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Who Should Decide eLiquid Flavors?

The vaping industry has grown exponentially over the last few years and is expected to keep growing for many years to come. We have seen growth in electronic cigarettes, vaping devices and today it seems to be the turn of the eliquid sector with an enormous number of new eliquid flavors hitting the market on a daily basis. Those who follow the vaping industry will be well aware that regulators in Europe and the US are very keen to cut down on particular eliquid flavors which they believe put the “fun” back into smoking.

Regulators will argue that time, money and effort have been spent on smoking bans around the world and the vaping industry and eliquid sector could potentially undo much of this “good work”. So what is the truth, who should decide what type of eliquid you can buy and, controversially, does the sector really need to be regulated?

Does the eliquid sector need regulated?

In a perfect world the array of consumer protection laws in the US, Europe and around the world should be more than enough to ensure high quality products going forward. Unfortunately, the enormous growth in eliquid sales in recent times has attracted some unscrupulous “players” to the industry. We have seen reports of potentially dangerous ingredients in substandard eliquid, there have been questions asked of various manufacturing processes and those looking for eliquid at the lowest possible cost are paying the price. So, from an outsider’s point of view looking in, there is a need to regulate the industry to protect the masses.

Many regulators have suggested bulking electronic cigarettes and eliquids together with tobacco products which in reality would be the perfect scenario for the authorities. If you take a look at these various products there are enormous differences between the make-up of electronic cigarettes and eliquids compared to their tobacco counterparts. An “amalgamation” of these various products would not only see the introduction of very strict and draconian regulations but would also likely reclassify vaping products and eliquid under various worldwide smoking bans.

The vaping community finds its voice

Just 10 years ago the vaping community and the electronic cigarette industry were relatively unknown outside of a very niche market place. We had all perhaps heard of them, seen some of the more basic vaping devices but often dismissed them as eccentric products. Growth in electronic cigarette sales over the last decade has been phenomenal to say the least, the industry is now hitting the mass market and sales in the US alone are expected to top $2 billion for 2015. Against this background regulators and governments around the world are attempting to play catch-up having dismissed the industry in years gone by despite numerous warnings.

Recently we have seen the emergence of a large and growing worldwide vaping community of voters and demonstrators not afraid to voice their opinions and use the latest social media and Internet technology to further their case. This has led to numerous battles in Europe and the US between regulators, tobacco cigarette companies and the vaping community. In years gone by the vaping community would have been drowned out by large corporations, governments and regulators but as more people look to switch to electronic cigarettes and eliquid the ground is changing.

Is it time for common sense?

The vaping industry today is relatively well controlled although there is perhaps a need to restrict the abilities of rogue companies to flood the market with substandard products. We need to find a common sense approach between what the vaping community require, what is on offer, potential long-term health implications and protection for all. The idea that regulators and governments know best for the general public is a policy from yesteryear and regulators and governments now need to take into account the views and opinions of the vaping community. Indeed, is it such a surprise that many politicians are now listening to the vaping community as they look to curry favour with the general public and maintain their voter base?

Money talks in the world of politics, at least in the short-term, but not as loudly as good old fashioned voter support. If you are a politician, would you be biting the hand that feeds you and going against the general opinion of the voting public?

Mark Benson


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