Let's take a long hard look at the Lost Vape Orion Q-Pro Pod Mod System - After several rounds of Lost Vape Orion/Quest pod systems over the last year, I was hesitant to do it again. It remains one of our favorite pod mod/AIO systems, even after (seemingly) thousands of them crossed our desks this [...]

Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite V1.5 RTA Review

Versatility - it’s the dream feature for most modern vapers. Thanks to a resurgence in mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and the ongoing popularity of direct-to-lung (DTL) devices, it only makes sense that users would want one tank to do it all. But, while many (many) others have tried to make that elusive “one size fits all” [...]

Massachusetts Goes After 8 Vendors (We Name Them)
Massachusetts Goes After 8 Vendors (We Name Them)

In a surprising (even for us) move, the #PoliceState known as Massachusetts, led by the Dictator Charlie Baker, is now suing eight online vendors for daring to ship product to Massachusetts residences. Let's step back for a minute; Massachusetts Assclown Charlie Baker was the first in the nation to introduce a 4-month TOTAL Ban on vape [...]

Congress Raises Tobacco Use Age to 21
Congress Raises Tobacco Use Age to 21

If there was no corruption at the FDA, e-liquids, mods, tanks, and vaping accessories would never have been categorized as tobacco products. Looking at the facts you see that there is no similarities with smoking tobacco and vaping... except for one small thing; nicotine. Had the FDA labeled e-liquid, and e-liquid alone, as a nicotine [...]

Vape Hero’s – Montana Vape Chain Defies Flavoring Ban

A husband and wife team of Vape Hero's own a Vape Shop in Montana is trying to keep its doors open after the state’s ban on flavors took effect. Ron and Deanna of Freedom Vapes are applauded and supported as the true hero's they are. Listen up; The Montana Flavor Ban and Vape Hero's Our Vape Hero's say [...]


The whole doesn’t always equal the sum of its parts. A trite way to start this review? Maybe. But it’s never been more evident than with the all-new Uwell Evdilo Starter Kit, which seems like it should be an awesome vape setup. But there’s so many missed opportunities here, I kind of can’t believe it comes from [...]

How To Pick The Best Vape When You’re Just Getting Started
How To Pick The Best Vapes When Getting Started

If you’re new to the world of vaping, it can be confusing. It can take some time to find your bearings amongst the myriad of products out there. Today's column goes to how to pick best gear when you're just getting started. Questions need answering, and our answers are below. What brand to buy? What model [...]

New Hampshire Legislators Will Consider Vape Bans
New Hampshire Legislators Will Consider Vape Bans

Boy do I have my foot in my mouth today. On Christmas Eve too! Here I've been, talking up the beautiful state of New Hampshire and its LIVE FREE OR DIE State Tagline, and how our Governor, Republican Governor at that, Mr Sununu, hasn't done anything to disturb the livelihood of Vape Shop owners. While [...]

Hellvape Grimm Pod/AIO Kit Review
Hellvape Grimm Pod/AIO Starter Kit Review

As we approach the end of the calendar year 2019, (HAPPY WHATEVER YOU CELEBRATE!!!)  I thought all of my pod mod reviews just might be done and over. But this category refuses to slow down. Enter the Hellvape Grimm Pod Mod Kit, a collaboration with noted vaping personalities Grimm Green and Ohm Boy. (Yes, this is [...]

The Satisfying Ehpro Cold Steel 100W Kit – Review

There are so many ways to open this review. I could comment on how the name of this Vape Mod Starter Kit sounds like the most-awesome ‘80s movie ever made. We could also compare the mod to a classic “Star Wars” lightsaber. We could comment on how the device’s zinc alloy construction ISN’T the same [...]

Next Step - Taking Aim at Vape Influencers
Next Step – Taking Aim at Vape Influencers

Need any more proof that the War on Vaping™ is getting uglier and dirtier every day? Instagram, "the" social media platform around the world has decided to ban Vape Influencers from boasting about vape products for money. Don't worry though; your favorite alcohol beverages can be presented by popular porn stars on instagram any day [...]

Steam Crave Hadron 220W Mod
Steam Crave Hadron 220W Mod Review

Remember all those past reviews when we labeled mods “tall” and “large?” Throw those descriptions away - the words no longer apply. Because there aren’t many vape mods in my collection that even hold a candle to the absolutely massive Steam Crave Hadron. But, like Yoda, you can’t judge a vape mod on size alone, so [...]

WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod Review
WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod Review

“Hey, Alexa - can you find me a new vape mod gimmick?” Yeah, folks, it’s come to this. Over the years, we’ve reviewed vape mods with custom wallpapers, touchscreens, pedometers, flashlights, and yes, music speakers. But we’ve never had one that claimed to be powered by artificial intelligence. Yet, as you can see by the review [...]

Now Wilmington NC gets in the Fray of Vape Bans
Now Wilmington NC gets in the Fray of Vape Bans

As more communities across the country tighten vape ban regulations or flavor bans, some are completely banning vapes of all kinds.  Wilmington vape shop owners, employees and customers are fighting back. And fighting back HARD. WETC6 out of Wilmington: New Hanover County commissioners consider tougher restrictions on smoking and vaping in county, city and town-owed property. Some [...]

DOVPO Topside Lite Squonk Mod Kit Review
DOVPO Topside Lite Squonk Mod Kit Review

Usually, when I use the word “predictable,” it’s a bad thing. But not when it comes to DOVPO’s outstanding line of Topside squonk mods. The original was a revelation, in how it largely eliminated leaking and awkward filling. The high-end Dual Carbon (and its YiHi chipset) took squonk mods to a new level of precision [...]