UK Vapers: Looking for Something New
UK Vapers: Looking for Something New?

“So affordable you might think we were DRUNK when we set these prices.”  We won’t lie -- any company (vaping or otherwise) that indicates they drink when setting price points gets our attention. But do you know what KEEPS our attention? A vape shop that delivers on that promise, while staying ahead of the curve with [...]

Will The World Turn Against Vapers?
Will The World Turn Against Vapers?

People have been smoking cigarettes for hundreds of years. And  within the space of ten years we have seen smokers bullied, vilified, and marginalized. Today  being a smoker is more akin to a social disease than a pleasant pastime. Is the same thing going to happen to vapers? Will the community, governments, and the media [...]

Nicotine Content: How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette vs. Vape
How Much Nicotine is in a Tobacco Cigarette vs. a Vape

Nicotine Content: How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette vs. Vape --- “Smoke a fresh cigarette; it’s doctor recommended!” Now there’s a phrase I bet you’ve never seen or heard. Did you know that from 1930-1950, doctors actually recommended smoking a fresh cigarette? As baffling as that may sound, it wasn’t until 1964 that cigarettes started getting [...]

Simple tips for better vaping
Some Simple and Effective Tips for Better Vaping

As one of the fastest growing and most regularly enjoyed habits around today, vaping is slowly but surely working to overtake smoking entirely as the preferred personal form of smoking. If you are looking for a way to enjoy vaping, experience better vaping, then it pays to invest a bit of time and effort into [...]

Some Interesting Must-Know Vaping Facts
Vaping Facts – Some Interesting Must-Know Facts

Vaping Facts - The thought of smoking tobacco and then suffering from serious health problems might sound terrifying. But, the addiction to nicotine is quite strong and people often struggleto get over it. However, finally away of getting your nicotine fix in a healthier way came along. This is when the concept of vaping came [...]


Rugged. Durable. Powerful. These are words we in the #vapefam throw around a lot around. However, after spending a week with the Sigelei Humvee 215-watt mod, I’m not sure we should. This burly vape beast is about as rugged, durable and powerful as vaping gets. The Humvee might not be elegant or stealthy, but it’s [...]

President Trump Demonstrates ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Vape Regs
The Art of the Deal Trump and Vape Regs

The Art of the Deal - Some headlines out there are telling people the FDA decided this, or that, about vaping. But whatever you might think about the new Vaping Regulations swooping in to save part of the day, know that there is but one man that could have carved this new shit into policy. His [...]

Legal Cannabis? Sure. Plus a Tax Cut? Why Not?
Legal Cannabis? Sure. Plus a Tax Cut? Why Not?

Legal Cannabis... Taxed. A committee approved a Bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would legalize and tax cannabis at the federal level and would also give a tax break to cannabis businesses. I'm sorry, but has it ever been more clear that the United States is truly TWO nations? In one nation (the insane one), harmless vaping [...]

Las Vegas Is Still A Free Vape State
Las Vegas Is Still A Free Vape Town For Now

No vaping ban in Las Vegas parks, at least for now. Electronic cigarette use and vaping in Las Vegas parks will not be outlawed for now, although the Bill's sponsor said the issue might be raised again in the future. Well, good luck with that... Once again, even in Sin City, vaping is the Great Evil™ [...]

Opinion - Banning Flavors Hurts Adults like Me, Ex-Smoker Says
Banning Flavors Hurts Adults, Ex-Smoker Says

Ex-Smoker, and Vape Shop Owner tells his story about quitting cigarettes. Vaping saved him from an early death. How proposed regulations would hurt others trying to quit. These kinds of stories are heard everything now. Especially in Police States like Massachusetts where the Governor Charlie Baker couldn't care less about the "real" danger with THC cartridges [...]

Maybe We Need Another Word for "Vaping"
Maybe We Need Another Word for “Vaping”

Five years ago, Vape was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.  Has the time come that we need to expand on the word vape for clarity's sake? Seriously, let's take a minute here. How, in 5 years time, did the word, and the action, Vape, become a word associated with sickness and death? Vaping [...]

What is in Vape Vapor
What is in Today’s Vapor (from vaping) Anyway?

Vaping is something we’ve all heard about, seen, or done. It is becoming incredibly popular as new vaporizers and vaping equipment comes out almost daily. This, along with its seamless ease of use, has given rise to a culture of vaping that is propelled ever-forward as new products evolve and enhance the vaping experience. This [...]

What To Consider When You Want To Start Vaping
What To Consider When You Want To Start Vaping

Vaping has become a top alternative to smoking due to the fact that it doesn’t produce tar or contain thousands of harmful chemicals. Cigarette smoking could also lead to different respiratory problems like COPD and lung cancer. That's why a lot more people are trying to quit smoking and shift to vaping. But what are [...]

Here Comes the Black Market of Vaping

As the evidence continues to show that the lung illnesses recently reported were not the blame of legal products.  Banning flavored e-liquid will not help the problem, and instead could cause more problems. Well, it has begun.  The black market vape products are being introduced to the market. Especially to our friends in the Police State [...]

Considering Vaping? Tips To Getting Started
Considering Vaping? Tips To Getting Started

Many people are now drawn to vaping as one of the latest trends. Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes, wherein a device is used to convert the liquid into vapor or mist, which you can inhale. The juice may contain nicotine, though there are also nicotine-free flavors being sold today.   If you’re considering making the [...]