Last Updated on December 11, 2019 by Team Spinfuel

Okay. I admit it. Looking at photos of young teenagers, say 13-15 years old, chucking huge clouds of vapor is a bit disappointing. Truthfully, I started smoking at 13. So did my brother. Hell, most of my friends started smoking at the same time. It wasn’t about Flavors that’s for sure, it was about being, well, cool. It was about looking older. Acting older.

If cigarettes came in flavors you wouldn’t catch me or my friends buying a pack of chocolate cigarettes, or strawberry, blueberry, mango, or anything else. That would have been considered ‘so not cool’ we’re probably walk in shame.

Teenagers Vaping isn’t Pretty

In any case, seeing young teens vaping huge clouds isn’t pretty. We’re against it. And if President Trump raised the age to vape to 21, we probably wouldn’t be that upset.

That said, when someone is 18, war, voting, and legal contracts come into their lives, so choosing to vape at 18 makes more sense. If they want to stick to 21, then raise the voting age, entering into contracts, or joining the military the same 21. 18 year olds would get 3 bonus years of being kids. I’d go for that.

Teenagers do not vape for Flavors

Idiot Statement of 2019

This year there are many contenders for most idiotic statement in the world of vapes, its hard to pick the most stupid. You have Cuomo saying “Is Vaping Safer than Smoking? Yes. But So What?” .. that’s a great one. But so is this:

During a meeting Donald Trump held about the youth vaping epidemic in November, Mitt Romney suggested a reason for the spike in teenage usage: unicorn poop. I swear to God. Unicorn Poop!

What is Unicorn Poop?

Everyone knows Unicorns are made of cupcakes and rainbows! Unicorn Poop tastes like blueberry cupcakes with white chocolate frosting and a raspberry on top! Well, at least the one made by Vapor Chef. You see, Unicorn Poop isn’t made to attract teenagers, the name is used frequently by several e-liquid makers as “funny”, “stupid” “curiosity”.

Teenagers are Never Understood

When questioned about why they had ever tried an e-cigarette, 55 percent of student respondents attributed it to curiosity. Behind that response, the second-most popular answer was because “a friend or family member used them,” at 30.8 percent, and third was that “they are available in flavors, such as mint, candy, fruit, or chocolate,” at 22.4 percent.

Less than a quarter of kids vaping are doing it for the flavors. The majority vape for same reason teenagers in the 60’s and 70’s smoked cigarettes. Take vaping, something 95% less harmful than smoking, away from teenagers, and they’ll go to smoking cigarettes.

Sure, make it harder to get, fine the hell out of convenience stores and gas stations, the two places that sell vapes to teens, and it might help. You can bet your life that a Vape Shop owner, someone who’s life depends on the success of the shop, isn’t going to chance it being closed down due to selling to teenagers.