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Birmingham e Cigarette Explosion Incident Examined

News Commentary: The Birmingham e Cigarette Explosion Incident Introduction This article could present something of a sore spot for certain individuals involved in it.  So let me preface this by saying, first and foremost, that while it’s going to seem at first blush as though I’m casting personal aspersions here, I assure you that I’m not. I’m sure [...]

Vaping And Hollywood

A recent article on Forbes  highlighted a new “problem” — the use of e-cigarettes by celebrities in the public eye. The event in question raised the ire of several politicians, namely Edward J. Markey (D, MA), Richard Blumenthal (D, CT), Sherrod Brown (D, OH), and Dick Durbin (D, IL), who complained that, “many young viewers saw [...]

Concerning New Vapers…

...Do Unto Others... It’s that time of year again folks! We are now a couple of weeks into a brand new year and it is wide open in front of us, ready to be what we make it. A lot of people have already made resolutions to eat better, lose weight and exercise more. But a [...]

The New Role Model Effect In Vaping

Vaping Role Models? In 2011, the Golden Globes awards didn’t give the movie The Tourist a single award however there was another industry with a huge win to celebrate.  Anyone who knew what a device called the electronic cigarette was cheering, because Johnny Depp had officially given it the stamp of approval.  Even though the movie totally [...]

The Problematic Reality of the UC Nicotine Ban

Introduction and Recap Last year, the University of California declared that all tobacco products would be banned on its campuses beginning January 1st, 2014. Up until today, January 14th, there had been a lone holdout bucking this overreach: UC Irvine. Quote: Though other schools, including the system's flagship UC Berkeley campus, welcomed the New Year by banning [...]

Double Standard of Proof

Commentary After following the e cigarettes industry for years, you start to pick up on some trends. This principle also applies to observing the inexplicable action of the prohibitionist crusaders. At first, it might have seemed like a healthy dose of skepticism from people spending years fighting Big Tobacco and their assorted underhanded tricks. But, after [...]

electronic cigarettes get boost from Chinese Government
Electronic Cigarettes Receives Surprise Boost From China

A Boost From The Chinese Government? If you trace back the history of the modern-day electronic cigarettes you will very quickly learn of the Chinese influence over this relatively new device. While the structure and design of the original electronic cigarette has been tweaked and developed over the years, there is still a very close correlation with [...]

e Cigarette Advice From Ask-A-Sir

Introduction Humble greetings and warmest felicitations on the turning of the New Year to you all! Major Edmund Thaddeus Browning (Retired) here. Allow me to welcome you, one and all, to the first entry in what my friend and colleague, the inestimable Mr. John Castle, has entitled my collected entries: “Ask A Sir”. Spiffing good title, [...]

On e-Cigarettes… “unintentional education”

NYU Dental Researchers Are Lifting the Veil on the Hidden Health Impact of Electronic Cigarettes In a press release issued on December 11th, 2013, New York University committed a grave disservice to its student body population. Entitled, “NYU Dental Researchers Are Lifting the Veil on the Hidden Health Impact of Electronic Cigarettes”, this press release may [...]

Understanding MilliAmp Hours

Spinfuel Guide To Vaping - MilliAmp Hours Introduction As a new Vaper, one of the technical specifications you’re bound to run into when dealing with the question of which hardware to buy comes along when you’re choosing your battery. Whether you’re selecting from the options of Halo G6 batteries for your first starter kit, choosing between an [...]

Bountiful Reversal

Subject: Electronic cigarettes and vape shops in Bountiful Utah So, recently, a news story we here at Spinfuel concerning electronic cigarettes caught my eye, and I have a few words to add by way of commentary. Those who followed my personal blog at http://johncastlewriter.com before I joined the staff here at Spinfuel have seen me “go [...]

Introducing Maj. Edmund Thaddeus Browning, Retired

Introducing Maj. Edmund Thaddeus Browning, Retired (Editor’s Note: The following is intended to be taken with tongue firmly planted in cheek and with the funny-bone well primed. Taking it in other ways could result in abdominal cramps, psoriasis, talking purple dinosaurs, and flatulence.) Sometimes I think that technology has so surpassed the common public knowledge of its [...]

A Preview of Craft Vapery

Subscription eLiquid service You know, one of my favorite things about vaping also happens to be one of my greatest sources of anxiety and even a little trepidation. The thrill of a new eLiquid combined with the uncertainty, “But will I like it?” Is there anything more wasteful in a Vaper’s life then tossing eLiquid in [...]

Emanuel’s E Cigarette Ban

The December 9th entry on the Chicago Sun-Times site brought with it a cause for brief celebration. The headline: "SURPRISE OPPOSITION DERAILS EMANUEL'S E-CIGARETTE BAN" Could it be? Did rational thinking prevail once again over the childishly shallow-minded regulatory reflex that holds, "It looks like a cigarette, so we must treat it like a cigarette"? At first [...]

All The Cool Kids – Underage Vaping

Commentary: John Castle As a Vaper, this is a sensitive subject for me, and I'm sure it is for you, as well. But it's out there, it has to be dealt with, so let's deal with it. Underage vaping. Let's start things off with a joke -- have ya heard the one about government officials? They [...]

A Thanksgiving Tale by John Castle

I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet, folks; this being the week leading up to a holiday, it only seems fitting that brevity is the better part of valor here. Ehm… unless you're sitting in an airport terminal or riding shotgun while your significant other drives, in which case I guess I should keep [...]