It’s War! Or it certainly seems like it, doesn’t it? Everyday for the past 3 months it’s felt like our entire community, our entire industry, is under attack. With good reason. It really is a war of words.

Contrary to all the recent bad publicity on vaping the facts are that vaping saves lives and helps smokers to quit cigarettes.  Flavor bans and higher taxes on nicotine and vape gear will only help to keep smokers smoking.

An excellent writer from Forbes recently wrote a piece that had me standing and applauding (and I was at home!), so here’s a bit of the synopsis and a link to the full story. Enjoy!

From Forbes

You’d never know it from all the lurid headlines in recent months about the seeming epidemic of deaths from “smoking” e-cigarettes, but vaping is actually a public-health godsend for smokers. The hysteria surrounding vaping says more about the peculiar fevers of our times than about the realities of puffing e-cigarettes.

The War on E-Cigarettes is just Foolish

“Banning e-cigarettes, prohibiting flavored versions or imposing draconian taxes (as a number of pols in Congress and elsewhere are pushing for) would have two bad results: more people smoking traditional—and highly lethal—cigarettes, and the rise of black markets for flavored e-cigarettes, with all the risks of unsafe versions that that would entail.”

From our War Correspondent:

As much as we’ve written about this topic for 8 years, this is the first time in our history, and the history of e-cigarettes, where the US is really poised to lose the most valuable tool to kill smoking forever. We will continue to fight the fight for as long as we can, and by bringing you the latest news from global sources we will help focus the fight.

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