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eLiquid Review – The Schwartz

I figured that I needed to do something BIG for the holidays. I had to write about something earth shattering. I was in search of something new and unique. Sooooo, a couple weeks ago, I was browsing through the different ejuice vendors and something very different caught my eye. “Prepare to vape yogurt.” I thought to myself….WHAT????? What does this all mean? I chuckled to myself. Seriously. I have to try it and let the world know about it. The Schwartz is an E-liquid company based in Torrance, California that is just beginning to get established. They just launched towards the end of November and are already making a big splash in the industry.Vaping with Vapinski

They are currently mixing in a sterile and safe lab environment and use USP American made ingredients from FDA inspected facilities. The owner believes that you not only have to be good at what you do in this industry, but “think outside the box.” (I am so very glad they use the same principle as I do in life!! My unique review style is what got me noticed and this column!!) As soon as they got into vaping, it became a passion of theirs. The vape community is amazing and they quickly realized this is where they belong. I think once the word gets around-the sky will be the limit! I am super impressed with the packaging, the names, the flavors, well–everything!! OH-and the packaging is of course based off of one of the owners favorite movies of all time-Spaceballs!! I love when people enjoy humor and bring it into everyday vape life also!


Vaping with Vapinski   “The Upside: Smooth creamy yogurt infused with strawberries resembling a Strawberry Go-Gurt!”

The upside has me looking UP for sure. On the inhale, I taste one of the best strawberry flavors I have tasted to date. The creaminess of the yogurt essence hits me at the tip of the exhale and is ridiculously silky and smooth. As I’m exhaling, I feel as if I’m actually eating strawberry yogurt. It’s really unreal. The vapor is voluptuous and as productive as the flavor I keep savoring in my mouth. I don’t want to put it down. Picture yourself on a picnic bench on a warm summer day with a nice helping of creamy yogurt and a dollup of strawberries on top. Now, dig that spoon in and take a bite. Swirl it around in your mouth. THIS is how you can imagine the flavor of the UPSIDE. Drool, it’s ok.



Vaping with Vapinski   “The Downside: Spot on Greek yogurt topped off -with fresh blueberries.”

Here we go again with another scrumptious flavor!! “Yogurt IS the new custard.” I have always loved custard vapes and am just thrilled with this line so far. The only Downside to The Downside is going to be running out in my opinion. On the inhale, a delightful blueberry flavor that dances off the back of my tongue. The Greek yogurt taste that comes as I’m exhaling is a little tart as Greek yogurt can be, but it is truly right on. As the flavors combine and swirl together, I’m reminded of eating another delicious cup of creamy, dreamy yogurt!!



Vaping with Vapinski“Comb the Desert: A creamy peanut butter yogurt mixed with delightful hazelnuts.”

I am telling you all something-I would comb the desert for DAYS in search of this eliquid!! Comb the Desert is a silky, mouth watering delight!! I’m simply in heaven and NEED a bigger bottle. First off, I haven’t enjoyed too many peanut butter flavors. Peanut butter yogurt?? On the inhale, I get that peanut butter flavor as if I have just licked my favorite peanut butter off of a spoon. I only like one brand. I’m a little picky. It lingers on my tongue as I’m exhaling and the creaminess of the yogurt comes into play. Next, a nutty undertone is evident. The total and final exhale is a silky, creamy, yummy JOY. It’s a creamy peanut butter lover’s delight. It goes perfect with my morning coffee and also vapes well all day!!

I was intrigued from start to finish about this line and I’m sure you can all tell that! The 60vg/40pg blend they use is a great medium between flavor and cloud production. The bottles come in 15ml glass bottles with drippers and are appearing in different stores which are noted on The Schwartz Facebook page. Make sure you check them out and follow them there for more details as they continue to grow and expand. You can order through one store that sells online so far, for $12 a bottle. Follow The Schwartz on Instagram as well @theschwartzeliquid. This vendor is one to watch and one I hope to continue to do reviews for them as I will be in super anticipation of NEW flavors!!

   My ratings are as follows:

The Upside:         4.5/5 stars

The Downside:     4.25/5 stars

Comb the Desert: 5/5 stars