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Earth’s Bounty E-Juice Becomes a Spinfuel Favorite. 5 Flavor Review Earth's Bounty

Introduction to Earth’s Bounty

Earth’s Bounty E-Juice offers an exceptional vaping experience with a range of flavors that tantalize the taste buds and leave vapers craving for more! Nearly 100 delectable blends, covering just about every flavor category, developed and manufactured by Earth’s Bounty, we’ve picked 5 flavors at random to see what’s been happening there since our 2014 Vapinski Review.

B2023 ChoiceAwardTurns out, a lot has changed over the past 9 years. Back in 2014 Earth’s Bounty was, for the most part, a wholesale e-juice business. While they still offer a wholesale service, selling on their website is our readers surest way to try these hand-crafted masterpieces of e-liquid artisanship.

Back in 2014 Earth’s Bounty offered 50pg/50vg blends. They offered customers a wide array of nicotine strengths, including 0,3,6,12,18, and 24mg nicotine levels. Earth’s Bounty E-Juice was sold in a 40mL custom made decorative glass bottle, included a charm, and sold for at $27.99 a bottle. That was then.

Today, in 2023, Earth’s Bounty offers 60mL and 120mL bottles, with 0, 3, and 6mg of nicotine. Instead of the ‘then-normal’ 50/50 VG/PG, today’s modern blends are 70% VG and 30% PG, and 80% VG and 20% PG, delivering thick clouds you won’t believe.

The First 5 Earth Bounty’s E-Juice Flavors

I hope to be able to give you an in-depth review of every Earth’s Bounty e-juice over the coming months. I chose 5 flavors this time, but there are so many others I’m looking forward to vaping. For a full list of Earth’s Bounty Flavors, Click Here.

Without further delay, here are my first 5 e-juice flavors.

  1. White Rabbit: Earth’s Bounty E-Juice Becomes a Spinfuel Favorite. 5 Flavor ReviewThis flavor is a delightful surprise! Reminiscent of a creamy dessert from a fairy tale, White Rabbit envelops your palate with the luscious sweetness of freshly baked marshmallows drizzled in velvety vanilla cream. The smoothness of the clouds combined with the rich taste of the White Rabbit make this an enchanting all-day vape. It’s like taking a magical journey down a rabbit hole into a world of creamy bliss!

While Earth’s Bounty gives you a mysterious description of White Rabbit, and rightfully so, my flavor description is my experience. Yours could differ, which is what makes this one so tempting.

Score: 4.75 out of 5 Stars – An All-Day Vape

  • 60mL and 120mL
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • 20% PG
  • 80% VG
  1. Bug J Max: Earth’s Bounty E-Juice Becomes a Spinfuel Favorite. 5 Flavor ReviewPrepare to be amazed by the vibrant explosion of juicy fruits in Bug J Max! As you inhale, you’ll be greeted with the juicy burst of ripe, yet slightly tart raspberries, sweet strawberries, a bit of pineapple, and a nice apricot that will dance across your tongue. The exhale brings a refreshing twist with a zing of citrusy goodness. This flavor embodies the essence of summer and is perfect for those who love a medley of fruit flavors in one fantastic blend. I’m not crazy about the name, but I am crazy about filling my SMOK TFV18 sub-ohm tank and vaping away at 77W.

Score: 4.25 out of 5 Stars

  • 60mL and 120mL
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • 20% PG
  • 80% VG
  1. Strawmelon Max: Indulge in the ultimate fruity fusion with Strawmelon Max! Imagine taking a bite of a freshly cut ripe watermelon and savoring the sweetness of succulent strawEarth’s Bounty E-Juice Becomes a Spinfuel Favorite. 5 Flavor Reviewberries. Each inhale is a refreshing experience that captures the essence of summer’s juiciest fruits. The perfect balance between strawberry and watermelon flavors makes this E-Juice a true crowd-pleaser.

In years past watermelon was a difficult flavor to blend in an e-liquid. More than once I’ve blasted e-liquids made with watermelon flavoring. In the past 3 years or so, flavorists have been improving watermelon so much so that they’ve created the sweet, ripe watermelon flavor that replicates real watermelon, and here in Strawmelon the job is remarkable.

Score: 5 out of 5 Stars – An All-Day Vape

  • 60mL and 120mL
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • 20% PG
  • 80% VG
  1. Orange Blaze:Earth’s Bounty E-Juice Becomes a Spinfuel Favorite. 5 Flavor Review
    For citrus lovers, Orange Blaze is an absolute delight! Bursting with the zesty essence of freshly squeezed oranges, this E-Juice is a refreshing treat that invigorates your senses with every puff.

The authentic taste of sun-kissed oranges is beautifully complemented by the 70/30 VG/PG blend, producing dense clouds of flavor that will leave you craving more.

Orange Blaze is not my favorite of the 5 I’ve chosen to review, but I knew that going in.

Truth is, I’ve never really enjoyed an orange flavored e-liquid in all the years I’ve vaped. However, I will admit that Orange Blaze comes closer to a delightful all-day vape then I’ve enjoyed before.

Score: 4 out of 5 Stars

  • 60mL and 120mL
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • 30% PG
  • 70% VG

7. Jamaican Brew: Earth’s Bounty E-Juice Becomes a Spinfuel Favorite. 5 Flavor ReviewYes, I absolutely thought this was going to be a coffee blend. But it’s not.

This is one of the finest tropical blends I’ve ever had. Below is flavor profile I wrote about 30 minutes after I began vaping it. Admittedly, what I wrote sounds like a brochure, or some advertising company’s effort to write a glowing description of an e-liquid they never vaped. However, these are my words, despite the hyperbolic word flow.

“An experience of the essence of a sun-soaked beach getaway. That’s what to expect with Jamaican Brew E-Juice, a classic by Earth’s Bounty E-Juice.

This delightful flavor is what I imagine are the warm and sunny shores of the Caribbean, immersing you in the tropical paradise it offers.

Delight your senses with the refreshing taste of a strawberry pineapple rum cocktail, perfectly blended with the juicy goodness of watermelon.

The invigorating combination of sweet strawberries and tangy pineapple dances on your palate, while a subtle hint of rum adds a touch of indulgence to the mix. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the refreshing essence of watermelon sweeps in to balance the flavors and leave you feeling utterly rejuvenated.

With a tank full of Jamaican Brew, you can indulge in the irresistible fusion of flavors that this blend brings to your sub-ohm vape, and let it whisk you away to an exotic escape of a tropical delight.

Each puff reminds me of the Caribbean’s allure as it lingers in every inhalation. It the taste of paradise – a truly tropical masterpiece that will leave you craving more of its authentic island experience.”

5 out of 5 Stars – An All-Day Vape

  • 60mL and 120mL
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • 30% PG
  • 70% VG

Freebase Nicotine and Cloud Chasing

Earth’s Bounty uses a Freebase Nicotine. It has been an honest-to-God pleasure spending my days reviewing this line of e-juice flavors made with real freebase nicotine and massive clouds of vapor, while Dave and John are diving into nic-salt disposables and pod mods.

If you’re new to Vaping (Welcome!) I need to give you a brief education on Nicotine Salts vs Freebase Nicotine. Why? Because you will probably get the heavy sell of cheap disposable devices or inexpensive Pod Mods, which use a thinner liquid of mostly PG, and high levels of nicotine salt. Knowing a little about both types before you settle in on a ‘type’ of vaping you’ll do, it will pay to know the difference.

vs Nicotine Salts in Disposables and Pod Mods

Nicotine salt e-juices, often referred to as nic-salts, have gained popularity due to their ability to deliver higher levels of nicotine without the harsh throat hit typically associated with freebase nicotine. However, most disposable devices are filled with mentholated or “icy” nic-salt flavors that provide an immense throat hit.

Nicotine salts are derived from the natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves, resulting in a more stable compound that allows for higher concentrations of nicotine in e-juice blends.

One of the primary advantages of nic-salt e-juices is their smoothness even at high nicotine concentrations, making them ideal for individuals looking to quit smoking. Additionally, they often come in a predominantly Propylene Glycol (PG) base, ensuring quick absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream, which satisfies cravings effectively. This is not as advantageous as it sounds.

Earth’s Bounty and Freebase Nicotine

On the other hand, freebase nicotine e-juices have been the cornerstone of the vaping industry for a long time. They are created by extracting nicotine from tobacco leaves and converting it to its purest form.

These e-juices typically come in a 70/30 blend of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and PG, respectively, which produces voluminous clouds and enhances flavor production. I’ve vaped this type of e-juice for 13 years and my last physical my doctor applauded my pristine lungs. I smoked for years, and my doctor knew it. Now, 13 years of vaping left me with non-smoker lungs.

The high VG content of freebase nicotine e-juices is particularly appealing to cloud enthusiasts (like me), as it allows for dense and impressive plumes of vapor, creating an enjoyable and visually appealing vaping experience.

Why Freebase Nicotine E-Juice Reigns Supreme

When it comes to safety, freebase nicotine e-juices like Earth’s Bounty, take the lead over nicotine salt blends. Although nic-salts are smoother on the throat, their higher nicotine concentrations can lead to a more rapid nicotine intake, potentially increasing the risk of nicotine toxicity. This is especially concerning for new vapers who may not be accustomed to high nicotine levels.

Furthermore, the predominantly PG-based composition of nic-salt e-juices can cause irritation and discomfort in some users, especially those sensitive to PG.

Flavor Prowess: Freebase Nicotine’s Superiority

Flavor is a critical aspect of the vaping experience, and here, freebase nicotine e-juices shine. The higher VG content in freebase blends ensures that the flavors are not diluted, offering a richer, more authentic taste profile. VG’s natural sweetness also complements the flavorings, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

While both nicotine salt e-juice and freebase nicotine e-juice have their merits, freebase nicotine e-juice emerges as the safer and more flavorful option.

Its ability to deliver an enjoyable vaping experience with robust flavor profiles and impressive cloud production make it the preferred choice for seasoned vapers and cloud-chasers alike. As always, it is essential to vape responsibly and choose nicotine levels that align with individual needs and preferences.

Earth’s Bounty Freebase Nicotine Options

Each of their nearly 100 flavors are available in three nicotine options, catering to different preferences – 0mg for a smooth and nicotine-free vaping experience, 3mg for a mild hit, and 6mg for those who enjoy a bit more kick.

The 70/30 VG/PG, and 80/20 VG/PG blends ensures a perfect balance between vapor production and flavor intensity, making these E-Juices suitable for both cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts.

About Earth’s Bounty Collection

The Earth’s Bounty E-Juice collection of nearly 100 flavor blends comes in convenient bottle sizes of 120mL and 60mL, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavors for an extended period or try out new ones with ease.

With their authentic and satisfying flavors, coupled with various freebase nicotine options (or no nicotine) and the perfect, cloud chucking VG/PG ratios of 80/20 and 70/30 VG/PG, Earth’s Bounty E-Juice has truly set the bar high for premium E-Juices that deliver an unforgettable vaping experience.

Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavor enthusiast, this brand has something extraordinary in store for every vaper.

In this review I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Earth’s Bounty offers in their online store and through their wholesale division. In the coming months I hope to bring more on some of the other flavors I have my eye on. If you’re looking for your next all-day vape, you need to check out Earth’s Bounty E-Juice, especially if you miss the old days of cloud makers, authentic flavor profiles, and thick VG/PG blends.

  • Julia Hartley-Barnes – July 2023