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If you’re a dry herb lover, potency is high on the list of ‘essential qualities’ that your dry herb should have. But while using potent strains high in THC is important, it’s also good to question whether the method you’re using to consume the dry herb is adding or taking away from your all-important potency.


Now, with so many consumption methods available, there is a plethora of different options for everyone to choose from. But is it good to “level up” and go for the newest dry herb vape option available? Or is it best to stay more “traditional”, and stick to the good ol’ joint option?

Vaping or Smoking

Vaping vs Smoking: What’s More Potent?

This is, believe it or not, a very frequently asked question due to the fact that potency is important at the end of the day — especially after those hard days when all you want to do is get home and get cozy with your favorite herb strains.


So, let us review whether vaping dry herb with a dry herb vaporizer or a rolled cigarette is most potent, and let us get to the bottom of this question! To begin, here is a table where we can easily point out where vaping is better than smoking and vice versa:

Feature Why is this important? Dry Herb Vaporizer Joint



Temperature control is very important in making sure that all the potent THC and other goodies aren’t burned off before they hit your lungs.  








Good filtration allows only the potent cannabinoids to enter your lungs, and none of the other junk that dry herb can contain.  





(but it is not very efficient)

THE OPTION TO USE CONCENTRATES WITH THE DRY HERB Using concentrates with dry herb is a very good way to get insanely potent hits. The concentrates and the dry herb combined get you as high as a kite.  


(unless the unit is designed for both)






The design of the apparatus used to consume the dry herb can be potency-centered. This can range from overall build to the materials used.  






You can see how vaping and smoking are different. When it comes to potency, even the smallest details matter. This is because when you spend time looking for a potent strain of dry herb, you don’t want it to go to waste by using a method that takes away from that potency.

There is a very clear winner, and the winner is dry herb vaporizers. There are, of course, some areas in which dry herb vaporizers could definitely improve, however, when it comes to potency, vaping your dry herb is the best.

What Makes Vaping Dry Herb Different From Smoking It?

Despite the popularity of dry herb vaporizers, it can be hard to grasp the concept of vaporizing dry herb. It’s a fairly new concept as well, and it’s hard for all of us to understand these newly evolving technologies.

But to set the record clear, dry herb vaporizers and joints or rolled cigarettes are quite different. Wondering how? Here are the main points of difference:

  • Dry herb vaporizers produce vapor, while joints burn and produce smoke. Smoke vs vapor is a hot topic now because of this difference.
  • Rolled dry herb cigarettes have one temperature: smokin’ hot. Dry herb vapes usually have a few temperature settings, but never get as hot as rolled cigarettes.
  • Rolled cigarettes are not electronic, while dry herb vapes usually are. This means that they have to be charged and maintained, while joints are just smoke-and-go.
  • Dry herb vapes vaporize the dry herb’s oils and nothing more, while rolled cigarettes burn paper, plant matter, and anything else in their path.
  • Dry herb tastes better when it’s vaporized than when it’s smoked. This is because 1) dry herb vapes just vaporize the tasty goodies, and 2) most of the taste burns off or gets lost in the papes/plant matter smoke when you use a rolled joint.
  • Dry herb vapor is generally ‘cleaner’, meaning it doesn’t have any extra contents, but joint smoke definitely does. This alters the taste, and in some cases, the potency.


These are only a few of the differences, and as you can see, this isn’t an unsubstantial list. These points are good to keep in mind if you’re considering changing from smoking to vaping dry herb. For some, it’s well worth it, but others still prefer to go with the trusty ol’ rolled joint.


But when it comes to getting the best potency, dry herb vaporizers come out on top every time. So if you were considering going for a dry herb vape, but weren’t sure if it was the best option, now you know that it will offer you much more potency, flavor, and overall experience. So go for it, and get yourself that dry herb vaporizer you know you deserve!