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Juicy Drip Vapor – An eLiquid Review


The cold weather is approaching, but we have been lucky so far here in good ‘ol PA. However, I would rather have the snow some days than this rain and bad fog we have been seeing.

Speaking of fog…lol…two best friends, Amber and Tiffany, out of Oklahoma City decided to give a ‘partnership in an eliquid business’ a whirl. They have worked in the industry for about five years and mixing e-liquid is what they began to really enjoy.

Amber and Tiffany currently mix in a clean room, but they are switching to a local bottling company for convenience and cost effectiveness. Juicy Drip Vapor is geared towards sweet vape lovers and the cool artwork was designed after a popular board game.

Juicy Drip Vapor – The Vapinski ReviewA local artist, Joseph Weaver, did their artwork for their brochure and labels. The labels are definitely eye catching-especially with the white label on the SWEET black glass bottles. There is killer artwork and character portrayal for each flavor as well. Eventually I feel, a born on date or batch code will be required, but all of the other necessary components are on the labels already. Juicy Drip Vapor is just getting things rolling and they have gotten much positive feedback from their tasters, so I figured I would give them a whirl! Let’s see what their four sweet candyland flavors have to offer….


Gramma Grim

     “Gramma Grim is a Chocolate Cinnamon Roll flavored eliquid.”

     Gramma Grim is a nice blend of flavors if you enjoy cinnamon-flavored vapes. On the inhale, aJuicy Drip Vapor – The Vapinski Review sweet bakery cinnamon flavor hits my palate first. This is followed by a subtle note of chocolate that adds a touch of sweetness and smooths the cinnamon out even further going into the exhale. These flavors continue to blend into the exhale and make for a tasty final exhale. Gramma Grim has a mild throat hit at 3mg and really good vapor production! I enjoyed this flavor from 40-60 watts and imagine that one could enjoy it anywhere in the wattage realm. I’ll be using my HexOhm V2.1 for these reviews with a Hannya RDA and a .25 ohm coil build.

Lonesome Lolly

“Lonesome Lolly is a tart, fruit candy flavored eliquid.”

Juicy Drip Vapor – The Vapinski Review     Lonesome Lolly reminds me of one of those sweet tart lollipops. On the inhale, I can taste the sweet and tangy, but it is subtle and reminds me of the powdery crumbles as one makes their way through one of those sweet tart lollipops. It is more on the lemon-lime flavor side of things. The flavor tends to be really subtle though and it can also come off like leftover melted popsicle liquid…especially the green ones. There is a mild throat hit and good vapor production with Lonesome Lolly as well. I preferred this one around 40 watts.

Ice Scream

“Ice Scream is a strawberry ice cream flavored eliquid.”

Juicy Drip Vapor – The Vapinski Review     Ice Scream is a smooth, creamy vape that is light on flavor. On the inhale, I taste a lot of cream and a smooth, subtle strawberry flavor. The exhale is just as smooth and creamy with the strawberry undertone. I just wish there was more of a strawberry flavor to this one. While it is a nice creamy ice cream with a touch of strawberry, a touch more would have gone a long way. I enjoyed this one best at a lower wattage of 30 watts.

Mister Mint

“Mister Mint is a creamy vanilla mint flavored eliquid.”

Juicy Drip Vapor – The Vapinski Review     Mister Mint simply reminds me of eating Junior Mints and I am enjoying it immensely!! On the inhale, I taste a nice creamy mint flavor that has the perfect touch of sweetness. There is a slight hint of vanilla in the exhale, but this mostly reminds me of the yummy creamy centers of the Junior Mint candies. I gave it a 5 on that alone, but the fact that Mister Mint is extremely smooth and never overpowering is what really won me over. Mint vape lovers will eat this one UP!! I enjoyed this one best at 50 watts and still got a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production!!

Juicy Drip Vapor is just getting things kicked off and you can order through their email at Make sure you follow them on Facebook at Juicy Drip Vapor Premium E-liquids and Instagram @juicydripvapor. These 80vg/20pg blends are best suited for sub-ohm devices. The eliquids are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine.