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Today’s Review – Earth’s Bounty

I’m very excited to be the newest member of the Spinfuel Team!! “Vapinski” has been my trademark name for months. I’m all about the vape and I am going to highlight great flavors every week for you to drool over from fabulous vendors across the country!!

My love for the JUICE started as soon as I picked up my first vaping pen. I used to be a chef but took a desk job years ago for stability and my children. As much as I loved math, I was still missing a true passion in my life.

Vaping was something that brought this passion back AND a flavor profile I could portray and share with others. I combined my love for vaping, food, and photography to put a spin on the way most others do reviewing.Earth's Bounty eLiquids

I went through a ton of juice in the beginning, buying online (due to lack of shops in my area) in search of that “just right” flavor. I started writing reviews hoping to help others find a great flavor without the struggles I went through. I think “seeing is tasting” as an important approach in the vape community.

For my first set of reviews for Spinfuel, I’m starting off by sharing my favorite line: Earth’s Bounty Ejuice ‘Barrel Aged’ line. It’s like a taste of heaven.

Earth’s Bounty Ejuice is hand crafted in a small town in Alabama. They use only the finest ingredients including 100% USP Food Grade PG and VG that are 99.9% pure and 100% Kosher. Earth’s Bounty takes pride in providing the best flavors by putting each one through extreme testing. The owner has an extensive knowledge of the mixing procedures and uses only USA made ingredients in a sterile lab environment. Sweet Home Alabama indeed!!

Barrel Aged

The barrel aging process involves the ejuice being aged in oak barrels that previously housed an alcohol of some sort. The Cream Brulee and Noci Nanas are aged in barrels that had spiced rum in them. The Fraise Brulee is aged in barrels that had honey whiskey in them. These three ejuices take on a different depth of flavor that is worlds above most others.

“Cream BruleeA mixture we put into an oak barrel that has had spiced rum in it for 4-6 weeks.  It is only sold in 40ml custom glass bottles and comes with a charm.  These bottles go very fast so the best way to be sure to have them is to pre-order. ”

Cream Brulee Cream Brulee is the one I simply can’t seem to put down! The flavor is rich and smooth. On the inhale is a creamy caramel baked custard flavor with a touch of the torched sugar. On the exhale the creaminess follows through with a note of the barrel aged process.

That touch of the underlying spiced rum with the lovely flavor of the caramel custard makes you just want to sit back and vape all day-AND smile. I smile a lot with this one. The total experience is something you have to try!! I love dripping this flavor just as much as I enjoy it in a Kayfun 3.1. It’s all about the vape…bout that vape…bout that vape! Yes, this one will have you singing too!

Noci Nana– “Banana Nut Bread style that has been aged in an oak barrel that has been season with spiced rum for 4-6 weeks.  It is like Heaven in your mouth.  It is only available in 40ml custom glass bottles and comes with a charm.”

Noci Nanas is another one that I’ve had to hold onto dearly. It’s often a rarity to find it in stock. There is some available now and more due out after the first of the year. It’s a banana nut bread flavor turned up a notch. On the inhale, it’s a nutty, banana flavor that tantalizes your taste buds. It makes you feel as if you are enjoying a fresh slice of real banana nut bread…only there is something more to this slice, it’s the richness of the barrel aging process. The subtlety of the spiced rum just makes the flavor POP. On the exhale the smoothness, creaminess, and flavor continues and leaves you wanting more. Butter me up a slice Nana! You better grab two when you order this one.NOKI

Fraise Brulee–  “Strawberry custard flavor that is aged for 4-6 weeks in an oak barrel that once had honey whiskey in it.  It comes in a 40ml custom glass bottle and includes a charm.  This is a limited supply and goes very fast.”

Fraise Brulee is a ‘strawberry custard’ where, again, smoothness and creaminess prevail. I really enjoy that smooth draw. On the inhale a strawberry cream flavor with a rich aged undertone that is evident the whole way throughout the exhale. Picture your favorite strawberry custard in a waffle cone, and eating that bite off the top with a spoon…only with a slight kick. Again, the barrel aging process gives it a nice little extra flavor boost you can only experience by trying it out. You can tell Earth’s Bounty uses only the finest ingredients when making their ejuice!!  YUM!

All three flavors give nice vapor production for 50pg/50vg blend. They are available in 0,3,6,12,18, or 24mg nicotine levels. They come in a 40ml custom made decorative glass bottle and include a charm. They retail at $27.99 a bottle…and are well worth every penny.

Fraise-BruleeYou can visit Earth’s Bounty Ejuice at  Their main focus is wholesale, so visit the web site to see where you can order their tempting eliquids!!

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram (as @earthsbountyejuice), and Vapetilly as EarthsBounty.

All in all I rate them as follows:

Cream Brulee   5 stars/5

Noci Nanas     5 stars/5

Fraise Brulee 4.5 stars/5  


Vapinski is a free-lance writer and eliquid connoisseur. You can find more ejuice reviews on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. She joins the Spinfuel Team in providing terrific reviews of eliquids. Vapinski will contribute a new review every week.