Last Updated on November 17, 2019 by Team Spinfuel

While several States and Fed Senators are threatening the simple act of vaping e-liquid with a simple vape mod, the Federal Government is about to vote on legalize Cannabis (cannabis is the name we prefer, not marijuana) one the “Federal Level“. That is a much bigger thing than people realize.

If the vote were to pass and the President sign it into law, many positives outcomes will happen. Economically, I mean.

Dispensaries would be able to use Credit Processing instead of cash. No one would face a federal unlawful act in states that have legal cannabis laws. (Feds can still charge you if they wanted to). And other things. Like I said, important vote coming up.

Legislation that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act. The Bill is expected to be voted on this coming week in a congressional committee.

Legalize Cannabis on the Fed Level? Vote Upcoming

From Forbes:

A key congressional committee plans to hold a historic vote on a bill to end the federal prohibition of marijuana next week, two sources with knowledge of the soon-to-be-announced action said.

Naturally, if the Bill gets through the House it then goes to the Senate. That’s going to be a tougher vote if it does reach the senate. Rarely does a House Bill get through the Senate without modification (has it ever happened before??) so before legal dispensaries start filling out credit card processing applications, it’s far from a done deal.

Forbes Continues….

It’s less certain how the Senate would react to House passage of a far-reaching bill to end federal marijuana prohibition. Some advocates believe that only a more modest proposal to exempt state-approved cannabis activity from federal prohibition stands a chance in the Republican-controlled body.

Legalize Cannabis on the Fed Level?

I think I just said that. However, even is the Bill is modified as suggested by Forbes, it’s still a big step. What is it, 26 states have have cannabis laws, from medical cannabis to recreational use? If those state’s citizens were no longer under the threat of some pissed off Feds who are looking to make an arrest, it can’t happen.

More importantly, should this Bill, or something like it, passes muster with the President, it could certainly help make up the deficit of all the tax money the powers that be miss with having less cigarette smokers filling the tills.

One step a time, right? First we get the states that already have cannabis dispensaries, then we worry about the rest of the states.