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Vaping With Vapinski And The Cloud Company

CLOUDCOMPANY-GROUP   Most of you are familiar with the name Suicide Bunny unless you are new to the vaping world. I have done reviews on their line and the Kings Crown line in the past and Pip is one of the nicest and most supportive vendors out there to work with as a reviewer. She is BIG time….and she still takes the time to let her product go out to reviewers so they can give their honest opinion about them. She knows she doesn’t need the publicity either. I was excited to get to try the newest line by Suicide BunnyThe Cloud Company! This is a Max VG line that does not disappoint! Pip had been asked to sponsor many cloud competitions in the past. So, Suicide Bunny developed The Cloud Company-a line made to withstand the highest heat from competitive vaping without the flavor breaking down. I’m very excited to share this new line with you, so let’s get to it!!!


“Billow: Reminiscent of a coconut creme cake drizzled with sweet, salted caramel, Billow provides the smooth, rich flavor that Suicide Bunny has always been known for…”

Billow has a mellow coconut flavor and is extremely smooth. On the inhale, I taste a sweet caramel and a BILLOWhint of coconut. The taste seems to fade really fast at the tip of the exhale….almost too fast for me. I say almost for this reason-Billow is very smooth. I don’t mind the mellow flavoring at all, because the flavor and vapor just roll off my tongue. It’s a pleasant experience. Pip and company knew what they were going for with this one! I used my Doge RDA with a .4ohm coil build on my unregulated Gator Box for this one. The throat hit is mild for the 3mgs I am vaping.



“Revel is an interesting, flavor-morphing liquid—prepare to meet your new All Day Vape. Every inhale brings a new experience: hints of sweet cereal with fresh berries and cream one time, and a beautiful mix of berries and citrus in the next. This is a perfectly balanced, complex liquid that will keep you guessing.”REVEL

Revel is a definite morpher. I decided to throw this in my Popeye RDA on my Mad Modder OKL so I could mess around with the wattage too. At 50 watts, I had a variety of experiences, from a citrus Fruit Loop cereal on the inhale to a Captain Crunch on the exhale. The second round the citrus was in the background for the first two hits and then just the cereal flavor with a hint of berry. This is another experience vape. Definitely check it out! There is excellent vapor production with this Max VG line.


“Arise: Birthed from the fan-favorite Mothers Milk, Arise is pleasant a twist on the original to maximize smoothness and VG.”

ARISE     Arise takes Mothers Milk to another level…a smoother one. On the inhale, I taste a creamier version of Mothers Milk. There is an added richness to Arise and perhaps a pastry undertone. The strawberry is nice and subtle and the cream really comes out in the exhale. The was a great eliquid to play around with my watts with too! It vaped great anywhere from 30w-70w dripping in the Popeye with a .4ohm coil build on the Mad Modder OKL.


     “Sky: This blend of savory, lemon cookie served with rich, sweet, creams are layered to provide a smooth experience.”

If you’re a fan of lemon, cookies, or just plain ‘ol dessert vapes-you should give Sky a whirl. I am not a fanSKY of lemon vapes, but Sky has hit me in a good way. Because I get the sweet cream swirled in with the lemon on the inhale, I really enjoy the flavor! The cookie note comes in at the tip of the exhale and it all comes together as I exhale. Sky is smooth with a nice richness, has a mild throat hit, and has super vapor production. I used a .4ohm coil build on a Doge RDA and my unregulated Gator box mod. Sky is a perfect lemon cookie. I love vendors who create vapes that I enjoy that I normally don’t gravitate towards.

Make sure you check out The Cloud Company on Suicide Bunny’s Facebook page at Follow them on Instagram as well at @thesuicidebunny. You can purchase The Cloud Company at the following link: .

The 30ml retails for $22 and the 60ml is $40. The nicotine levels available are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 9mg. The Cloud Company is Max VG and definitely gives off max clouds!!

My ratings are as follows:

Billow: 4.25/5 stars

Revel: 4.5/5 stars

Arise: 4.5/5 stars

Sky: 4.5/5 stars