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    Cloud V e-Liquid Review 


 Cloud V is a huge company out of Southern California mostly known for their dry herb vaporizers and products, especially now that they have teamed up with Tommy Chong. Well, they have also come out with a truly unique line of eliquids that will make palates out there pop everywhere! The eliquids are mixed in a sterile lab owned by a third party in the USA who bottles the eliquid for Cloud V. Cloud V saw a hole in their line-up for eliquids and they already had vapes to accommodate. They spent a long time going through flavors until they came up with five that they thought would be the biggest crowd pleasers and have longevity. They tested for months and used employees in the office to help pick the winning flavors as well. Cloud V believes whole-heartedly in the power of vaping to help quit smoking. They have also won 10 High Times Cannabis Cup Awards for their products and offer the BEST customer service!! I enjoy unique flavors, so add a dash of complexity and a touch of smoothness to the blends and we are set to go on a flavor tasting journey!!

     “Let’s mix pineapple, peach and blueberry. You can sense the strong aroma already! Now, blend it with French Vanilla and Irish Cream. You just got a wonderful taste.”

Cloud V Review Vapinski     Cloud Paradise is a complex blend that starts off with the pineapple flavor on the inhale. I notice a bit of the peach and French Vanilla making it smooth and a tad sweeter here before the exhale as well. The longer I vaped it, the more I enjoyed and appreciated the blend of flavoring. It seems to change a lot and I picked up different flavors as I changed the wattage around. I preferred it around 40 watts. This is where I believe the exhale is a total blend of all flavorings, though with this many it is hard to pick them all out. Cloud Paradise has a mild throat hit and puts off an excellent vapor production. I’ll be using my HexOhm V2 with a Production RDA and .3-ohm coil build for these reviews. As always, I re-wick between eliquids.

     “A sweet and creamy mix of caramel vanilla and Irish Cream is blended with a touch of bananas, mangos and lychee. Flavorful and edgy, this e-juice will soon become your favorite.”

     Cloud Candy is another complex blend that is smooth and unique. The lychee may throw some Cloud V Review Vapinskipalates off, but I enjoyed the lychee notes that I got in the blend. This unique blend changes with each vape it seems. On the inhale, I mostly taste a nice smooth mix of the caramel vanilla and the Irish Cream until the lychee sneaks into the blend. Once the lychee hits prior to the exhale, it is hard to pick out any of the other flavors. I just know that they smooth out the lychee flavoring a bit and make it a tad sweeter. Once the exhale begins, the lychee dies down a bit and I can taste a nice blend of banana and caramel at the end of the exhale. This was at 40 watts. The throat hit was smooth here and vapor production was great.

     “It’s time for you to feel fresh again! Cloud Breeze is the perfect mix of creamy caramel and honey with honeydew melon and acai berry. To give you the chill sensation, we added a light touch of mint. This refreshing sweetness will keep you wanting more.”

     Cloud Breeze is a very unique and tasty flavor. On the inhale, the honeydew and honey really come out before the acai berry is introduced into the blend right before the exhale. The hint of mint is a nice
 addition that is apparent throughout the vape, but never overpowering. The exhale is a nice combination of all of the flavors though I’m not sure that I ever can pin point the caramel. I don’t know that it really matters though with as smooth and different as this eliquid seems to be. The vapor production is excellent and the throat hit is mild. I enjoyed this one at 60 watts.

      “Do you crave for a creamy delicious flavor? Look no further! A sweet blend of caramel, butterscotch and brown sugar is topped with aged wine and snake fruit.”

     On the inhale, I can taste the sweetness from the brown sugar blended in with the caramel. The Cloud V Review Vapinskiaged wine is a really unique undertone that pops into the blend right before the exhale and then continues to mix with the rest of the flavors throughout the exhale. The snake fruit is something that I can’t pin point and I don’t catch the butterscotch, but they may just both be so well blended in the exhale with the others that I can’t notice them. This is another unique and smooth blend and I feel it will be geared more towards those who like bakery type vapes. At times, it reminded me of a nicely spiced scone. Cloud Dream gave off an excellent vapor production and has a mild throat hit. I enjoyed this around 40 watts.

I also vaped this in the Cloud V Tank. Around 40 watts here on the Cloud Nova 50-watt mod, Cloud Cloud V Review VapinskiDream was also very smooth and tasty. I could taste the butterscotch in the inhale blended with the brown sugar and caramel. I don’t seem to get as much of the aged wine or snake fruit if that is the additional punch that I notice in with the wine. It seems to be more of a subtle undertone in the inhale that blends into the exhale with the rest of the flavors. The Cloud V tank produces a nice vapor and flavor for these blends. I ran a couple tanks of Cloud Dream through and played around with the wattage some and found this mod to be a nice fit in my hand.

     “Exotic fruity flavors have been mixed to create the Cloud Punch. The charming blend of the pomegranate, blueberry, acai berry and raspberry will bring an intense playful taste. With a light touch of caramel flavor, you will definitely love your experience.”  

     Cloud Punch is definitely fruity. On the inhale, I can taste the pomegranate, blueberry, and maybe a touch of the acai berry, but it comes really close to tasting perfume-y. I said close though. I think it’s just that the acai berry kind of takes the flavor over and makes it more intense and I never find the touch of caramel or the raspberry flavoring anywhere. This was my least favorite of the Cloud V line. The throat hit was more on the medium side and the vapor production was still really great. I liked it best around 40 watts.

The Cloud V line is a 70vg/30pg blend available in the following nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, an d 11mg. They retail for $11.99/30ml at which is a really good price at only      

$.40/ml. These blends are definitely complex with all of the flavorings that were used per blend, but the unique flavors paired together and smoothness are something that vapers will definitely appreciate. Make sure you follow Cloud V on Facebook and Instagram @cloudvapes. My ratings are as follows:

Cloud Paradise: 4.5/5 stars.

Cloud Candy: 4.25/5 stars.

Cloud Breeze: 4.25/5 stars.

Cloud Dream: 4.5/5 stars.

Cloud Punch: 3.75/5 stars.