Oh Montana, a state that used to pride itself on self-reliance, freedom, and so much more, are now living with a temporary flavor ban despite the fact that flavored vapes have absolutely nothing to do with the Vaping Illness. We’re not wrong, the fact that the CDC has identified the culprit of these illnesses and deaths, THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate, every state and town should have lifted the flavored vapes ban, and any other ban related to vaping.

Now, get this; the temporary restraining order on a ban on vaping products expired and the Montana ban will go into effect this week. Indeed. It didn’t matter AT ALL that the real reason people were getting sick had nothing to do with e-liquid or flavored vapes, Montana STILL continues the ban. Outrageous.

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Montana Ban

Here’s why this happened;

A temporary restraining order preventing the ban from taking effect expired on Oct. 28, the Department of Public Health and Human Services said. The judge who heard arguments on a motion by vaping shop owners seeking a preliminary injunction to block the ban has not made a ruling six weeks after hearing arguments.

The judge hasn’t decided yet. I call bullshit. This judge was talked into letting it expire so that the Montana Ban can continue unabated. Do we have proof? No, but we do have common sense, something lacking in government officials these days.

The fact is the cause of the vaping illness was discovered to have nothing to do with flavors of vaping products, and in fact had nothing to do with Vaping period. The liquid contained in Cannabis Cartridges contained both THC and Vitamin E acetate. A dangerous combination. Yet, the Montana Ban will go on.

Listen to this;

“Though the state has thus far declined to enforce the emergency rules pending resolution by the court, the imminent threats to public health and human safety that precipitated the rules are ongoing and demand a public health response,” the health department and Gov. Steve Bullock said in a notice of intent to enforce the emergency rules.

Montana Ban Emergency?

The cause of the illness is NOT flavored vapes, yet this assclown Governor, Steve Bullock, declares that there is indeed an emergency (a flat out lie folks) and decides that since the judge won’t rule, he’ll step in and enforce the original Montana Ban. What a bunch of crap Governor!

The Restrictions of the Montana Ban

The restrictions include the sale of all flavored e-cigarette products including flavored nicotine, THC and CBD e-cigarette products, both in store and online. The rules do not require businesses to destroy their inventory.

Let’s get the Judge back on his throne and make him tell us why he hasn’t decided. Ask him if he pays attention to the news and realizes THC cartridges is the cause, NOT flavored vapes. Make the guy talk. Wanna bet he’s been compromised?