It’s time again for “Vaping with Vapinski”

Uptown Vapor Lounge

This week is all about Uptown Vapor Lounge in Tyler, Texas. I have worked with Uptown Vapor a few times and I am fascinated by their flavor combinations. When they came out with a Premium Dripping Line, I knew this was something that I wanted to be a part of as well. Jeff and Laney Laepple opened a small location back in September of 2012 in Eastern Texas.

4200 Sq Foot Store!

Since then, they have moved to a 4,200 square foot super store and really expanded! This store includes a state of the art lab where they mix all of their ejuice in a sterile environment. They are made with USA products by a team of six mixing artists who compete to make flavors that will pass their detailed process and get chosen to make the line.

Jeff and Laney are very passionate about helping others and have helped over 40,000 people from the ages of 18-83 find a better and healthier lifestyle through vaping. They thoroughly ENJOY their work as most vendors I’ve found in this industry do. That is the key. Vaping is a lifestyle…an enjoyable one!!! It’s a community. Truly.

Dripping Line

The dripping line that I’ll be reviewing is a 90vg/10pg blend. They come in 30ml glass bottles with drippers and the labels simply POP out at you. They are bright, colorful, and FUN. The Premium Dripping Line is available in 3 and 6mg of nicotine, and of course, zero-nic as well. They retail for $18.99 a bottle.

   “Go back in time to a quaint soda shoppe. Share a banana split with your sweetheart. Mmmmmm so good! You may never dream of cheating on your steady girl, but that delicious multi flavored ice dream delicacy will always be your mistress.”


Let’s get to the good stuff!!! I need to start with Mistress! This is a banana split flavor that seems to vary with every vape. I love that! On the inhale, I get a creamy ice cream flavor often highlighting the banana note.

At times, I taste a berry at the tip of the exhale. Next, I taste a smooth milky chocolate that makes the complete vape a total HIT. The complexity of flavors and variety is a winning combination in my book. I can make this an ADV in my TOBH for sure. I love to build and have a variety of drippers, but still love my first build the most!!

Freak Show

Freak show has been described as a caramel being infused with several different vanillas and a little pinch of flour, butter, and milk by Uptown Vapor.

IMG_20141211_094123The Freak Show seems to have nothing freaky about it…except a freaky good flavor!! I taste a delicious baked caramel treat with many undertones of vanilla. On the inhale, a delightful caramel flavor with a pastry note. On the exhale, a richness from the vanilla flavors and cake notes along with a nice smoothness.

It reminds me of a caramel drizzled vanilla cake…freshly baked and ready to dig in to!! Mmmmmmm indeed! The flavor has just the right touch of sweetness. Another winner on my ejuice list for sure. If you are a dessert vape lover, the first two in the Uptown Vapor’s Premium Dripping line are a MUST try.

Rango MangoIMG_20141211_095801

   “Welcome to the islands with this tropical mango infused delight. Feel your cares wash away as you can almost imagine your toes in the sand…no worries mon…”

Rango Mango is a scrumptious fruity vape that tingles my tastebuds from the very first vape! On the inhale, I taste the mango first but it’s quickly followed by an array of delightful fruits. I note a tangy touch of grapefruit.

I get a tad of a juicy peach flavor and even a subtle note of a banana. They all come together on the exhale and the flavor is an amazing combination. You get a bit of sweet and a bit of tart…and just a TON of flavor!! Dripping is truly a pleasure! Sometimes vendors come up with unique combinations that just WOW me and this is one of them. It is tropical and unique…

IMG_20141210_102445 The vapor production for all three is great! I’d say cloudy…enormous at times! I am amazed with the amount of flavor for them being a 90vg/10pg blend. There are four other flavors that complete Uptown Vapor Lounge’s Premium Dripping Line. Clood Lube, J-law, Bombshell, and Brass Monkey. I’m sure with their success they are just as tasty!! Uptown Vapor is on Facebook as Uptown UVL.

They are on Twitter as @UptownVapor and Instagram as @uptownvaporlounge. If you would like to place an order, please check them out at Offering a lot more than just e-juice. Have a super variety of products and even gift baskets for the holidays in their shop if you are in the area!! They usually feature a special price on a juice of the day, so make sure you follow them to keep updated!


   All in all, I rate them as follows:

Mistress:           5/5 stars

Freak Show:     4.5/5 stars

Rango Mango: 4.5/5 stars