! On the inhale, I can taste the creamy milk chocolate, but the strawberry flavor is right there with it in the background. It is just like biting into a chocolate covered strawberry. The exhale is more chocolate than strawberry, and the strawberry definitely fades faster to me than the chocolate flavor. This really doesn’t matter to me because this is yet another smooth vape with a mild throat hit and decent vapor production from Toke Juice. I found the strawberry to come out most at a lower wattage of 30.

Orange DreamsicleOrange Dreamsicle

Orange Dreamsicle is another smooth vape, but I feel it lacks a little in flavor. The inhale and first initial hit is where I get the burst of orange. After that, I barely taste the orange and just the cream. This is just a subtle orange dreamsicle really and some like it that way. I’d suggest a flavor boost in both departments-orange and cream if the option was given. The throat hit was mild though and another nice vapor production.

Coconut Rum

Coconut RumCoconut Rum is reallllllllllllly tasty!!! I just really like the rum flavoring Toke Juice uses. The coconut blends really well with it to make this a great marriage!! I really enjoyed this best at 40 watts. This is a flavor that would go well with just about anything ! I could have it with coffee in the morning, dinner, or a drink late at night. Make sure you check it out if you’re a rum or coconut fan or just want something different!

Toke Juice is definitely one to check out! I’ll be reviewing more flavors from them in a few weeks which excites me even more!! Toke Juice comes in even MORE sizes: 15ml(glass) for $10.99, 20ml for $9.99, 30ml(glass) for $19.99, 60ml for $18.99, and 120ml for $32.99. These are amazing prices for this quality juice!!The nicotine levels available are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg,12mg, and 18mg. You can order them from Make sure to follow them on Facebook at Toke Juice and Instagram @tokejuice!

My ratings are as follows:

Pina Colada:  4.5/5 stars

Caramel Cappuccino: 4/5 stars

Rum and Coke:  5/5 stars

Chocolate Strawberries: 5/5 stars

Orange Dreamsicle: 3.75/5 stars

Coconut Rum: 4.5/5 stars