Vitamin E Acetate, the oil that bootleggers use to cut THC for Cannabis Vape Cartridges has been banned in the state of Washington. Can I hear a Hallelujah! Now THAT is the way you fix the Vape problem. Find the cause, ban it, and ENFORCE the ban harshly.

What you do not do is ban an entire industry that has saved the lives of millions in the past decade alone. For every state, but especially the #policestate of Massachusetts, THIS is how it’s done.

Washington state has become the THIRD state to ban Vitamin E Acetate for THC Cartridges. And the world begins to make a little sense again. Is this the beginning of the end of #MoralPanic?

Washington State Bans Vape Products Containing Vitamin E Acetate

From the Seattle Times:

Washington state banned the sale of vapor products containing vitamin E acetate Monday, a compound that federal health officials have identified as a possible (?? possible??)  cause of a vaping-related illness that has sickened more than 2,000 people nationwide.

I’m sorry, but Vitamin E Acetate is not the “possible” cause of the Vape Lung Illness, it is THE CAUSE of the it. Come on man, commit for God’s sake!

Vitamin E Acetate Mechanism

Bootleggers use Vitamin E Acetate oil to cut THC. It creates a solution that kinda, sorta, mimics what the harmless ingredients in proper e-liquid, vapor production. The problem lies in the fact that this oily substance coats the lung tissue, causing the lungs to function poorly, get infected, and die off. It can cause death by suffocation, and/or bacterial infection.

More from the Seattle Times:

“While we still need more research to identify a definitive cause, the evidence we have linking vitamin E acetate to the outbreak demands immediate action to protect the public’s health,” Washington Secretary of Health John Wiesman said in a statement.”

Okay, we’ll buy that. Vitamin E Acetate has no business being in any vapor product. We should help to not only enforce the ban, but to notify law enforcement is we find out a Bootleg THC company is selling the stuff. The idea to stay safe, stay off tobacco. Cannabis and THC Cartridges do not belong to the same world of “vaping flavors”.