How CBD oil can be beneficial for the working class
How CBD Oil Can Be Beneficial for the Working Class

Guest Contributor - Do you believe that misconceptions are the root cause of trouble and loss? Well, there are times, we believe that somethings are not good for us. However, it is essential to judge both sides of the picture. For example, when we talk about CBD oil, then most scream at the fact that [...]

Best Holiday Gifts for CBD Lovers

If you are like me, then you have a large list of presents to get your near and dear family, friends, co-workers and community members. This is the time of year to celebrate and thank those you love. Each person requires a different type of present based on their personality, style and likes. For the [...]

How To Select The Right CBD Cream
How To Select The Right CBD Cream

CBD cream can be advantageous in supplementing treatments for various symptoms. The thing is that there are many options out there, which makes shopping around very confusing. When you type into Google, ‘CBD cream near me’, you’re likely presented with a confusing array of options. There are several ways to choose the right one for your [...]

Why It Is Important To Know Cannabis Laws In Your Area

Cannabis Laws - There are many reasons why knowing cannabis laws in your area is important. If you are growing, selling, or using cannabis in any way, you need to be aware of the local laws regarding these activities. Even if you're a conservative resident in a small town, for example, there may be some [...]

Can Hemp Oil Help You Manage Stressors?
Can Hemp Oil Help You Manage Stressors?

Giving the intensity of diverse activities like working, studying, family duties, financial obligations, and daily responsibilities, it’s not surprising that stress has become the order of the day for most. Statistical data indicates that three out of four Americans report experiencing at least one stress symptom per month. Although stress is considered a part of living, [...]

For most of the past decade, vaping has seen remarkable growth in the United States and has provided countless entrepreneurs with the ability to start new businesses in the process. Royalty Free Photo While essentially unregulated for years, vaping accessories and liquids are increasingly being placed under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With changes made to vaping regulations in 2016, the ENDS Act now creates a variety of burdens and obstacles for anybody wishing to manufacture or sell select vaping materials. Here’s what you need to know before deciding to pursue a vaping-related business in the US. Become Familiar with ENDS Arguably the single biggest obstacle facing vaping entrepreneurs today is the ENDS Act. Implemented by the FDA in 2016, the ENDS Act is designed to regulate non-combustible tobacco products. This means vaping juices or e-liquids, a variety of accessories, as well as the tank systems or mods used with them. ENDS stands for electronic nicotine delivery systems. ENDS is incredibly complex regulation for manufacturers of vaping-related products, and still somewhat complex even for those who simply resell them. Among some of the biggest issues vaping entrepreneurs may face: mandatory disclosures on packaging that specify the addictive properties of nicotine, specific permitting requirements for any liquid or device to be manufactured or sold, and restrictions on select flavors that can be sold (though this has temporarily been placed on hold). Know About PMTA Speaking of entrepreneurial hurdles, get ready to learn about PMTA: the premarket tobacco application. Aspiring entrepreneurs definitely need to learn more about PMTA vape products before jumping into the game. Don’t let this seemingly simple name fool you: it’s an incredibly complex and potentially expensive process. Most often, a premarket tobacco application is relevant in the creation of e-liquids. With the explosion of vaping entrepreneurs seen over the past decade, the premarket tobacco application process is a direct middle finger of sorts against this trend. Why is this the case? Consider the sheer cost of a PMTA: the FDA itself reports that manufacturers will spend anywhere from $115,000 to $470,000 for just one PMTA. Now imagine having to submit a separate PMTA for every flavor of juice – and a separate one for every nicotine level of each flavor! Invest in Market Research Given the sheer level of costs associated with creating new vaping products, it is arguably more important than ever to do proper market research. Prospective vaping entrepreneurs who don’t want to waste large sums of money will need to collaborate with representative groups within their target audiences to figure out which products are most likely to be successful. Of course, they will also need to conduct market research to determine who exactly their target audiences are in the first place! At any rate and with the amount of regulation and fees associated with PMTA and ENDS in general, entrepreneurs don’t want to make a misstep. As such, basic vaping market research is only the beginning: to ensure products are optimized as much as possible for the new reality of vaping, investing a sizable amount of time and resources into the practice is practically mandatory. There have certainly been periods in which it would have been easier to become an entrepreneur in the vaping industry, but there is still time and opportunity. However, navigating the large number of obstacles from both government regulation and private competitors will require upfront research, education, and planning in order to be successful.
What US Vaping Entrepreneurs Need to Know Beforehand

For most of the past decade, vaping has seen remarkable growth in the United States and has provided countless entrepreneurs with the ability to start new businesses in the process. Royalty Free Photo While essentially unregulated for years, vaping accessories and liquids are increasingly being placed under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With [...]

Voopoo Drag Mini Refresh Edition Mod Kit Review
Voopoo Drag Mini Refresh Edition Mod Kit Review

Death. Taxes. Voopoo Drag mods. These are the most consistent things in life right now. While Voopoo might not be changing the game with their latest edition of the Drag Mini Refresh Edition series, they’ve updated plenty of things that today’s buyers want to see.   So, while this isn’t quite a perfect review, there’s a lot [...]

Health Benefits of CBD Capsules
CBD Capsules and the Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 5 years or so, you’ll most likely have come across CBD. It’s available in various forms from oils and capsules and featured in a range of different products and services including everything from CBD capsules, lattes and coffees to beauty and facial treatments. CBD is something [...]


Vaperz Cloud Temple RDA - It seems like every time I review an RDA, it’s either a special “celebrity-edition” device, or something completely generic. After all, there’s only so much you can do with an RDA, right? But this one – the Vaperz Cloud Temple RDA -- is right up there with some of my [...]


There are times when I hate reviewing standalone sub-ohm tanks. The reason is simple; the technology has gotten so advanced that the gap between good and bad is shrinking to the point that nearly every tank performs brilliantly.   Because the differences in performance has gotten so slim, we’re forced to be more critical of devices themselves. [...]

Uwell WHIRL II 2 Tank
Uwell Whirl II (Mostly) MTL Tank

The Uwell Whirl II 2 Sub-Ohm Tank - Uwell makes great tanks, but have largely lived in sub-ohm territory for most of the last five years. So when the all-new Whirl II tank arrived in our office, we were a little taken aback by the decidedly mouth-to-lung (MTL) focus on this new atomizer.   This might not [...]

Best Countries for Indoor Growers
Cannabis – Best Countries for Indoor Growers

Growing cannabis in the privacy of your own home should be a fundamental human right. Unfortunately, in most places, growing your own stash is still prohibited. Luckily, times are changing, and now there are a few countries around the world where cannabis home growers can thrive. Here are the best countries for indoor growers in [...]


Oh, it was sooooooo close. Lost Vape was poised for an “undefeated” 2020, with an array of pod mods and high-end kits to die for. But sadly, there was a slight misstep as we approach another flip of the calendar. The all-new Lost Vape Back to Basics (BTB) 100-watt starter kit isn’t a bad setup. In [...]

Check out the Steam Crave Aromamizer SUPREME V3 25mm RDTA, featuring a 7mL capacity, convertible RDA operation, and multiple reversible airflow settings. Constructed from durable stainless steel, the tank construction is impervious to falls and drops. Featuring a top fill system that hides a pair of large fill ports, the Supreme V3 RDTA can hold up to 7mL of eJuice when used with the extended chimney and bubble glass combination. With a single coil build deck, the coil leads are secured via flathead screws and offer an easy to build on surface. Equipped with a dual slotted airflow control system with a reversible airflow control ring, the SUPREME V3 RDTA offers plenty of airflow options to create plenty of vapor.
Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3

STEAM CRAVE AROMAMIZER SUPREME V3 25MM RDTA - Flexibility and versatility are elusive features for most modern vapers. Thanks to a resurgence in mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and the ongoing popularity of direct-to-lung (DTL) devices, it only makes sense that users would want single devices to do it all. But, while many others have tried to make [...]

Is vaping marijuana safe and legal in your country?
Is Vaping Marijuana Safe and Legal in Your Country?

Things are moving extremely fast as far as cannabis laws are concerned. It can be hard to keep up with all the new places that are decriminalizing marijuana and which countries are voting to follow suit.   Decriminalization has led to a surge in legal dispensaries and more people using cannabis for medical and recreational uses. Vaping [...]