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In a surprising (even for us) move, the #PoliceState known as Massachusetts, led by the Dictator Charlie Baker, is now suing eight online vendors for daring to ship product to Massachusetts residences. Let’s step back for a minute;

Massachusetts Assclown Charlie Baker was the first in the nation to introduce a 4-month TOTAL Ban on vape products soon after people in the midwest began suffering lung issues and even death for buying and using ILLEGAL, BOOTLEG THC CARTRIDGES MIXED WITH VITAMIN E ACETATE.

In the middle of a nationwide panic, (God I SO want to call this assclown a Nazi, but I won’t) Charlie Baker didn’t waste a minute. He stepped up and BANNED IT ALL. Never mind how many people he would toss out of their jobs, never mind how many small businesses would have to close, the man stepped up.

People were outraged of course. No one knew what was happening to those that got sick, or died, in the first few days. However, it wasn’t long before it became clear that EVERY case involved THC use, liquid marijuana, the stuff Stoners use to get stoned. Not Strawberry and Cream E-Liquid, not Birthday Cake e-Juice, nope nope nope…. THC.


Massachusetts Goes After 8 Vendors (We Name Them)

What is THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol: the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects. Cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in certain areas of the brain. These areas are associated with thinking, pleasure, memory, coordination and even the perception of time. THC attaches to these receptors and activates them.  Once activated, the person’s memory,  movements, pleasure, thinking, coordination, concentration, and sensory and time perception, go all out of whack.

Does this sound like vaping a nice 70% VG, 30% PG mix of Strawberry and Cream? Of course not, because e-liquid is harmless. You’ll fall asleep. Wake up. Try to wipe something from your face. Discover it’s the floor. That’s what THC is. Mixed with Vitamin E acetate and your lung shrink up, you suffocate, and you die… if you’re lucky. If you don’t die, you’ll wish you had.

Governor Charlie Baker

Unfortunately the citizens of Massachusetts won’t be able to force Baker out of office until 2023, late 2023. We hope that Massachusetts citizens that enjoy vaping can maybe, possibly, investigate the man and discover some things that might warrant impeachment.

Cannabis is still Legal in Massachusetts

In any case, despite Baker’s ALL OUT WAR on Vaping, this jerk still allows the sale of Pot in Massachusetts. Both medical and recreational pot. According to Gov Baker, smoking pot is perfectly harmless, but vaping strawberry and cream e-juice will kill you. Does this make sense to you?

Here is a quote from Massachusetts attorney general;

“These companies are in flagrant violation of our new state law that was put in place to protect young people from the serious harms caused by vaping,” Attorney General Maura Healey said in a statement. “Our state has been a leader in fighting this public health crisis, and we will continue to go after companies that ignore our laws and put young people at risk.”

Each Vendor faces a $5000 fine.

Vendors named in the lawsuit?

  • Olathe-based Level Up Vapor
  • Florida-based LLC
  • Florida-based Fuggin Vapor Co.
  • California-based Lan & Mike International Trading Inc., which does business as VaporDNA
  • New Jersey-based Next Day Vapes LLC
  • Nevada-based IPurchase Online, which does business as Vape Society Supply and Vape Society Supplies
  • California-based Suorin USA
  • Texas-based 2nd Wife Vape LLC

Now, here’s where Spinfuel VAPE thinks the vendors were wrong

The lawsuit complains:

In a complaint filed Friday in Suffolk Superior Court, Healey said that several vape manufacturers are flaunting the state’s  ban on flavored nicotine products. The ban passed on Nov. 27. They also did not require a signature and proof of ID when the products were delivered, according to the complaint.

Hey guys, you want to ship to Vapers in Massachusetts (personally I believe Massachusetts citizens just drive to New Hampshire and Maine), the least you could have done is hide your name, AND require PROOF of Signature with a Valid ID. That’s an extra $2.45 (I think).


Massachusetts has the worst governor in the United States. Charlie Baker is out for himself and always has been. He has driven so many of his own citizens to New Hampshire and Maine just to get away from the high taxes, soaring housing costs, electricity costs, and traffic congestion. Life in better in New Hampshire and Maine. Stay away from Vermont though, the cost of living in Vermont is outrageous. And Vermont will no doubt ban flavors.