Vapinski & Alloy Blend eLiquid

ALLOYBLENDS-GROUPIt’s time for the second round of Alloy Blends!! In case you’ve forgotten, Justin Time (Just-In-Time, how cool is that name!) founded ‘Alloy Blends‘ and is well known in the vaping community for his mod refinishing business “Vape’n’Shine”. Alloy Blends Electrum Line is hand-forged in the fiery depths of Virginia’s famous blacksmithing region. This set of four eliquids is sure to please a variety of palates… From dessert to tobacco lovers and those who are all about VANILLA, these fab four from Alloy Blends are tasty delights that I thoroughly enjoyed with every vape. They are all very smooth, well-rounded flavors that make my taste buds dance, so let’s get to the JUICE…


     “Velocity combines a mixed apple blend with a little creaminess, and just a touch of bakery magic to create a mouthwatering vape that’s reminiscent of a Dutch apple fritter.”

VelocityVelocity is definitely a unique apple flavored eliquid. On the inhale, I taste a nice blend of apple, fritter dough, and a sweetness from a glaze or light icing. The apple is mild but pops in from time to time in between the smooth and creamy dough of the fritter batter. I like the touch of the cream to smooth the blend out. Velocity has a mild throat hit and a nice vapor production. I will be using a HexOhm V2 with a Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build for these reviews. I liked this one best around 35-40 watts.


     “Lustor is a multi-layered vape, that presents different flavor notes with every puff. It will amaze you with its deep, extravagant blend of waffle cone and vanilla dessert flavors blended with delicious, fresh cream.”

LustorLustor is a smooth, vanilla flavored vape that does give a nice change up with every hit. On some inhales, I get more vanilla than others. On others, I get the waffle cone flavor first before the vanilla swirls into the blend. The exhale is always a delicious treat of vanilla flavors like a rich, vanilla cream custard in a waffle cone. You sometimes have to travel to find a good ice cream stand that serves those though…. at least where I’m from anyways! If you like vanilla flavored vapes, Lustor is one you should definitely check out. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is quite nice.


     “Creamy, clean, rich, and smooth, Blonde from Alloy Blends’ Electrum Line is the perfect, deliciously accurate vanilla custard blend. Mildly sweet, and just a bit egg-y like a proper custard with a myriad of different vanillas.”

BlondBlonde is an absolutely scrumptious vanilla custard eliquid. The vanilla flavor comes out really nice as soon as I inhale and is extremely creamy and smooth. The different depth and layers of vanilla throughout the vape itself is something that Alloy Blends really nailed well. The exhale is full of the nice rich cream and vanilla as well and it lingers in a nice way with just the right touch of sweetness. I liked this vape best around 35 watts.


     “Vented will surprise you with its complexity. Earthy and well-balanced, Vented is a creamy, masterfully blended tobacco vape with notes of delicious vanilla.”

The description for Vented is pretty dead on. The tobacco flavor is earthy, but the vanilla does balance the earthiness out rather well. I am not a big tobacco vape fan, but I can see where this would be a favorite amongst the flavored tobacco vape lovers. Most of the earthiness is in the inhale and the vanilla dances in right away to smooth it out. The exhale is the part I enjoy most. I really like the total blend as one. I seem to enjoy all of these flavors around 35-40 watts. The vapor production was real good with Vented as well and there was only a mild throat hit.


Alloy Blends Electrum is available in 0mg, 3mg, 3mg (High VG), 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine. The pg/vg ratio of the standard line is 60vg/40pg and is available in a Density version of 75vg/25pg as well. They come in 30ml glass bottles with childproof droppers and retail at $22.00 or there is also a 120ml size for $75.00.

You can get them both online at Alloy Blends website. As always, please support your local B&M stores when you can because Alloy Blends may be available at many shops near you. Make sure you follow them on Facebook at Alloy Blends, LLC and Instagram @alloyblends.

My ratings are as follows:

Velocity: 4.25/5 stars.

Lustor: 5/5 stars.

Blonde: 5/5 stars.

Vented: 4.5/5 stars.