Last Updated on November 14, 2019 by Team Spinfuel

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has blocked the sales of all vaping products containing THC until testing for Vitamin E acetate is completed.  People going to dispensaries this week found the products no longer available.

First, Massachusetts goes after ALL vaping products, except the deadly THC cards made with Vitamin E Acetate, without an ounce of evidence toward the cause (which was of course, the aforementioned Vitamin E Acetate) then within 72 hours of the news from the CDC blocks the sell of vaping products containing THC until testing for Vitamin E acetate is completed. Makes sense, right? Let’s all just forget the complete 4 month Vaping Ban. By the way, Gov Baker, you lifting that ban now?

From the Eagle Tribune….

Medical marijuana patients won’t be able to get their vape products, after all, following a decision by state regulators to block the products from returning to pot store shelves. On Tuesday, the state Cannabis Control Commission ordered all THC-based vaping products quarantined and said regulators will conduct additional tests of the products — which were already cleared by a state testing laboratory to be sold — to determine if they are safe.

Cannabis THC Product Ban (THC an Vitamin E Actate)

“In its order, the cannabis board noted the latest advisory by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found evidence that Vitamin E acetate in THC vapes is a possible source of the lung-related illness. State regulators will be collecting data from state health officials and conducting additional tests of the products through state-approved laboratories to determine if vitamin E was present in vapes previously cleared for sale, the commission said Tuesday.”

From the Spinfuel VAPE Reporter:

Not for nothing, but this 4-month vape ban that covered every vaping product sold in every vape shop and online vendor was probably the dumbest move the Massachusetts Governor had ever made (well, let’s hope so), and without concerning himself with early reports of THC/Vitamin E Acetate connection. Having said that, the move by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission seems to be the right way to go. They must be quick about, however. The fastest way to stop this illness is make it a felony to sell counterfeit THC cartridges, or to create THC carts with Vitamin E acetate.

Let’s hope the state lifts the ban on all vape products this week. – DL