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Blue Ostrich Vapor – Vaping With Vapinski

It’s finally summer time and the weather has been a true mix as it always is in PA. We expect a lovely chance of rain here and there, but always hope for those sunny days! I’m going to highlight some flavors from Blue Ostrich Vapor out of Richmond, VA this week. The one unique thing that Blue Ostrich does is use Madagascar and Ugandan vanilla beans infused in the base for all of their eliquids. Their eliquids are all complex flavors because of this. I like that this sets them apart from all of the other eliquids that I have tasted. Let’s get into these seven blends so you can decide which ones may be for YOU!! `

Cake Batter

     “Blue Ostrich Cake Batter e-liquid takes us back to when we were kids. Made-from-scratch yellow cake batter – pure rich decadence. If you like our Vanilla Custard, this one turns it up to 11. Our house-made Madagascar and Ugandan vanilla base really shines here.”

Blue Ostrich eliquid bottlesWho out there doesn’t remember reaching for those beaters as a child when your Mother, Grandmother, or other relative was mixing up a cake batter? It was never considered unhealthy back in the day! I would grab the beaters, spatula, and want the bowl. So, of course I have wanted a good eliquid that captures this flavor! Blue Ostrich has done an amazing job…! On the inhale a warm, lovely cake batter flavor that makes me feel like I’ve just licked the bowl! That bowl was filled with a white, vanilla cake batter. The exhale is still filled with that rich vanilla cake flavor and the vapor production is also very nice. There is a medium throat hit with the 6mg. I will be using a .4-ohm coil build on Popeye RDAs for all of these reviews. I vaped this on the Mad Modder OKL between 30-40 watts.

Ginger Peach:

     “At Blue Ostrich Vapor, we tested several peach flavors, and none of them impressed us before tried this one. Paired with ginger, in a Ginger Peachbase of our in-house naturally infused Madagascar and Ugandan vanilla. It’s an epicurean experience. Perfect mix, with a delicate balance. We really can’t say we detect the vanilla in this one, but we’ve tested it side-by-side with the same mix made with unflavored base, and this is the clear winner.”

The Ginger Peach is one of those flavors where you just have to really be a ginger flavor fan to love this one. The ginger overpowers the peach just a little bit. On the inhale, I mostly taste the ginger flavor, but there is a little bit of peach tucked in there as well. On the exhale, the rich vanilla undertone kicks in and mellows the ginger out a tiny bit. This isn’t a bad flavor it’s just an acquired taste. The throat hit is medium at 6mg for this one as well.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake   “ At Blue Ostrich Vapor, we use house-infused Madagascar and Ugandan vanilla base as a starting point for all of our e-liquids. It forms a solid foundation to build additional flavors upon. And much like the dessert itself, the vanilla base in our e-liquid makes a huge difference. Ripe, naturally tasting strawberry hits first, followed closely by the shortcake. The whipped cream becomes more apparent on the exhale. This is a favorite flavor for many of our friends and family.”

The Strawberry Shortcake seems to be a little short on the strawberry, but is big on the vanilla and cake flavor. I do get a smidgeon of strawberry on the inhale, and it’s a really nice strawberry flavor. It’s more of an undertone with the vanilla and cake flavoring taking the reigns. The strawberry lasts a little more as I lowered the wattage. The creaminess really comes out in the exhale and the vapor production is really nice. The overall vape is pretty good and I would just like to see a tad more strawberry flavor come through.

Mango Smoothie

     “This e-liquid is amazingly true to the world’s favorite fruit. Fresh, ripe mango combined with a delicious sweet cream is a winningMango Smoothie combo.”

Mango Smoothie starts off with a nice, creamy vanilla inhale. The mango swirls in right away and the sweetness is spot on. It tastes just like the description says, and makes me feel like I am sipping one of these delicious treats. I really like how the mango isn’t overpowering in this vape, as mango flavors tend to do so easily. The throat hit is mild, vape is smooth, and vapor production is good.

Blueberry Gingerbread

Blueberry Gingerbread     “Fresh, ripe blueberries baked into a hot gingerbread cake – what could be better? Actually, it sounded a little unusual, so I Googled it, and discovered that “blueberry gingerbread cake” is actually a thing. Who knew? I was experimenting one day, and I tried this combo on whim. It knocked my socks off, and then proceeded to knock the socks off every other vaper I know.”

Blueberry Gingerbread is one of the most unique combinations I’ve come across in an eliquid. On the inhale, a very nice blueberry flavor nestled in a gingerbread note. The gingerbread flavor carries through the exhale and the blueberry even swirls back in at the end. It’s a really nice blend of flavors and a truly tasty treat that I will use to switch things up now and again. The gingerbread is not an overwhelming spicy flavor and maybe mellowed out a little with the vanilla infused base that Blue Ostrich uses. The throat hit is medium at 6mg and vapor production is really good.

Vanilla Custard

     “Look up “All Day Vape” in any dictionary, and you’ll read, “See ‘Vanilla Custard'”. Okay, maybe not (yet). But vanilla custard e-Vanilla Custardliquids are extremely popular with experienced vapers right now – it’s a great flavor for vapor, and many people find that they don’t grow bored with it as easily as other flavors.”

There is a ton of vanilla flavor going on in this Vanilla Custard! It’s definitely one of the most flavorful straight vanilla custards I’ve tried and I know it has to do with the wonderful infused base that Blue Ostrich uses. On the inhale, a rich vanilla flavor with a creamy touch. On the exhale, the vanilla continues throughout the entire exhale. This is just a really well done vanilla custard that is deep and rich with flavor!! The throat hit is medium and vapor production is excellent.


Cinnamon Danish

Cinnamon Danish     “I LOVE this flavor. There’s so much more going on! The cinnamon aspect is there, but it’s mild, natural tasting, and pleasantly balanced with the Danish. It’s truly uncanny how close the flavor of this e-liquid is to those hot, rich, high-calorie cinnamon rolls at your local mall.”

This Cinnamon Danish is pretty straightforward. On the inhale, a cinnamon flavor that is rounded out with the pastry note of the Danish flavor so that it’s not overpowering. The sweetness is spot on. On the exhale, an undertone of vanilla as the cinnamon roll treat continues to swirl out in the form of clouds. It’s a nice flavor even with a medium throat hit at 6mg. The vapor production was really good with this one as well.

Blue Ostrich Vapor Eliquid comes in 30ml amber glass bottles with childproof glass droppers. The nicotine levels available are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg. You can order them in a 50vg/50pg blend, a 70vg/30pg blend, or Max VG. They retail for $22 at

My ratings are as follows:

Cake Batter: 4.5/5 stars

Ginger Peach: 3.75/5 stars

Strawberry Shortcake: 3.75/5 stars

Mango Smoothie: 4.5/5 stars

Blueberry Gingerbread: 5/5 stars

Vanilla Custard: 4.5/5 stars

Cinnamon Danish: 4.25/5 stars