A challenge to the FDA’s authority to control the marketing of e-cigarettes by a manufacturer and an industry coalition was denied by a federal appeals court.

U.S. Rules for marketing e-cigarettes withstood a legal challenge by a maker of the devices and and an industry group.  A federal appeals court in Washington upheld the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory authority over electronic cigarettes, which deliver to users a vaporized form of nicotine.

Maybe Vapers like my several of my associates don’t matter, but why isn’t there a special rule for ZERO Nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquid? Clearly, without nicotine the FDA or any other agency out to kill our industry, cannot say that 0mg nicotine is a tobacco product. For that matter, nicotine by itself is not the defining ingredient in tobacco.

FDA Will Maintain Control Over E-Cigarettes

While the FDA may have prevailed in this case, the agency still faces a lot of stiff resistance from trade groups and conservative activists in anticipation of its e-cigarette flavor restrictions.

It’s time to settle this issue in favor of e-cigarettes, flavored e-liquids, and the millions of Americans who are becoming healthier because they quit tobacco and started vaping. Let’s just get it done. Set reasonable rules and regulations that WON’T put vape shop, local and online, out of business and allow people to vape flavors, and we’ll back off.

We’ve been vaping for more than a decade, without incidence. Because illegal drugs, THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate has been used as a catalyst for killing off our industry, it’s time to stop the corruption of politicians and others so that we can be left alone.

The ruling in the lawsuit brought by e-cigarette maker Nicopure Labs and an industry group affirmed the FDA’s power at a time when the agency is expected to announce restrictions on flavors, which have become the focus of proposed legislation and lawsuits claiming they are used to hook children on nicotine. Please keep in mind, there is no evidence that teens vape for flavors, so their argument is defective at the very start.