Innokin iTaste VTR Review – Another Look

Introduction Spinfuel eMagazine reviewed the Innokin iTaste VTR when it was first released to the public. Since then, there has been much written about the device. So, in order to get a fresh perspective as we close out the year our own John Castle volunteered to live with the VTR for a while and provide us [...]

Mod Powerkit Review

The first new product to hit the vape community for 2014 is here. It’s the “mod powerkit”, a radical new approach to the electronic cigarette that combines high-tech design with simplicity and ease of use. Best of all, it works. It works really well. The ‘mod powerkit’ is a 900mAh, 3.7v of regulated power in a [...]


I’m going to begin this review the way I begin most eLiquid reviews: by telling you my experience with past offerings from the same line, and then letting you know which hardware I tested this liquid in and at which wattages. I feel these notes are important simply because, just as individual tastes vary, individual [...]

X.Jet Spider by Vision

When I received the Vision X.Jet Spider, I was fairly eager to put it through its paces. I don’t have the same level of experience with Vision’s clearomizers; I’m sure many have tried and either loved, tolerated, or hated the original Vivi Nova, but I can’t say the same. I have tried the Vision V-Fate, and [...]

Innokin Cool Fire II Review

As a Vaper, I am always enthused about getting the chance to talk to interested individuals who want to know what I'm "smoking.” There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not asked, "What's that thing you have there?" Vaping has become a big part of my life. Wait, let me rephrase that, vaping has [...]

AeroTank by Kanger – Smokenjoey

Aerotank By Kanger Reviewed Hey folks, Smokenjoey here with a right-before-christmas video review for the brand new KangerTech AeroTank. Spinfuel's written review is a perfect companion piece to my video review, so here's a paragraph from John Castle's review. Sit back, relax, and see the Aero Tank in action. The Kanger AeroTank is substantial in size. It’s going [...]

Vapourlites Review

A couple of weeks back we received a starter kit and a micro-disposable e cigarette from Vapourlites, a company based in the UK. While I would love to tell you that our readership in the UK is huge, I can’t. I’m the one in charge of analytics for Spinfuel eMagazine and at last look only [...]

Editorial – NYC Council “Ban E Cigarettes From Public”

FILE UNDER: Ban E Cigarettes From Public NYC Politicians Have Gone Completely Mad Yesterday, our editor of the Spinfuel News Blog, Jim Kurz, posted an article from Reason.Com, written by Jacob Sullum, reporting that the New York City Council has approved an ordinance that prohibits the use of e cigarettes in all places (Ban E Cigarettes From Public) [...]

KangerTech Aero Tank Review

KANGER’S “COMEBACK KID” Introduction This afternoon, I’ve taken the wraps off something I’ve been looking forward to with a healthy mixture of anticipation and nervousness. The nervousness didn’t abate much when I saw the packaging: the same understated black box with its silver accents and plain, no-nonsense description of thttps://spinfuel.com/mountain-oak-vapors-eliquid-review/he contents had me thinking of the Protank [...]

The Innokin Cool Fire 1 A Mechanical Mod With A Difference

Innokin Cool Fire 1 Once I read Tom McBride’s piece on wattage vs. voltage I instantly understood not only the differences between the two, especially the part about being able to use voltage OR wattage in your settings, not both, I also understood how using one or the other changes the vaping experience. You if haven’t [...]

Introducing Maj. Edmund Thaddeus Browning, Retired

Introducing Maj. Edmund Thaddeus Browning, Retired (Editor’s Note: The following is intended to be taken with tongue firmly planted in cheek and with the funny-bone well primed. Taking it in other ways could result in abdominal cramps, psoriasis, talking purple dinosaurs, and flatulence.) Sometimes I think that technology has so surpassed the common public knowledge of its [...]

A Preview of Craft Vapery

Subscription eLiquid service You know, one of my favorite things about vaping also happens to be one of my greatest sources of anxiety and even a little trepidation. The thrill of a new eLiquid combined with the uncertainty, “But will I like it?” Is there anything more wasteful in a Vaper’s life then tossing eLiquid in [...]

Johnson Creek KILN HOUSE Gold Reserve – First Look!

Johnson Creek Introduces Kiln House Gold ReserveA silky, golden smoke juice so smooth you’ll never look at eLiquid in the same way…ever. By now its no secret how I feel about most of the Johnson Creek Smoke Juice line. Whether it’s the Red Oak (PG-Free) or original Johnson Creek smoke juice, there are few flavors I [...]

Collusion, Lies, and Corruption

File under: Corruption We’ve all seen the headlines by now: “Scientists warn that e-cigarettes might pose new health risks…” “10 Ways E-cigarettes Will Steal Your Spouse And Kick Your Puppy…” “E-cigarettes Linked To Carcinogens, Jackalope Attacks…” “Anti-Smoking Groups Claim Link Between Electronic Cigarettes And Cancer Of The Everything…” But while we’ve all seen the headlines, we’re not the ones those headlines [...]

Julia Hartley-Barnes Christmas Edition

Vaping With The Girls – The Christmas Edition Edited by Dave Foster – Please do not bother to read this column if you’re looking for a vaping column. This isn’t a great choice for that. If LBGT issues bother you, avoid this one. Thank you - Dave Ever wonder what Julia and Keira do everyday? Is it [...]