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      Nightmare Juice – An eLiquid Review

It has been a long and frigid week here in PA. I am talking about temperatures below zero-and I know some of you are right there with me!! I am keeping myself nice and toasty by warming up with some great vapes this week!!Nightmare Juice collection

The next vendor that I will be reviewing is Nightmare Juice!! I have been looking forward to trying this ejuice for some time now. The artwork and name have always intrigued me for some reason, as well as the flavors. The owners wanted to provide the best USA made E-juice made from real tobacco.

“It may not be for everyone but if your one of those people who have a hard time finding a flavor you can vape, or if you feel that there is just something missing from your vaping experience. Then my juice is for you. Our main goal is to bring you Top Quality Juice at a reasonable price. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the Juices we sell.”

All of Nightmare’s Juices are mixed in a USDA food grade sterile kitchen environment using ingredients made in America. The owner got into mixing juices because 3yrs ago. When he began vaping, there really were not a lot of good juices on the market. The owner is also a horror movie fanatic and people told him he should be having nightmares daily from the amount he watches—thus the name of his company!! So, let us start diving into some of these wonderful blends….

“What better flavor to vape than a childhood favorite. creamy Peanut butter and sweet Grape jelly. This blend is 80/20 VG/PG.”

PB and J     P B & J is a true classic vape that is really making my taste buds happy!! On the inhale, I get a delicious peanut butter flavor as if I am biting into a peanut butter sandwich. At the tip of the exhale, the grape jelly comes into play. As the exhale continues, the flavors combine into that complete bite and I can’t believe how spot on it tastes.

The jelly is definitely more pronounced on the exhale-but I like that!! I’m amazed. I have to be honest that few peanut butter vapes impress me. This is one! This is an 80vg/20pg blend, so the vapor production is great! The throat hit is very mild. I suggest giving this one a whirl for sure!!

“A true craft flavor just like our four fathers brewed and drank during the founding years of this country, so why not celebrate the 4th of July with the classic flavor of Fountain Root Beer with a Sarsaparilla spice backbone. This flavor is a limited release flavor and will be available from July 1st until July 31st.”

Root Beer 1776 Root Beer is a nice root beer flavored vape. On the inhale, I get a nice root beer flavor and I can almost taste the foam at the top!! On the exhale, I do get more of a sassafras taste. It is a nice blend of flavors that mix from a root beer and sassafras to almost a birch beer like blend. This is also a 80vg/20pg blend and creates a lot of vapor. I am getting a medium throat hit. I don’t know if that is to mimic a pop like taste or not….but it does seem to have a little more kick than the rest of the flavors.

“A blend of creamy Coconut, tart Passion fruit, sweet Mango, and fresh Pineapple, and a kiss of menthol. Together these tropical fruits that taste like an ocean breeze. This blend is 80/20 VG/PG.”

Bowl of Fruit   Caribbean is a fruity vape with a touch of menthol. On the inhale, I get a slight menthol flavor that is quickly followed by a nice coconut and pineapple flavor. On the exhale, the fruit flavors come out more, mango mixes in and the blend is really nice and tasty. It is really different with that hit of menthol at the beginning. This is another 80vg/20pg blend with a super vapor production and a ton of flavor. Your taste buds will be tingling with delight!! There is a mild throat hit.




“A blend of creamy Banana, tart Strawberry and Cream. This blend is 80VG/20PG.”

Bananas and Strawberry   Smoothy is a nice creamy vape. On the inhale, a nice creamy delight with a subtle strawberry and banana flavor that is really nice!! On the exhale, the flavor continues along with the voluptuous clouds. This reminds me of slurping down a strawberry banana smoothy—or even just eating a plate of bananas, strawberries, and a dollop of cream!! It’s delicious! There is just a mild throat hit. Try it out-you won’t be disappointed!!

“This blend is a caramel macchiato flavor caramel coffee deliciousness. This blend is 60%vg 40%pg.”


COFFEECUPIV Drip is a yummy coffee flavored vape. On the inhale, I get a strong coffee flavor with a nice caramel touch hitting me at the tip of the exhale. As the exhale continues, I taste a creaminess and more caramel. The flavors continue to swirl together. This is a 60vg/40pg blend with a nice vapor production and a mild throat hit. Sit back and relax with this vape!!




The flavors from Nightmare Juice are all pretty good! The bottles are offered in 15ml for $8, 30ml for $15, and 120ml for $50 on their web site . Make sure you follow them on Facebook at Nightmare Juice or Instagram @nightmarejuice.

My ratings are as follows:

PB&J:               5/5 stars

1776 Rootbeer: 4.5/5 stars

Caribbean:       4/5 stars

Smoothy:         4.75/5 stars

IV Drip:             4.25/5 stars