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Vaping with Vapinski – Charlie Noble eLiquid

Charlie Noble eLiquidsThis week I will be featuring Charlie Noble E-liquid which is mixed and bottled in Middle River, Maryland. Charlie Noble is a premium e-liquid born from the desire to provide a premium e-liquid to the public at affordable prices. The owners loved good, complicated, and interesting juices, but did not love the pricing. Since 2011, the Charlie Noble E-Liquid Trading Company crew has been working with Vape Dojo in the vaping industry. They are owned by the same parent company. Charlie Noble is mixed in a sterile laboratory environment using the highest quality propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine. The lab is housed in a building with their corporate offices, wholesale department, and online fulfillment sections to make things more efficient and cost effective. Charlie Noble is a British term for a galley(kitchen) smokestack named after a British service captain. So, this crew at Charlie Noble had to “cook” up some pretty good flavors if you get my jist. Anything that mentions kitchen, and I’m definitely in…..

“Fresh pears, drizzled with vanilla and offset with a lush cream to balance

Be warned: this Pearry bites back.”Fresh Pears from Charlie Noble

Commodore Pearry is a truly delicious pear vape!! I am not crazy about pears as you may remember from another review I have previously written. This is another great pear vape…only it seems to be all about the pear!! On the inhale, a fresh, ripe pear flavor. It tastes juicy and has just the right touch of sweetness. As I begin to exhale, I catch a slight vanilla undertone that accompanies the pear nicely. The blend is delicious and really smooth! This is a 82vg/18pg mix and has a really nice vapor production and very mild throat hit. Pear lover or not-you need to try this one!!!

Charlie Noble“Return to your childhood…a favorite breakfast cereal, done as only Charlie Noble can.

A full bowl in every vape!”

Treasure Island is like a trip back to the days at the breakfast table with my siblings. Oh, who can forget those days?? On the table, three bowls of fruity rings and milk. Oh yes! As I inhale, I can taste the cereal and citrus notes. The creaminess comes into play quickly at the tip of the exhale. The flavors mix together nicely as I continue to exhale-making the spoonful of cereal complete. Treasure Island is a 77vg/23pg blend with plenty of vapor and a mild throat hit. The flavor is pretty much spot on and a delight if you are a fruity loop lover!!

“The taste of an exotic port-of-call, Tripoli is a finely crafted blend of aged Turkish tobaccos, fig, almonds, and rare spices.”Charlie Noble

I wanted to review a tobacco vape because it’s just not something I normally review. I am pleasantly surprised at the taste of Tripoli! On the inhale, a nice, nutty tobacco flavor and also a sweetness from the figs. (I had to use fig newtons as the fig reference in the photo here-I think most of us can relate the fig flavor to these gems!) As I begin to exhale, the flavors all swirl together into a magical tobacco lovers blend. The sweetness is spot on and adds just the right amount of flavor to not overpower the nutty tobacco notes. Tripoli is a 80vg/20pg blend with a great vapor production and mild throat hit. I suggest this for anyone looking for a unique tobacco blend with alot of flavor!!

“Ripe blueberries, fresh pomegranate, a hint of vanilla and a twist of lemon”

Charlie NobleBlue Bay is another tasty vape full of flavor! On the inhale, a really good blueberry flavor and I get the lemon at the back of my throat which is interesting and kind of neat. I admit that I like it. The pomegranate flavor is also there. On the exhale, a tiny note of vanilla is added to the mix-creating a super blend that everyone should grab up and try!!! The 72vg/28pg blend of flavors is unique and very tasty!! It is smooth, fruity, and has that little touch of tartness. The vapor production is great and throat hit is medium.

Charlie Noble is available in three different sizes: 15ml, 30ml, or 120ml. They sell for $6.99,$12.99, or $44.99 online at They are also available at many B&M locations throughout the country. The nicotine levels available are 0,3,6,12, or 18mg. I love the look of the labels, the flavors I have sampled so far, and the overall quality of their products!! The bottles also include a born on date and batch number which is nice! Make sure to follow Charlie Noble on Facebook and find them on Instagram @charlienoblejuice!

My ratings are as follows:

Commodore Pearry: 5/5 stars

Treasure Island:         4.5/5 stars

Tripoli:                       4.5/5 stars

Blue Bay:                    4.5/5 stars