Remember all those past reviews when we labeled mods “tall” and “large?” Throw those descriptions away – the words no longer apply. Because there aren’t many vape mods in my collection that even hold a candle to the absolutely massive Steam Crave Hadron.


But, like Yoda, you can’t judge a vape mod on size alone, so let’s take a closer look at this dual-21700, YiHi-powered monster to see if the performance matches the dimensions.

Steam Crave Hadron 220W Mod PackagePresenting the Steam Crave HADRON 220W Box Mod, a pinnacle of vaping hardware utilizing the advanced YiHi SX480 Chipset, versatile 21700 or 18650 battery selection, and can output at a whopping 220W to pair with nearly any available tank, aromamizer, or rebuildable atomizer. Crafted from durable zinc-alloy, the chassis of the Steam Crave HADRON Box Mod is impervious to smaller falls and drops. However, the protective chassis keeps the advanced YiHi SX490 Chipset within the HADRON Box Mod safe and functioning. Outputting at up to 220W, the HADRON Box Mod captures the full potential of the dual battery configuration, boosting the wattage to impressive heights. In addition, the Steam Crave HADRON can utilize 21700 batteries or 18650 batteries with the included battery sleeves to keep this box mod versatile.

Steam Crave HADRON 220W Box Mod Features:

  • YiHi SX490 Chipset
  • Dimensions – 99.2mm by 48mm by 38mm
  • Dual High-Amp 21700 Batteries – Not Included
  • Optional 18650 Batteries – Included Battery Sleeve
  • Wattage Output Range Max: 220W
  • Memory Mode
  • 3 Power Levels – Soft, Normal, Powerful
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • Two Adjustments Buttons
  • OLED Display Screen
  • Mode Button
  • MicroUSB Port
  • 510 Connection


  • 1 Steam Crave HADRON Box Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 2 18650 Battery Sleeve
  • 1 User Manual


Alright, so we’ve already established the Hadron is large. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a certain understated charm in the design. The tall, wide, rectangular frame is composed of a two-toned zinc alloy that has lots of class and little adornment. Other than the comparatively small display and some grooves on each side of the mod, the Hadron is pleasantly free of any visual noise.

The size actually works to several advantages. First, as atomizers continue to eclipse the 30mm mark, the Hadron’s 38mm depth ensures all but the most-massive tanks are going to sit without an ounce of overhang. Let’s put it this way, my SMOK TFV12 looked a little overwhelmed on top of the Hadron, and we all know how big that tank is.

Rock Solid

It seems that the Hadron is primed to get even bigger down the line. While inspecting the rock-solid 510 connection I noticed a squonk-ready pin looking back at me. And sure enough, the internet confirmed that a squonk attachment plate is a possibility, connecting through the gasket-covered port on the rear of the device. While we didn’t get one to test, we DEFINITELY want to see this down the line.

Steam Crave Hadron 220W Mod Center 510My only mild concern is that the display really is a little diminutive compared to the size of the Hadron’s frame. I understand that YiHi chipsets tend to stick with smaller screens, but couldn’t an exception have been made for a mod this large? The display itself is fine, as is the proven YiHi menu system, which is as precise and powerful as ever. But I know this will bother some users who enjoy a little more symmetry in their mods.

Vaping the Steam Crave Hadron

With dual-21700 capability and 220 watts of output, you’d probably assume that the Hadron is designed for power. And you’d be correct. But again, this is a YiHi device, so smooth, steady power is only part of the equation. Unlike most reviews, I spent considerable time in temperature control modes to test how well the mod stays locked at a temperature and resistance.


I’m happy to report that it works flawlessly, and temp control diehards (especially those who haven’t yet experienced YiHi chipsets) are going to be happy with this device. Maybe the SX490 — a custom board modeled after the 480 — isn’t the most advanced chipset in their arsenal, but it’s a proven winner.


(We should also remind people of how power-efficient these chipsets are. A pair of 21700s got me through most of a workday, even though I was making constant adjustments, vaping at fairly high wattages, and experimenting with the system throughout the day.)


In power and temp modes alike, the Hadron is one of the fastest-ramping mods I’ve used, with short presses of the firm fire key resulting in massive clouds of vapor. If there’s any concern, it’s that it might be a little OVERpowered, with the “Normal” draw setting feeling like the “Powerful” setting on countless other vape mods.

Modes in the Crave Hadron

I also enjoyed how the Hadron has a series of usage modes, allowing a wider range of vapers to get in on the action. Novice mode will be more than enough for most of today’s vapers, but those who want to maximize the potential of the chipset will be more comfortable in the advanced setting, which allows for nearly endless levels of customization.


The only concern most people will likely have with the Hadron is the size. While I appreciate the use of larger cells for better battery performance, the Hadron is a bear of a mod to hold comfortably for any length of time.

Steam Crave Hadron 220W Mod BatteryMy hands barely fit around the entire device, and trigger-firing the front-facing button was awkward. Switching to a thumb grip was preferable, but this forced my hand to cover the screen while doing so. In short, if you’re hoping for one-handed operation, it might prove difficult.


Despite these personal gripes, the Hadron vapes exceedingly well, and definitely makes good use of the technology under the hood.


  • Proven, ultra-efficient YiHi chipset
  • Beautiful, understated paint and finish
  • Great battery performance with 21700 cells


  • Size
  • Small screen
  • Is this thing really going to get bigger with a squonk attachment?


What can we say, other than “wow?” The Steam Crave Hadron might not be for everyone, but those who embrace the massive dimensions (and eye-raising cost) will enjoy ridiculously strong performance and power. Yeah, the screen is a little small, and the hand feel is a little “off” but these are small prices to pay when so much else is perfect. The custom YiHi chipset is a highlight of an altogether impressive package that is worth every penny of the asking price.


Score: A

Steam Crave Hadron 220W Mod