If there was no corruption at the FDA, e-liquids, mods, tanks, and vaping accessories would never have been categorized as tobacco products. Looking at the facts you see that there is no similarities with smoking tobacco and vaping… except for one small thing; nicotine. Had the FDA labeled e-liquid, and e-liquid alone, as a nicotine product, then perhaps all the current mess we’re facing now would not have happened. Congress pushes states to raise the age of tobacco purchasing to 21. If vape products were categorized correctly, it would have no effect on us. It does, and now we deal with it.

1984 and Tobacco

During the 1984 Congress, its  power to withhold federal highway funds (really!) if the states didn’t limit alcohol sales to buyers 21 and up. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act threats worked. States caved in, and age 21 became the nationwide standard. Spinfuel VAPE does not disagree with the drinking age by the way, we just don’t like the Federal Government pushing states to do what the Feds want with threats.

Tobacco and Vaping

Federal lawmakers have now set their sights on raising the age for tobacco purchases from 18 to 21. How was it done this time around? Coercion.

The Tobacco-to-21 law is part of the push to extend adolescence. Again, the Feds might be right. Today’s 18, 19 and 20 year olds do not act much like adults these days. With good reason. Video games and other teenage time wasters (Hey! I’m a gamer and I’m 38 – ed) has done it’s job at retarding the minds of those between the age of 18 and 21.

Television, binge watching, and other activities play a big part in keeping kids at home, protected from the outside world. Decision making isn’t taught in school. Teaching kids to think independently isn’t taught. Agendas are taught. Kids, even after high school and into college, don’t bother thinking critically. They do what they want.

Misguided Federal Actions

This dovetails precisely with the misguided campus safety culture. It stifles free speech in favor of dangerous political correctness (just watch South Park for your lesson in the dangers of being PC) at many residential colleges and universities. Young people today are not compatible with traditional American values. Values like liberty and personal responsibility. Come on kids, you know I’m right.

Smoking is a bad decisions. Yet it is a choice that young adults should be free to make without government interference. As far a Vaping goes, as something that is 95% safer than smoking, shouldn’t we push vaping to those young people who have chosen to smoke tobacco? Seems right to me.

Congress Raises Tobacco Use Age to 21