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How to Pick the Best Marijuana and Cannabis Strains

Any marijuana enthusiast knows how to pick out the best cannabis strains for their tastes. After all, cannabis culture emphasizes quality from a subjective point of view. In other words, picking out the right strain involves knowing what it is you want that hits the right highs. This, of course, is an ability that any newbie smoker will have to acquire before they can consider themselves as full-fledged cannabis consumers.


It all points to personal preferences. But whether you like it with extra THC or you prefer something that’s perfect for chilling out, or to help treat chronic pain or mental health issues, it’s important that you know a great deal about the strains that can really give you the right kind of high.


That said, here are a few pointers for finding a marijuana strain you could feel at home with.

  1. Know what you want to achieve

First and foremost is to check out what effects to expect from a certain strain. There are cannabis types that are extra strong and there are others that make for a milder drag. At any rate, you will need to know the purpose of using the strain. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, choose strains that have cannabinol, which is said to promote relaxation and calmness.

Strains such as Granddaddy Purple and Kosher Kush are known to contain high amounts of CBN, which should definitely help you doze off in a matter of minutes!

How to Pick the Best Marijuana Cannabis Strains
  1. Pick your flavor profile

We all know that avid coffee drinkers have their own flavor profiles, but marijuana users also adopt their own. A flavor profile helps them pick strains that align with their tastes, whether they like it sweet or fruity. Before even considering a visit to a local dispensary, you should be able to determine the flavor you will be opting.

That way, you won’t have to spend extra time trying out different flavors. As much as possible, stick to a predetermined flavor profile.

  1. Ask advice about cannabis strains from a licensed dispensary

If you’re not too sure about the strain you should stick with, it’s always best to ask for expert advice from a local dispensary or outlet. There’s usually one in every state and in every community. Arizona’s House of Cannabis, for instance, can provide plenty of helpful resources to get you started on picking the right strain. Such places should give you the low down about the variety of strains to pick based on your expectations.

  1. Tap online cannabis strains resources and apps 

If all else fails, you may instead go online and do extensive research about the best strains that suit your taste. You may also find the best places to buy online along with accessories like bongs. It also helps if you download apps that provide everything there is to know about the best strains that are currently in the market. Leafly provides a directory of various marijuana strains to choose from. It also provides a comprehensive list of local dispensaries from where you can purchase these strains.

Choosing the right type of cannabis strains doesn’t happen overnight. There has to be careful consideration in picking the right varieties. At least with these tips, you don’t have to waste time trying out different strains altogether.