CBD products contain cannabidiol, which is a type of cannabis compound commonly found in hemp plants. Now more than ever, many people are choosing CBD as a health alternative method because it does not cause “high” or psychoactive effects, and the therapeutic benefits are astonishing.


In this post, you’ll learn in detail why people turn to CBD products to attain better health. By doing so, you’ll be more aware of what CBD can do to your health and your overall well-being, so you can make better health choices.

Why Are People Turning To CBD As A Health Alternative?

CBD Is a Healthy Alternative to Anti-Anxiety Medications

Anxiety is highly prevalent, most especially for millennials and younger generations of the digital age. There are many sources of stress, such as unemployment, climate change, terrorism, and even social media bullying. Everybody experiences various anxiety levels, and there are those people who would require medications to thrive. Harming oneself and other people is a great concern among people who are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.


While traditional anti-anxiety medications are very helpful in managing the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety, high-grade CBD products make a great adjunct treatment for this mental condition. Unlike traditional anxiolytics, CBD doesn’t cause serious side effects and are generally safe. So, is it worth a try?


Here’s how CBD can help manage anxiety signs and symptoms:


  • Regulate Stress Hormones: CBD works directly with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, attaching to cannabinoid receptors to help regulate stress hormones like cortisol, which causes anxiety.

Mimics Serotonin: Cannabidiol tends to mimic serotonin by attaching and activating the serotonin receptors in the body. In addition, CBD helps increase the serotonin levels (a feel-good hormone) in the body by staying in the synapses, enhancing the presence of anandamide, which is crucial in thought processing and movement control.

Famous Personalities Endorse CBD as a Healthy Alternative

It’s not new hearing famous people vaping CBD or popping CBD gummies nowadays. In fact, the famous Hollywood actress, Mandy Moore, admittedly shared her secret using CBD cream on her feet so she can wear stilettos for hours comfortably. Without CBD, cream applied on her feet. She says she felt like walking on glass with unbearable foot pain.


There are millions of people following their favorite stars through social media, and of course, a celebrity who endorses CBD will surely be a talk and role model of fans. That’s why many people turn to CBD, influenced by their favorite celebrities. And as long as there are famous personalities who endorse CBD, expect more people using CBD products.

Here are the other famous personalities who use CBD:

  • Jennifer Aniston: This famous “Friends” actress used CBD oil for pain, stress, and anxiety.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio: This beautiful Victoria’s Secret model use CBD to help her get a full 8-hour sleep at night and manage anxiety. Whenever she feels anxious, she turns into CBD oil to ease her anxiety.
  • Olivia Wilde: After her performances, Olivia Wilde uses CBD cream for soreness and pain. She loves the relaxing benefits of CBD, which also helps her reduce the intake of painkillers.
  • Whoopi Goldberg: The famous comedienne actress is also a cannabis advocate who proudly supports CBD as an amazing health supplement. She promotes CBD, most especially among middle-aged women, helping ease menstrual cramps, menopausal discomfort, and nerve pain.
Turning To CBD As A Health Alternative?

Social Media Influence


According to statistics, adults aged 18 to 35 and above are vocal about considering CBD online, associating CBD with anxiety treatment. Also, some older adults aged 45 to 55 years old also use the web to talk about CBD to treat pain.


Social media is a popular platform where people share their personal stories and experiences with their loved ones and friends. CBD became a rock star because of the influence of social media. You can even see people posting photos and videos on how they use CBD in their day-to-day lives, convincing others to do the same.

Increasing Number of Research Studies

CBD is popularized by numerous research studies. Because consumers need proof, clinical trials have been conducted, and many are amazed by the health benefits of CBD. Some of these studies include CBD and its role in neurological disorders, degenerative diseases, diabetes, and epilepsy.

Choose Your Liquid


Also called vape juice or e-liquid, this is the component that you place inside the device to make vapor. This liquid is usually made of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, which creates the smoke you exhale. It comes in different flavors, so shopping for the first time can be quite confusing as you likely won’t have a preference yet. Aside from the number of flavors in the market, you also need to consider how much nicotine you want, and what your preferred tastes are.


If you have a large device that consumes more power since it makes larger clouds, choose one that has low nicotine content. Having a larger device would mean that you will be inhaling larger volumes of vapor so if you are unsure of what level you can handle, you can buy two different devices and test the liquid out for yourself. After some time, expect that you will develop a preference for a particular nicotine level that will satisfy your cravings.


Indeed, CBD is the newest discovery that can help modern people thrive in a stressful world. Its popularity is influenced by famous personalities who are CBD users and advocates, social media, and the increasing statistical data of research findings and studies showing the proven benefits of CBD. CBD products are safe, healthy, and proven effective, deserving the popularity it gets from the masses.