Lose My Car?  A bill was approved in the Massachusetts House that has unbelievable consequences to vapers in that state.

Okay, see, this is a perfect example of a governor of a state, in this case Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, goes completely insane and mad with power. Baker should face immediate impeachment proceedings, as well as every single person in the government of Massachusetts that voted for this Bill. This is madness. This is War on Vaping and Vapers. 

Before we go on, as of today this is a “pending” law. For now, it is time to fight.

Massachusetts Authorizes Forfeiture of Vapers' Cars Feature Image

From Reason Magazine:

The Massachusetts House of Representatives yesterday approved a bill that would ban flavored e-cigarettes, impose a 75 percent excise tax on “electronic nicotine delivery systems” (including e-liquids as well as devices), and authorize forfeiture of cars driven by vapers caught with “untaxed” products. The House approved H4183 by a vote of 127 to 31, and the state Senate is expected to consider it next week.

It was back on September 24 2019 that the insane Charlie Baker enacted the total police state ban. It is now November 15. This leaves about two months left on the #policestate Ban, so what happens then? And what if President Trump does the right thing and leaves flavored e-eliquids alone? ANDDDD… well, you get the idea.

Here in New Hampshire, where so far our governor, Sununu, has been smart enough to stay out of the ugliness of this entire flavored e-liquid ban as well as #policestate tactics of total bans like our neighbor to the south. This new ugly law is New Hampshire’s fault; people, Vapers, have been driving up to our “sane” state and loading up on e-liquid and vaping devices. This has been a boon to MY state’s vape shops, so naturally the totally insane governor of Massachusetts has to act.

Reason Continues…

Under this bill, unapproved vaping products would be treated like illegal drugs. Possession of which is enough to justify forfeiture of the vehicles in which they are found. Massachusetts is poised to deprive vapers of the harm-reducing products they used to quit smoking. Then steal their cars if they dare to defy that unjust and irrational edict.

I don’t know why we’re not seeing people in the streets in Boston today, protesting this #policestate action take by a power-hungry, insane governor… Remember the name Charlie Baker. He might be the first governor in the last 100 years to be hung in effigy. (we can hope)

Come on neighbors to the south, fight this Bill (while it’s still pending) with everything you have. If it goes unchallenged, if it even stands, then the state of Massachusetts can do anything they want in the future. Sounds like China, circa 1961.

Massachusetts Authorizes Forfeiture of Vapers' Cars

There is one thing we know for sure…

There is NO Governor in this country that hates Vaping more than Charlie Baker. What a Mook.