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Joe Biden is bringing back the old idea that marijuana is a gateway drug. Yep, I swear to God. You you wonder why Biden will never be President of the United States. Remember the 7-11/Dunkin Donuts fiasco? “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent — I’m not joking,” 

Ah, good ole Joe. Always good for a solid blunder…

Joe Biden Calls Weed a 'Gateway Drug' .. Still!

From Vice:

“If you heard something just now, that was the sound of thousands of cannabis experts sighing all at once. The “gateway drug” debate never seems to die, even though there is ample evidence that smoking weed does not lead users down a pathway to heroin or meth addiction.”

You’re correct gentlemen, but when Joe says it the first thing you think is “There goes Joe again”

Before Joe Biden there was John Kerry

Every generation has a liberal candidate that just can’t keep their own feet out of their own mouths. I remember thinking that Biden was slightly off his rocker when I heard about what he said about Indian-American workers and 7-11’s. It was both funny and frightening. “Is this what we want in a US President?

Now, it’s back to the “gateway” drug, marijuana. Come on Joe, that has been debunked for many years now. But you just can’t help yourself, can you?

More about Joe Biden from Vice

“Biden’s continued belief in the gateway drug myth might be explained by his age, as many older Americans still don’t support legalization. But let’s avoid ageism and just call him out of touch.”

Yea, out of touch is better. Our publisher is in his 60’s, and his attitudes are more like a guy in his thirties. These days, winning the Presidency while being out of touch with its citizens is nearly impossible.