Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTA
Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTA Review

Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTA Reviewed - To call the mouth-to-lung (MTL) resurgence a passing fad would be dumb. MTL vaping is here to stay, and is arguably more popular than ever, thanks to the boom of pod mods that hit the market this year. One of the most notable examples yet is the [...]

e-Cig Tax to Pay for Anti-Vape Campaigns. Familiar?
e-Cig Tax to Pay for Anti-Vape Campaigns. Familiar?

Boy, do Politicians love their taxes, our what? I believe that's all politicians love... money... and taxes is a surefire way to get it quickly.  The newest attack on Vapers is this new FEDERAL e-cig tax. Taxes proposed so that the government can pay for anti-vaping programs in the nation's schools. Sure, sure, that's EXACTLY where [...]

Vaping or Smoking
Vaping or Smoking – What’s More Potent?

If you’re a dry herb lover, potency is high on the list of ‘essential qualities’ that your dry herb should have. But while using potent strains high in THC is important, it’s also good to question whether the method you’re using to consume the dry herb is adding or taking away from your all-important potency.   Now, [...]

Vape News from Spinfuel VAPE
Montana Health Department’s Flavor Ban

Oh Montana, a state that used to pride itself on self-reliance, freedom, and so much more, are now living with a temporary flavor ban despite the fact that flavored vapes have absolutely nothing to do with the Vaping Illness. We're not wrong, the fact that the CDC has identified the culprit of these illnesses and [...]

Vape News from Spinfuel VAPE
Washington State Vape Shops Begin to Close

Like the Police State run by Dictator Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Washington State has taken similar police state actions against those that successfully got off tobacco cigarettes by using vapes. The problem with that? People are getting healthier, they're not dying fast enough anymore. Cigarette Tax money is on the decline, and to certain government [...]

Voopoo Vinci X AIO Mod Review
Voopoo Vinci X AIO Mod Review

If pod mods were paintings, (just go with me here...) this bunch of VOOPOO Vinci X AIO's would be classics from Leonardo Da… ..well, never mind. But, after spending some serious time with the all-new Voopoo Vinci X, the question is whether this all in one (AIO) device even qualifies as a “pod mod.” Sure, there’s some common [...]

Vape News From Spinfuel VAPE
Utah Pols Warn Public About Vaping… Public Not Worried

The Utah Department of Health has warned vapers about the lung-related illnesses associated with vaping but most continue to vape. You know what's funny? Utah State forgets to mentions that the real issue, the real reason why people got sick and many died, had nothing to do with "vaping" and everything to do with using [...]

Massachusetts Vape Ban Lifted - Shops Restock
Massachusetts Vape Ban Lifted – Shops Restock

In the Police State of Massachusetts, where the Dictator Charlie Baker makes decisions based on what he wants, not the citizenry he was voted in to lead, the supposed Vape Ban has lifted. It happened on December 11th, long after the monstrous damage was already done. Vape Shops were closed by the dozens, hundreds of [...]

Why Are People Turning To CBD As A Health Alternative?
Why Are People Turning To CBD As A Health Alternative?

CBD products contain cannabidiol, which is a type of cannabis compound commonly found in hemp plants. Now more than ever, many people are choosing CBD as a health alternative method because it does not cause “high” or psychoactive effects, and the therapeutic benefits are astonishing.   In this post, you'll learn in detail why people turn to [...]


It’s been quite a year for asMODus. Some ups and downs, to be sure. But all is forgiven thanks to the latest entry in the awesome Minikin series. So, when asMODus revealed the new Tribeaut (nice pun, guys) was based on the same usability traits, I was excited. And after using it, I’m still PRETTY [...]

Cannabis, or Pot, is Better Than OTC Sleep Aids
Pot is Better Than OTC Sleep Aids, says new Study

Researchers have found that in states with legal cannabis, or Pot,  people are skipping over the counter sleep aids in favor of said pot. Well, yea. I mean, come on, over the counter sleep aids are useless. I should know, I've been using Ambien for years and years, after trying OTC Sleep Aids without ever [...]

FDA Will Maintain Control Over E-Cigarettes
FDA Will Maintain Control Over E-Cigarettes … for now

A challenge to the FDA’s authority to control the marketing of e-cigarettes by a manufacturer and an industry coalition was denied by a federal appeals court. U.S. Rules for marketing e-cigarettes withstood a legal challenge by a maker of the devices and and an industry group.  A federal appeals court in Washington upheld the Food and [...]

DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA Review
Blotto RTA by DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Review

We have a confession: When we did our “Best Rebuildables” feature a month ago, we had barely spent a few days with the DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA. But it only took a few days for us to realize that this tank was something special. And a month later, with countless dozens of refills [...]

ADHD Can CBD Really Help With ADHD?
Can CBD Really Help With ADHD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many active compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. The popularity of CBD has increased recently after the preliminary research indicated that the compound has the potential to help in the treatment of some health conditions. One of the conditions that anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can [...]

Teenagers do not vape for Flavors
Teenagers Do Not Vape For Flavors

Okay. I admit it. Looking at photos of young teenagers, say 13-15 years old, chucking huge clouds of vapor is a bit disappointing. Truthfully, I started smoking at 13. So did my brother. Hell, most of my friends started smoking at the same time. It wasn't about Flavors that's for sure, it was about being, [...]