Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTA Reviewed – To call the mouth-to-lung (MTL) resurgence a passing fad would be dumb. MTL vaping is here to stay, and is arguably more popular than ever, thanks to the boom of pod mods that hit the market this year. One of the most notable examples yet is the Steam Crave Glaz Mini RTA.


We loved this RTA. Though there are a few quirks with the Glaz Mini that might chase away newcomers, those comfortable with a smaller build deck will be rewarded with an amazingly flavorful MTL vape, through and through. Let’s dive in, beginning with the “official word.”


Check out the new Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTA, an advanced rebuildable tank atomizer, featuring build-friendly twin post build deck, an expandable tank reservoir capacity, and features a unique MTL Style Adjustable airflow control system to help create delicious clouds of vapor. Crafted from durable zinc-alloy, the chassis of the Steam Crave GLAZ Mini RTA is impervious to small falls and drops, lending protection to the 5mL juice capacity when using the included extension. Featuring a threaded top fill system, the GLAZ Mini RTA possesses four fill ports, making refills quick and easy. In addition, at the base of the Steam Crave GLAZ Mini is a knurled MTL Style adjustable airflow control ring, designed to draw and inlet airflow from the side, venting it directly beneath the coil in a 2 by 2 pattern.

Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTA Features:

  • 23mm Diameter
  • 5mL Expanded Tank Capacity – Chimney Extension Incl.
  • 2mL Standard Juice Capacity
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • 304 Superior Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • Threaded Top Fill System – 4 Large Fill Ports
  • Dual Post Build Deck – Large Open Terminals
  • Top Secured via Flathead Screws
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Single Coil Configuration
  • Adjustable Unique Airflow Control Ring – MTL Style
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Black


  •  Glaz Mini Tank
  • 5mL Extension
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • Allen Key
  • Spare O-Rings and Screws
  • User Manual
  • Steam Crave Sticker

Aesthetics and Building

BLACK - Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTAThe Glaz Mini itself is an attractive atomizer that stood out from my other MTL-focused RTAs and tanks, which are typically taller and narrower. By comparison, the default 2mL configuration is a short, stout affair, made even more unique by the drip tip and glass section. Even with the taller 5mL chimney extension, no one is going to confuse this tank for something sub-ohm and “cloud happy.”


Instead, there’s no question Steam Crave designed this tank for true MTL vapers, with airflow that ranges from tight, to really tight, to unreasonably tight. Even with a bunch of MTL devices crossing my desk this year, this limited airflow was going to take some getting used to.


The build deck itself is relatively narrow, but is an absolute breeze to build upon, with large screws in place to secure coils and trim leads. In less than a minute, I had a perfect coil in place, ready to wick.


Despite the relatively small deck size, the cotton/juice ports are deep, and I found I needed more cotton than expected to fill them, while still allowing for juice flow. I heartily recommend fluffing your cotton well before placing it, as juice flow is still limited because of the MTL design.

Vaping the Steam Crave Glaz Mini 23mm RTA

As mentioned, Steam Crave has made its bones designing MTL atomizers, and the Glaz fits right into that plan, with no aspirations of being a “multipurpose” tank of any kind.

BLACK/SILVER - Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTAI used the Glaz Mini on the soon-to-be-reviewed Ehpro Cold Steel device, at a conservative 20 watts. And the vapor coming from the tight airflow, narrow chimneys and mouthpiece created such a concentrated burst of flavor, I was quickly reminded why MTL vaping has made such a resurgence over the last two years.


Still, this setting was far too snug for my tastes, so I adjusted to the most open setting, and was floored by how MTL focused the Glaz Mini remained. This is not a modified restricted lung atomizer – this is all about traditional mouth-to-lung vaping, and it delivered the goods. But if you have any intentions of using this for the occasional direct lung hit, prepare to be disappointed.

Ah, the Coils

I swapped in a lower-resistance coil – 0.5 ohms, to be exact – and rebuilt, boosting power to 30 watts. Though there was slightly more ramp-up time, the coil didn’t make much of a difference in overall performance, as the airflow was still restrictive.


DECK - Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTAWhat was most refreshing is how each coil, regardless of gauge, stayed perfectly seated in the terminals. The deck is a simple, time-honored, dual-post design, and the Glaz Mini demonstrated why this format will likely never go out of style. Vaping doesn’t need to be complicated, just consistent, and this deck held steady throughout my testing.


Though e-liquid reached the wick at a decent clip, deep chain vaping is not recommended. Especially with thicker HighVG liquids. When I tried this I endured a handful of dry hits.


The other minor quirk I noticed came in the form of slight gurgling and spitback. Especially when the tank is filled to near-capacity. It’s always good practice to leave a little air in your tank to maintain the vacuum. But it’s especially true here. I didn’t experience any leaking with the Glaz Mini.  Though heavy-handed fills definitely made for some ugly, gurgly puffs before settling in.


  • A true MTL atomizer
  • Simple, proven build deck design
  • Good juice flow to the deck


  • Thicker juices will clog the deck
  • Relatively small liquid capacity
  • Spitback when overfilled

Bottom Line

Despite a few quirks (and a relative lack of experience with old-school MTL vaping) I have positive feelings for the Glaz Mini. It balances modern tank design and ease-of-use with a properly narrow form factor. A form factor that brings rich, concentrated flavor to MTL vapers. I prefer more airflow for some restricted lung hits. Though that’s hardly a knock. Considering Steam Crave never intended the Glaz Mini for this type of use, it’s not a criticism.


Long story short? If you’re looking for a quality, compact MTL atomizer, it’s best to go back to one of the original companies from vaping history. The Steam Crave Glaz Mini is an excellent, high-performing MTL atomizer. It stands out as a highlight in increasingly crowded MTL waters.


Score: A

Steam Crave GLAZ Mini 23mm RTA