Cold Fusion – Vaping with Vapinski

Cold FusionIt’s been a rainy week here, but it’s been a super sunny week as far as this next vendor goes. Cold Fusion just has what it takes. Their blends and balance of flavors have amazed me from the minute I tried them at ECC in Niagara. I was lucky enough to meet the owners there, as well who developed the flavors so they could have all day vapes for themselves. We all know what it’s like to not be able to find that ONE flavor we want. We’ve all searched for it. I’m ready to introduce you to a LINE of flavors where you may just have to buy ALL of them. Based out of Massachusetts, Cold Fusion eliquid has unique flavor, smooth vape appeal, and a following that includes other great vendors!! I love the fact that I was personally told to try this because another great ejuice maker personally vapes it. That says a lot to me because I had already held his ejuice in high esteem!


Let’s get to the JOOSE…

Snake Bite

“Under heavy attack from the enemy pushed back to hiding in the undergrowth you call upon your last resort of 6 deadly trained vipers stowed in your rucksack to clear a path for your escape. No one escapes a SNAKEBITE! A creamy sweet VAPE with a hidden bite of a spice found in your favorite breakfast cereal once you’ve been bitten you won’t release it!”

Snake Bite is a delicious cinnamon custard vape-that’s what the Cold Fusion flavor cards say. I can see where they get theSnake Bit Cold Fusion breakfast cereal part though. After I snapped the picture, I HAD to try the custard. It reminded me of eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch! It was a little crazy to me…and delicious!! Anyway, on the inhale, a sweet, delicious cinnamon flavor that is just the right touch. It’s not overpowering. This is the sweet bakery type cinnamon that you find in a pastry-only it mixes in with a rich cream prior to the exhale. The sweetness is spot on as well. I love an eliquid with a proper balance on all counts!! The exhale is a dreamy, creamy cinnamon custard flavor that is unique and really smooth. The clouds are voluptuous and full and the throat hit is mild. I’ll be using a HexOhm V2 for all of these reviews. I liked this best around 40 watts. I used a Production RDA with a .3-ohm coil build and will use that for all of these with fresh cotton in between as well!!

Warning Shot

“Every rebel has a defining moment. That moment when they can choose to duck and run or stand and FIGHT! The Lexington Minutemen had that moment, the soldiers of Pearl Harbor had that moment, and even Rocky Balboa had that moment. All of these people rose up in the face of adversity and took the challenge. Today CFJ does the same, as we blaze our path of putting the industry on notice and fire a WARNING SHOT. We are here, we are the #CFJMOB and there will be no holding us back! Don’t take our word for it, ask your friends, they’ve all vaped it, don’t get left behind. WARNING SHOT will give you a one two punch of a rich fruity berry undertone with a creamy custard finish. You’ve tried the rest, now become loyal to the best.”


Warning Shot

is one of the best strawberry custards there is out there to date. It’s addictive. The strawberry flavor that hits me as I inhale is a natural strawberry that has just the

IMG_1933right touch of sweetness. As the cream swirls into the strawberry, the blend becomes just amazing. It is just hard to put down once you stop! I think this particular custard is different because I get a lot of strawberry flavor on the inhale and the cream becomes more evident as the vape goes on and on. It becomes more creamy as the throughout the exhale. It’s really neat how the flavors interact and blend. The rich cream that Cold Fusion uses in their blends and the balance of flavors that they’ve nailed is SUPER. This is another must try!! The vapor production is great and another mild throat hit! YUM!!



“Remember when you reached level 20 of your favorite video-game franchise and this weapon became available? It Hiss Tankwas a game changer. This high-powered sensational assault will add the same revolution to your juice arsenal. This ain’t your entry-level flavor. This is a Max VG offering (80%) with a silky blend of high-powered hazelnut and notes of a rich crème brûlée. Drip it, tank it but don’t drink it and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t be a ZOMBIE, be a trendsetter and a connoisseur of one of the finest flavors you will have ever tried.”

Galil is the newest addition to the Cold Fusion line up and a pleasant surprise! I love the hazelnut flavor that accompanies the rich brulee. On the inhale, a sweet, nutty delight! I love the hazelnut flavor. The sweetness and creaminess of the rich brulee balanced with the hazelnut is just a perfect blend. Neither overpowers the other. So often the hazelnut in an eliquid can be overwhelming and way tooooo nutty if you know what I mean! The brulee comes out more as the exhale continues and once again, I’m left with super clouds and just a mild throat hit. I enjoyed this at 50 watts the best. Another flavor well done!

Hiss Tank

“You ever watched a movie and cheer when the hero wins? NOT US! We root for the bad guy and this VAPE pays tribute to the ultimate bad guys COBRA! This VAPE explodes with juicy flavor! You won’t know whether to drip it on your mod or bite the bottle vampire style. Raspberry and a hidden treasure of undertones will delight your taste buds for weeks to come! (Juicy ripe raspberry with dragonfruit and mysterious undertones)”

Hiss TankIf you like fruity vapes, chances are that you will be a BIG fan of Hiss Tank. On the inhale, the delicious raspberry hits me first, but the dragonfruit swirls in quickly before the exhale creating a dreamy blend! As I am exhaling, there seems to be even more berry undertones dancing in the background. This is just another wonderful blend packed with flavor that is sure to please any palate! There is super vapor production and a mild throat hit with Hiss Tank as well. I enjoyed this at 50 watts the best too.

Shock & Awe

“After the constant pressure of the failed push for survival the apocalypse a mere moment away, a savior has been deployed by the joint forces of CFJ dropping ‘Shock & Awe’ on the scene, the explosion of refreshing fruit quelled all resistance and the CFJMOB once again regained industry control. The peach, mango, hidden flavor extravaganza will triumph over all.”

Shock & Awe is another fruity blend that is packed with flavor. If you like peaches, mangos, or tropical flavors…this one Custard will be right up your alley!! On the inhale, I taste a nice peach flavor before the mango rolls and creates a unique blend that will tantalize most taste buds. I get a bit of sweetness and a tiny bit of tartness from this one. I like the natural tang of it all. The blend is smooth and very flavorful with great vapor production and a mild throat hit. I preferred Shock & Awe around 40 watts.

The Cold Fusion line is a solid, smooth line that is really well balanced. This amazing eliquid comes in two sizes 30ml/$18 or 120ml/$65. This is a very reasonable price for the quality of juice. The blends are 70vg/30pg and come in the following nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg. You can order online at or stop in Sweet Home Vapor Co PA if you’re ever in Kittanning, PA!! You can try it out and see for yourself! Make sure you follow Cold Fusion on Facebook and on Instagram @coldfusionjuice.

My ratings are as follows:

Snake Bite: 5/5 stars

Warning Shot: 5/5 stars

Galil: 4.75/5 stars

Hiss Tank: 5/5 stars

Shock & Awe: 4.5/5 stars